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    Server Release Soon!

    Be sure to apply before the release for a rare starter gift!
    If you refer a friend and they apply, you both get an extra one as well! Apply here, or on the enjin!

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    <> The Dark Odyssey <>

    Greetings and welcome to The Dark Odyssey! A science fantasy server set in the far future!

    Our server has many key features and plugins to help enhance the roleplay experience!

    -:- Custom Items -:- Custom Maps and Painted Worlds -:- Unique Combat and Exploration System -:- Own a Starship and participate in Space Combat -:- Large story and player-based expansions and events -:- Brewery! -:- Jetpacks and Lasers -:- Active and Creative Staff -:- 'Galactic Economy' based on Roleplay! -:- Creative Events! -:- Unique Special Attribute System -:- Way more to See! -:-


    We have a custom sci-fi edited texture pack available for download on our forums

    The server supports More Player Models and we recommend downloading optifine! (both optional)


    -:- Server Lore Overview -:-
    Set in the distant future, humanity had come into contact with alien races beyond their scope of technology or understanding. Through their help, Earth and it's colonies expanded through the stars to nearby systems until they had been plunged into warfare by a race of cybernetically enhanced alien beings, the Axasaleks. These aliens played to humanity's naivety, and trust in the alien races who had already been their allies. They sought to incorporate humanity into their race and plunder the riches of their colonies and homeworld. Though, the Axasaleks had miscalculated. Through a long and drawn out war, Earth and it's alien allies, known as the Pactworlds had come out victorious and pushed the Axasaleks to the edge of known space. Leaving the galaxy in a state of economic recession.
    To help ease the galaxy of the rigors of it's recent war, the pactworlds had come to an agreement, and reinstated a millennia old tradition. The Planet Rush. Sponsored by the numerous galactic mega-corporations or planetary governments, Colonists from every pactworld race, including Earth, had been sent out to the far edges of the galaxy, known as Wildspace. Sparsely populated by older colonies or races not of pactworld alliance, roving gangs of pirates, Elder ruins of ancient progenitor aliens, and indigenous alien beings not advanced enough to join the galactic scene. Here the colonists and adventurers earn wealth and fame in what Earthlings recognize as a 'New Wild West'.

    The Starship Independence
    The colonists of the ship The S.S. Independence have given up what luxury or family they had in their home worlds, and flocked to make their way to Wildspace. Specifically, Thanethea. The jungle moon of the gas giant Arias in the yellow star Casclion. Remote scouting probes had detected this moon to be filled with mineral wealth and riches that are rare among the core worlds of the galaxy, a high biodiversity, and friendly gases, Making it a prime contender for colonization. So the Independence was loaded up with supplies, cargo, and the colonists for the long journey ahead. Though fuel for hyperspeed and jumps was at a premium, so only the first portion of the trip was jumped. The second leg, deep in wildspace will be made manually. The robotic builders that were sent ahead of the ship have beamed back frightening reports. As the colony was being constructed for the colonist's arrival, they were fired upon by numerous places in the jungle. Reports of the atmosphere being higher in gas concentration than previously thought, and the sheer number of toxins reported in the alien life suggests that the colonists have a harder journey to wealth and riches ahead of them than previously thought.

    Further Lore Can be Found: Here!


    -:- Applications -:-

    The list of playable races are found Here!

    Make sure to read the rules found Here!

    Application Format

    ~~~--=(OOC Information)=--~~~

    What is your IGN:
    Your Name:
    Gender (Male, Female):
    Age (You may choose not to fill this out):

    Have you read the rules?:
    Would you qualify yourself to be an experienced Roleplayer?:

    Definition of Meta-Gaming:
    Can you provide an example of Meta-Gaming?:

    Definition of Power Gaming:
    Can you provide an example of Power Gaming?:

    Definition of God Modding:
    Can you provide an example of God Modding?:



    Character description (One Paragraph):
    Is your character left or right handed:
    Character’s place of birth:
    DnD alignment:

    Character Backstory (300 Words Minimum):

    ---===(S.P.E.C.I.A.L.)===--- (You have forty points to apply.)

    Luck :


    You have five skill points, please distribute them fairly inside your player's skill list.

    Ballistic Weaponry:
    Energy Weaponry:
    Melee Weaponry:
    Large Weaponry:
    Computer Science:
    First Aid:

    "The stars are without number, but that does not mean you can't try to plunder them all" -Captain Xhon Xhaq, Ancient Pirate, Second Planet Rush

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    About me: I am an experienced player, with much history in roleplaying servers, games, and live action situations.

    Age: 22

    In Game Name: DeepDarkSamurai

    Name or Nickname: Sandy 'Sam'

    Having read what we're about, what're your plans on our server? What do you seek to accomplish?:

    Yes I have! I would really like to explore and make friends with other players. Given the chance, I would also like to build a small tribe in a jungle or deep woods environment. If not that, then live and stay situated with other players.

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    -OOC (Out of character)-

    Minecraft Username: DeepDarkSamurai

    Age: 22

    Past experience with roleplay: Many different servers, I have been staff on many, but to name a few, Medieval Minecraft, Caeldor, Vailor, Valenor, Saphriel, Lord of The Craft, Akavir, a set of fallout servers, and a set of prehistoric roleplay servers during Beta. I am also a very skilled dungeon master and play many tabletop games weekly, and started them during middleschool. I've been playing rpgs all my life as well. (all the fallouts, all the elder scrolls, legend of zelda, etcetc.)

    What is “Meta-gaming”?: Using outside information in-character to your character's advantage in some way!

    What is “Power-gaming”?: Forcing an action during roleplay, or being the best at magic and fighting and the greatest smith around town.

    -IC (In character)-

    Name: Abranan Von Montreii IV. (Abranan The Blue)

    Age: 69

    Race: Imperial

    Appearance: A 5'10 imperial man, often seen hunched over upon a gnarled crystal-topped walking staff. His face is weathered and lined with wrinkles, but often obscured with his great grey beard. He has a downwards crooked nose that atop often sit his halfglassed reading glasses or a monocle attached to a fine golden chain that leads somewhere in the depths of his star-spangled robe. Atop his head he wears a foppish blue wizard's hat and his belt is lined with satchels and small containers or pouches for spell reagents, alchemical components, or whatever sort of purple magic he wishes to press into his pipe and smoke for that evening. His leather boots end in points and his bushing eyebrows demarking a face that seems to judge and quiz people all at the same time.

    Personality: A curious, quizzing man, Abraham casts an aura of wisdom beyond his years. He looks to the world for inspiration, both in magical and mundane arts or knowledge. He spends much of his time documenting what he discovers in his old books or grimoires. Though he seems a bit standoffish, Abe enjoys the company of others as long as he is able to dispense his wisdoms with them without complaint, or if they seem too thick-headed or simpleminded he often chooses to ignore them. Not one to talk down to others because he understands what they may be dealing with, though he is aware of many things at once. Leaving him with his charisma and social skills seeming a bit addled when not properly placed for a powerful introduction or lesson or so. He is also a connoisseur of food and drink. Believing not much is better than these things besides knowledge.

    Abilities (Magic and Skills): As a wizard, Abraham is skilled in magical arts, namely Conjuration, Alteration, and Destruction. (Since mysticism was mostly placed into Conjuration and Alteration.) He is an excellent scribe and spends much of his time writing tomes of lore or otherwise, and a master sommelier, he spends his time collecting fine wines to stock his own personal places, and is a practiced alchemist. Abe uses his powers of Conjuration in filling soulgems, and knowledge of other magics for enchantments.

    Backstory (Please write a minimum of 1 paragraph. Quality over quantity.):

    Born to decently well off landowning low nobility in Cyrodiil's city of Chorrol to a Breton father and an Imperial mother. he never really spent much time within his home. Comfortable outside studying plants and animals, detailing them within journals or scrolls that he scrounged from around his household. His father never quite approved of it, seeing his son as the inheritor of the wealth of the name Von Montreii, and as such taught him in the ways of winery and management. Though Abe stuck to at least one of those properly, he always tried to come back to his lust for knowledge. His mother however, bless her soul, saw the spark of magic in his heart, and eventually convinced his father that a proper man of the house would be even more respected as a skilled wizard. So upon his 10th birthday, Abranan was sent off to study with his grandfather Olaf The Blue. A well respected Nordic wizard who travelled often the lands of Tamriel. Olaf saw this as a chance to groom the next generation of his line, as he was worried the nearly unbroken line of wizardry in his family would be gone and his title lost to the ages.

    Abranan and Olaf travelled to different places of learning, often staying for ages at a time to get the finest grasps on whatever he could, and in the time of being apprentice under his Grandfather, Abraham had become a man with a nearly insatiable lust for knowledge. Not necessarily power, but just knowing, recording, and studying things granted him such a freedom in his mind that he had become quite the sage. Olaf however, soon saw that his training was nearing completion, and in the lands of Highrock, he taught and placed his final test upon Abraham. Once it was completed, the title was passed down to him, and he was recognised as 'The Blue' by those he met.

    Abranan eventually returned to Chorrol to take the place of his aging father and allow him to enter into retirement. However, for the several years Abe actually did retain his position as head of the house, he never felt quite satisfied. So he entrusted the holdings to his mother and sister, insisting that he should come once again if so needed, and left to travel like his grandfather Olaf did before him. Meeting companions and subjects of study along the way, and eventually coming unto the city of Anvil. Seeing it as a chance to really flex his wizzing muscles, what with the many Ayleid ruins, and ancient Yokudan treasures sunken far off shore, he decided to stay upon these lands to rebuild a new set of Grimoires, and perhaps study with an apprentice or two of his own..

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    Minecraft Username: OwletteTheOwl[/i]
    What is one thing you like about Sylvan so far? The builds seem wonderful and I am interested to see the implementation of the lore.[/i]
    Will you be joining us? Of course![/i]
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    I have fixed the errors needed. Silly of me to forget to include that.

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    ----OOC Info----
    -Minecraft IGN: DeepDarkSamurai

    -Skype name (Optional, for server OOC chat): Sandy.Dragonheart

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example?

    Indeed so. I have played on numerous minecraft medieval and fantasy servers, along with several fallout themed ones. I was a head admin on Realms of Caeldor and medieval minecraft. Besides that, I am very experienced with other roleplay games and online venues.

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words:

    Giving yourself the power to over-achieve when it might not otherwise be possible. Such as being a master wizard, warrior, blacksmith or simply doing something that might not be possible in a given rp scenario. You may also not force an action onto a player. Such as "Goes and strikes the heart" without giving them a chance to react.

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words:

    Using outside or out-of-character information for the advancement of your own means. Such as calling your friends through skype or another out of character channel to gain assistance, or to use information you learned through an ooc channel to gain knowledge you might not have known otherwise.

    ----IC Info----
    -Character name: Roland Drakeheart

    -Character race: Human

    -Character age: 25

    -Character Occupation (optional, note you still must talk to the lord about loaning or purchasing any stall/shop for your character if he/she would have one. Also be sure to give previous applications a glance before deciding your job, we don't need 5 bartenders!):

    Tinkerer, map-maker, sailor. (Or just a Tinker if it needs to be shortened like that.)

    -Character description (At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s visual appearance.):

    Roland is a weathered looking lad standing at 5'10, crow marks on either side of his brilliant blue eyes. His walnut hair flows from his head to be quickly stopped by the time it reaches his neck. His old wide-brimmed hat sits atop his head, marked with several tears and a hole or two. His face is tanned save for his forehead where it has been protected from the sun. His firm features accented by the light shadow of a beard, and below his neck he wears a bandanna at the ready.

    He stands tall on leather boots which add an inch or so to his height. His old poncho worn over his shoulders to protect him from the weather, and under that his vest and undershirt cover him. His belts decorated with a bevvy of purses and pouches containing strange parts to his wondrous workings.

    -Character personality and traits (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.):

    Roland down inside is quite the kind and considerate man. Taking each day as it comes, he appreciates the fine things of life and grabs them whenever he can. He walks tall and has a commanding presence when it is needed. His voice carries weight when he needs it to, and his personality is powerful. He seems a most lonesome man, but typically wishes not to stand around too long. Almost always on the move, Roland's attitude is quick to change, but he is not easily angered.

    -Character biography (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences):

    Born to a small family on a little ranching homestead, Roland was always intrigued by the workings of the world. His father, apart from being a farmer, was a masterful smith and clockmaker. Although they almost never had the money to make new ones, he always asked Roland to help fix those that belonged to his neighbors along with other sorts of small crafts and blacksmithing. His mother, an expert horserider, almost always took Roland out on a drive or trip into the village.

    Although he never had many friends outside of his family, Roland wished to experience people and travel to places. His parents edged him on to follow his plans to travel about and see the land, and so Roland gathered up his tinker tools and pooled together as much coin as he could before preparing to head out once he reached proper age. Promising to return some day to his family home, he traveled far and wide. Taking whatever odd-jobs he could at every dinky little town or hamlet that would allow him.

    Eventually Roland had found his way to a port city with great need of tinkerers. Although he settled for a while, Roland decided it was best to continue forwards and put his skills to use. he joined up with a merchant ship in need of a navigator, and he followed forth. Using the skills he had learned in his long time of travel to assist these traders how he could. Eventually, they shored in a new land to him, and saying his good-byes, he hoped to see what he could and learn even more than that.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.


    Although not one to have a lot of money, Roland would attempt to follow after the child as best he could. Calling out and shouting. Seeing as he is a grown man, being able to catch up to the child would likely not be much of a problem for the well-walked man. Not quite the violent man at heart, he would take the purse back, but leave the kid with one or two coins anyways.
    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

    Using the limited knowledge of medical practices he had gleamed from his experience in the past, he would attempt to treat the wolf as best he could after releasing her. Although there is a wolf problem, he believes it should be solved fairly, and he would not be one to kill an injured mother and cubs.


    Only fill out below if you want your character to have magic capabilities. If you don't fill this out, then your character will be incapable of performing any form of magic. Note that it will take significant in character practice and experience to become any form of proficient in magic.
    (We only accept high quality magic applications!)

    -Magic Biography; Explain the reason you want your character to have magic through backstory application: (At least three extremely well-crafted paragraphs. You must describe to us why your character can use magic, what drives him to further his ability, how he learned that he could use magic, and what benefits magic brings to this character, what type of magic they’ll strive to use, etc. This is not a middle school paper! I will not accept applications that say “My character got my magic from x, and he wants to use it because it’ll help him! Also for RP!")

    -Please give an example in your own words describing the limitations placed upon those who use magic (This should be at least one well-crafted paragraph):

    -Please give a description of the magic system in your own words:

    -You are given a weak trinket of <blank>, you haven't had much practice with magic yet, but you will try your best. Describe some things you could/would do with this trinket: (You must choose one of the elemental aspects for this [Fire, earth, water, air, ice, electric]. This will reflect on what magic your character will start with)

    You start with one aspect only. You gain the other two of your own choice through further RP, however you will not be able to attain them immediately.

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    Out of Character Information[/b]

    Minecraft Player Name: DeepDarkSamurai
    Age: 18
    Time Zone: Mountain Standard (+7 - +8)
    Tell us a little about yourself: Im just floating around and looking for a server to play on when I am not doing too much. I write a lot of stories all the time, and one of my main hobbies is Dungeons and Dragons and similar games.

    Character Information[/b]

    Character Name: Abraham Dragonheart
    Character Age: 56
    Tell us about your character:

    An older man, roughly 5'10 or less if he decides to slouch. His face is weathered and worn, and eyes as a bright blue that seems to shift hues in the light. His hair, mostly straight and graying. It covers much of his head along side his beard that flows on it's own down to his chest. A pair of spectacles are often perched on his crooked nose when he is in repose and reading, and atop his head, caps of varying types are typically worn. Usually within his general blue, purple, gold color scheme which in his mind symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Similarly colored robes and outfits often adorn his body as while not always a wealthy man, he has always valued his studies and chooses to dress as scholarly as he can.

    Abraham was once a very well taught man. He still considers himself that today, but often times ventures forth to the world to discover what else there remains to be learned. Usually not returning to his place of residence for days, or weeks on end. Only to lock himself in his study and begin whatever strange works or ordeals he must come up with.

    Have you read and do agree to follow the server rules?: Yes, I have!

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    Pardon the wait. As for your application it seems decent enough to accept. Nothing lore-breaking or overly complicated save for maybe the hair-dye but that can have it's explanations. Plenty of trader caravans have been making their way north to this area so that is a good way to introduce you.

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    Oops! Left out some parts in my app but I have finished it for real this time!

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    I know it seems like a stretch for a character type, but I think the idea is so cool and I REALLY think I have the skills to play him to the best of my ability so please give it consideration!

    Minecraft Username: DeepDarkSamurai

    Age: 18

    Definition of meta gaming: Meta-gaming is using outside info to mess with in-character info while playing in-game. Example; You could have a problem with someone ooc and then go to fight them in RP.

    Definition of power gaming: Power gaming is giving yourself more power than is realistic. You could be a master farmer, warrior, sharpshooter martial artist, nuclear scientist and be power-gaming. Or something simpler, like during a fight tripping or stabbing someone in power armor with no problem.

    What is your past experience in RP, Fallout or otherwise?: I played in several older fallout servers, namely fallout: chicago and another one based in new york. Other than that I play on many different medieval roleplaying servers such as Caeldor, Medieval minecraft(I was also staff and admin in those as well) along with a current member of Valenor. I have indeed played all the fallout games save for Fallout BoS though!


    Name: Sergeant Xiong Cheng

    Age: 233


    When Cheng was young, he was a rather handsome man. 5'9, angular face, brown eyes, black hair which he always combed into an acceptable style every morning. He almost always wore casual business wear when he went out so that it looked like he had some place to be, but ever since his mission failure, he stripped all of his casual, capitalist clothing and tossed it in the garbage. He now wears his jumpsuits and scavenger outfits made up of various other mostly intact pieces of clothing. He often wears his Ushanka because of the colder north eastern climates or a wide brimmed hat based on the weather. His current appearance is of a heavily irradiated ghoul who stands tall with an aura of loyalty to his causes. Only patches of black hair lay atop his head, remnants of his once glorious mane. He carries at his side his weathered old chinese ops issued pistol and chinese longsword which he has kept in repair for his long life. Although he has carried many weapons through his career, he plans to keep this one as long as he can as a reminder of the past due to his currently failing memory. He is very well toned for a ghoul, thanks to his constant martial practice. Something he takes great pride in.


    Xiong Cheng is a very quiet, contemplating man. He spends much of his time thinking on his goals when he is not carrying them out. Intent on keeping all his secrets to himself along with writing out his thoughts and memories in his private holotapes. Although he enjoys interacting with other denizens of the wastes, Xiong would prefer to meet someone who shared his views on the world around him. He carefully plans his next moves and treads very carefully. Frightfully aware of just how alone he is even when surrounded by other survivors. He is quick to make note of possible allies and enemies. Making sure to keep each of them close enough for him to make his moves and notes in secret. Although not completely social by nature, Xiong has made it his goal to connect with members of the wasteland in different ways. Weaving each person he meets into one of his complex plans which some of which not even he can remember thanks to his failing memory and long life.


    Born in ancient Shanghai to a parents that he only remembers when looking at an ancient picture of a middle aged businessman and his young pretty wife and their small 7 year old son playing with what looks to be chimera tanks and toy soldiers. Xiong's father, a wealthy businessman and owner of an arms manufacturing company in west Beijing, and his wife, a captain of the northern Shanghai's secret police. When Xiong was young he always displayed superior skills when placed into his weekly kung fu and martial arts classes, along with supplement lessons from his mother. Xiong adored his parents. Listening to each command he was given to the exact letter, going as far as to being a straight A student in school just because his father told him to work hard and he will be as successful as him one day. At the age of 8, Xiong was examined by recruitment scouts for the military and given up by his family to the military; and quickly he was sent to the Shaolin temple in Henen to train. For 7 years he gained spiritual and martial training from the monks (with observations and corrections by the military scouts of course) before being sent to a secret base in the Himalayas where Xiong was trained to be a covert spy for mother china.

    Trained in hidden techniques and chinese stealth, Xiong learned that his goal set to him by the government was to protect China from capitalist America from the inside. Feeding his commanding officers information and taking out select targets with other chinese commandos that were deployed in his area as well. After years more, Xiong was deployed with a team of 5 to the east coast under the name "Johnny Kang" a Korean american who was born in california. Quickly he rose to become partners to several high end tech and hardware development companies. That is when tensions with the east and west quickly tightened. Though quite obvious by his birth records and school history that he was indeed korean, his bosses in these companies that he had infiltrated were as slow as ever to accept him into their folds and his output of information to the motherland slowed as he soon came under near constant watch by the capitalists of America.

    Though usually forbidden, Xiong began to meet one of his fellow commandos outside of their bi-monthly meetings in the caves in the blue-ridge mountains of the east. A woman by the name of Chun Zu. Although rough with social skills, the both of them quickly fell in love beneath both the noses of their superiors in China and the Americans. Chun and Xiong worked close together on many assignments and as their relationship reached it's pinnacle, their unit of commandos were called in for their biggest mission since their deployment. Infiltrating and assassinating several heads of a major robotics corporation and replacing them with their own who were next in line to take their positions. Under the guise of canadian terrorists from the recent annexation, the 5 members of the unit entered into highly dangerous and hostile territories. After a lengthy and bloody incursion, the group of commandos had finally succeeded. The current sergeant of the group, a middle aged spy by the name of Jan was gravely injured.

    Taking the injured Jan, the members of the infiltration squad fled to their hidden base in the mountain caverns were they used their medical training to assist him as best they could. Once in the care of the other two members of his squad, both Chun and Xiong were went to play off their false lives, because after all, everyone only got so many vacation days in capitalist America. However, as soon as Xiong reached his home was when the air raid sirens went off. Given about an hour or two's warning thanks to the bombs first landing on the west coast, he was able to pack up as much gear as he could from his hidden closet and retreat to the caverns with the rest of his squad and any other chinese that were able to receive their signals. After a swift meetup with Chun and Jan's men, along with a set of four other chinese spies that heard the signals and made it to their safe haven below the blue ridge mountains; a flash of bright light lit up the mouth of the cavern. Frying one of the men who did not heed the warnings of the weakened Jan and reducing the poor soul to a pile of radioactive ash. Although the chinese had enough supplies in the cavern to last them months, their radiation supplies had suffered damage due to rocks falling. Not only did they crush their medical supplies, but also blocked away most of the exit to the surface. The chinese have been trapped in their own safehouse.

    Day after day they took shifts. Caring for the injured Jan and helping eachother to open the mouth of the cavern just enough to see the status of the outside world since all that played on the radios were pleads for help and warning signals on repeat. Contact to the motherland was severed after getting one message off to their base in Shenzen. Each day was a strain on their resources. Rad-away and rad-x rations began to run low and were given off only when the signs of radiation sickness set in. Thanks to Chun's advanced medical training, the chinese commandos lasted as long as they did and allowed them to finally see the surface after a week of near constant digging. However as the group of survivors finally neared the surface once more, Jan perished due to radiation sickness and his own wounds. Seeing the predicament and how quickly these survivors would fall into chaos without guidance, he gave his ancient sword to Xiong. Promoting him to Sergeant and leader of the group. The leader of the second group of commandos was not too happy about this though.

    He saw it as his given right as the eldest officer to lead this band of surviving chinese to victory against the rest of the capitalist swine and threatened to leave with the surviving members of his group and leave the shadow of his dead private that was burned into the wall of the cave by nuclear fire as the only sign of anyone ever being here. Although most of these people were suffering from radiation poisoning and very weak, he knew it would show even greater weakness to bow to the field promoted Xiong. Thats when the irradiated rain began to fall. A member of Xiong's party died that very night. Seeing this problem in his way, the elder officer swore that as son as the rain let up he would lead his men out. It was at that point that Xiong had to make a very tough decision, and challenged the elder officer to combat. Although Xiong does not remember much of how the battle played out, he could still remember the anger in the man's eye as he was thrust onto Xiong's sword. A memory that still haunts his dreams to this very day.

    With four of their number dead and the irradiated rain finally beginning to calm down after nearly two weeks of downpour and claiming but another member of the group, the survivors decided that listening to Xiong would be the best hope of their survival. He hid the fact he was showing signs of advanced radiation poisoning and kept it to himself. The hand-fulls of hair falling out every morning he kept secret under his hat, the toenails falling out, he hid by walking only when it was needed and not much more, and the chipping of his flesh he hid under long clothing, though most of the soldiers could still see it in his eyes that he was weakening. Xiong pulled the efforts of the group from moving back to the surface, to reaching a deeper part of the cavern. Before the rocks fell, more supplies were hidden in a further and more secured section, safer from the leaking radiation. Nearly a month of digging, and two more of their number perished, the remaining 4 had made it into the relative safety of the deeper caverns.

    Both Chun, Xiong, and a third private by the name of Zhanzu were showing the signs of advanced radiation poisoning very clearly. Their flesh coming off in large scabs, and it seemed that the rad-away had no effect on them. The fourth private, by the name of Guan seemed relatively fine however, and was made to search the deepest depths of this relatively unexplored cavern. A couple days have passed, but Guan had secured a source of fresh water. No longer did the group have to drink from the radioactively tainted supplies from the supper caverns. Soon enough however, their food supplies dwindled. Seeing their doom on the horizon either way, Xiong volunteered to leave the cave and return with whatever food he could find. Seeing as the radiation was going to kill him soon either way, he might as well secure the survival of his group for a while longer. Declaring, Chun to be the leader if he fails to return, he sets off to the surface. Sword and pistol by his side, and his mighty assault rifle in hand.

    While he learned to track from his days in the Himalayas, Xiong had never seen tracks like these. Mixed between tank and car tracks, were the claws of some sort of horrible four legged creature. However, as he followed them, stepping through the dead, blackened forest of what once was the eastern mountains of the US, he no longer began to feel weak when the sting of the radiation hit him. It almost invigorated him. Like stepping out during a warm summer's day. While basking in the glow, he finally found his mark. A horribly mutated black bear. Not something that would have happened naturally through genetic mutations caused when breeding when radiation was present, this creature was huge. 10 feet tall, with claws as long as knives and bony plates of armor sprouting from his back and sides. Xiong took his aim and sighted his gun before planting a shot against the creature's head. It rang for miles. The sound carried every-which-way by the radioactive wind and the creature just stood there. Suddenly, as Xiong readied another shot, the creature turned and charged with unnatural strength and speed. He let loose a volley of shots which sunk into's its flesh, but the creature continued on. After emptying a full clip from his assault rifle into the creature, Xiong tossed it to the side and readied his blade. This was to be his end.

    SHNNK! The blade sunk into the chest of the horrible nightmare. Piercing it's heart. Though it continued to flail it's claws and lash with it's teeth for a while longer, it soon fell into lifelessness. Soon after his success in the irradiated wilds, Xiong stayed all night preparing the creature's flesh for transport. Though it looked horribly mutated, it's flesh seemed mostly safe to eat. That night, Xiong could see lights flashing in the city below the mountain, and shots ringing out from there and other parts of the valley as well. He knew there were other survivors.

    After returning to the caverns a hero to the people, he explained to them their situation. The group of survivors were to be as careful as they can as their goals are not yet completed. Several years passed. Chun and Zhanzu seemed to be as immune to further effects of radiation as Xiong was. Guan however seemed relatively unpoisoned and Xiong did not wish to test the fact. Xiong sent Guan out to begin trading and dealing with the other survivors when the radiation had died down enough for it to be safe, as the appearance of him and the other two would be way too much for most normal people to handle. Guan succeeded in making friends with several small tribes of wanderers and scavengers that had begun forming. One group actually had several people similar to the other three in appearance! Ghouls, the normal people called them. Fit only to be slaves they said. Guan returned week after week with more news from the outside. The bands were getting more organized he said, some even let him use a radio that had been repaired, and as he was switching channels, he swore he heard other chinese speaking of meeting up. However the heavy wind set in before all the coordinates could be said and it knocked the dish out. From that point forwards, the group felt even more hopeful of their goals and became bolder. Beginning to show themselves to some of the survivors. They were increasingly skeptical of the group of ghouls and the man because of their accents and the weapons they held, but out-right violence was very well, once again because of their accents and the weapons they held.

    After hearing wind of these muties camping out in some caves, a group of raiding slavers followed Guan one day back to the caverns. Guan of course was mostly saved from the gunfire which had begun from the mouth of the cave down onto the savage american swine. Soon the whole forest was alive with the sounds of bullets flying and people screaming. Several of the raiders were dropped or injured, but they finally made it to the mouth of the cave. Guan had escaped into the forest, but the three ghouls were cornered. Almost instantly, Zhanzu was captured and stunned with a taser. Although out of bullets, Xiong and Chun continued to fight on. Using his sword, and her martial arts, the two fought as best they could before Xiong slid down into the deepest parts of the cavern. The last thing he saw was Chun being handcuffed and stunned with a baton.

    When he awoke, his mind instantly turned to revenge. He managed to scavenge what little the raiders had left and set out to track his companions down. Weeks had passed before he finally found the same group. His espionage and stealth skills were fantastic, so much so that he was able to eliminate the torn up group in one night using his fine-tuned stealth. All except for three of the raiders whom he tied up and drugged. Both ghouls were missing and Xiong was intent to find out where they went. Apparently Zhanzu had broken free and escaped during the trip back to the raider's base, and Chun was sold to some other travellers heading west.

    So began Xiong's quest of finding his lost love. It has taken him hundreds of years and hundreds of thousands of miles of travel, but he feels as though he has gotten close. During his travels he has made it clear to himself to take down the capitalist regime whenever he could, what was left of it anyways, while attempting to contact whatever remains of the chinese army. He knows it's out there. Somewhere.


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    Oh indeed I am. If these are known bugs it is my bad! Dragon tail also looks to be mismatched in size and location as well.

    Weird a buddy of mine with MpM is using digi legs and dragon tail and they seem mostly fine!

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    Seems like there is a glitch in the models when you are using digi legs where they don't match up with your body. It is MUCH easier to notice the smaller you get or the larger you get. Any chance that will get fitched in the next update?

    Edit: I have also noticed you cannot open chests while less than 60% or so in size

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    Are we drawing birds now?

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