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    Sr.Admin App:

    - In Game Name: OhhNaTo

    - Timezone:CST

    - Discord :OhhNaTo

    - Past Experience(if you have any): I have had multiple prior experiences to being staff on a Minecraft servers. This does not mean I am a staff hunter because I believe that staff needs to be dedicated to one server and that's it. I have had prior experience with almost every position known in a minecraft community. All the way from helper up to owner I understand the job and what is expected out of each position. I also know what to look for in people doing there job and not. I have been in multiple departments over the years of Human Resources which deals with understanding people and how to get them to accomplish different goals and how to form a team that is effective and can actually get work done.

    - Strengths & Weakness: I have multiple Strengths and Weaknesses just like everyone else but I will tell you my biggest Strength and my biggest Weakness. My biggest Strength would definitely have to be my problem solving. Ever since I was a little kid I really enjoyed puzzles. I think that behind puzzles there is a certain level of logic that needs to be achieved to understand them and I have got just that. I use these problem solving skills to my advantage all the time. I listen carefully and don't make assumptions about stuff. I try my hardest to make the most effective and accurate decisions about the choices that I make. My biggest weakness would have to be my focus. I get so distracted by one thing that I loose track of other things. Over the years though as i got older I have got better at understanding the amount of time that I have left to get certain things done. I have became way better at how I manage priorities which in the long run has saved me a ton.

    - What will you do if you seen someone breaking a rule. Please state in a way to deal with the user(List out rules and way you deal with them): If someone is breaking the rule I will follows these exact steps to a T. 1. I will have to confirm a rule is actually being broken. I need proof of it i cannot just assume that something is getting broken. 2. If found true that a person was hacking I would confront them. Maybe get them on Skype. Hearing someones voice can tell a lot about there attitude. This will allows me to talk to the person and read them the rules and give them a warning about what will happen next.3. If it continues higher authority will be talked to and a change will take place whether that be a temp ban or permanent ban depends on how bad the situation is. Or what the higher authority finds most suitable for the case

    - Anything else you'd wish to add?: I am not the biggest fan of calling people by there IGN so Hi, my name is Chase Hicks and I am 17 years old. I have loved mine craft since the beginning. It has been a way to relieve stress and overall just really fun. Through different programs at school and groups I have been involved with I have picked up certain skills that allow me to be the leader I am today. Im not the greatest all time leader but Ik how to make a team work and get effective and decisive leaders in each position. I believe from a leaders perspective it your job to make more leaders. Who then in turn will create more leaders. Its an never ending cycle and I would love to be part of your cycle of growth and goal breaking. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. i hope that ur server does amazing and i wish the best of luck to you and the rest of ur team.


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    Okay sounds great. I wish the best of luck to you and your team in all the stress. Just remember that things only get harder if you make them harder. Work towards solutions and don't talk about the problem as your main focus. Have a great rest of your evening Diamond Kizzle!


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    Actually I did realize this. When I first read it I thought it said 16+ which is my personal fault on that. My opinion is this. Being 18 can classify you as an adult which I believe is ur purpose for making it that way or the overall maturity level usually greater. This is the only issue I see with that. People at an age of 25 have still figured out a direction to go with there life. This proves two things. One a person who is much older than the age required can still be not mature. Second a person can be 18 without realizing what it means. My experience has lead me to believe that I actually believe that most 18 year olds ( not all) have been thought to believed less productive than people of younger age. There is a simple reason for this. They have this will to feel like an adult without understanding what an adult is. I respect your guidelines and this is my mistake but being the age of 18 years old doesn't prove anything. I believe its more about maturity and intellectual level and capabilities a person can bring to the table. Once again I am very sorry about this. I was getting ready to type something up like this because I felt bad for making you read it when you said 18. Thank you again for letting me voice my opinion on this matter. Ik you have guidelines and rules just like I did on my server so its in your hands now to decide what is best for your server

    Thank you,


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    Ign: [/b]OhhNaTo

    Skype: [/b]Mob_nato

    Age(Must Be 13+): [/b]17

    Gender: [/b]Male

    What interests do you have in this rank:[/b] This question is worded weird but I am suspecting you mean what rank do I want. I wanting Head-Admin. This rank requires the problem solving and strategic abilities to understand issues that come up and how to address each issue with proper care. This rank is also a derivative of commerce in between people. The understanding of psychological needs of people to be happy and to understand them I have acquired over many years of leadership around my school and through leading servers to certain goals or even running my own server.

    How do you stand out: [/b]This question I dislike just because each and everyone of us has our own abilities and strengths so its hard to tell which I am exactly better at than other people. For the sake of asking though ill give my best answer possible. I believe from my experience with leadership and different planning and organizing teams I have been on that I stand out by my problem solving and dedicated work that I put in. I put forth extremely high values towards reaching goals. I am a very goal orientated person. I love making sure that goals that have been set in front of me have been achieved but most importantly push past the original goal to set my own. Another great attribute to my arsenal of strengths is my problem solving. This has allowed me to be such further ahead in life than most people. For me to be focused on one thing and one thing only and not get distracted by little things in life has caused me to be a better person overall. In a server situation though I am a big fact guy. I love facts because it gets directly to the point of contact. Without facts or previous involvement in a situation it is very unclear what to do and higher authority will be spoken to.

    Maturity Level: [/b] On a rating from 1-10 i will say and 8.5-9. My reason why is because 10 is impossible. it would cause you to not enjoy life and playing minecraft really isn't the most mature thing XD. Also I like having fun. I have rules though. Fun can be acquired after work. Fun cannot come before work thats not how the real world is. So in this case work on the server comes first and fun comes later.

    How many hours can you devote to us: [/b] Roughly about 3-4 hours a night on weekdays and upwards of 6-9 hours on weekends.

    Why should we choose you: [/b] This question is the same as saying how do I standout. Like I said before I don't like this question because there is always things I need to work on but ill answer it XD. I stand out by different ways of understanding people. How there minds work towards goals and how to achieve those goals through teamwork and different ways I have equipped over the years.

    How well do you cooperate with people: [/b]My team-working skills are probably another really great strength of mine. I have excellent communication skills which allows me to be a better listener and talker. I definitely think that team work goes further down the road of achieving something than just doing something by yourself. I allows people to become better and form there own opinions and allowing faults and successes to be recognized.

    What interests you about our server: [/b]This server has been very professionally laid out. I am not the one to go around and apply everywhere. I have been trying to get back into minecraft because I haven't played that much here recently but I love the different aspects of it. I give you and your team props for putting together such a well looking forum and nice server.

    Abilities to work in teams: [/b]My ability to work in a team and along side of people has defiantly became better as my age got older. I have realized that teams have a higher success rate at getting things accomplished and have greater opinions that become the better for the team as a whole in the long run.

    Experience on previous servers and the IP: [/b]Like I said I have been out of the mine craft community for about 3 months but mostly I ran my own servers. I also have been managers and basically every rank possible which means I also understand the guidelines and jobs of each position very well.

    Tell me a bit about yourself: [/b]I am not one for these IGN so ill start off like this XD. Hello, my name is Chase Hicks and I am 17 years old. I have been playing minecraft since 1.4.7 so I am very familiar with how it works. My goal as a staff member on any server I have worked for has been prosperity. What does this mean exactly though. Prosperity for me is when the level of achievement goal directed attitudes have been achieved and then some. This allows for us to be a team that has accomplished where we want to be in our time as a minecraft community. My number one priority on your server is to set the bar high and set the example for the rest of the minecrat community. Showing other people how a minecraft server should be ran and what each step of it took to get there. I am really excited about this server. I believe through hard work and dedication anything can be accomplished. With my help though I believe this server can achieve way more than ever though of. Thank you for this opportunity to be part of this amazing project at hand.

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    Previous Experience: Experience in every position so I know the expectations for each role. I have even owned my own server and have been successful with getting players on but could not financially support it very well.

    Why did you apply here?: I applied here because the server looks very organized and maintained and i see potential in this server.

    What role do you see yourself in three months?:Actually I want to refrain this. I see the server in 3 months working as a unit to achieve goals set by the owner and looking forward to the future for Long-term plans and values. I will be helping this process by allowing the owner to express his beliefs and goals through me and are team of staff to achieve goals that are set and be successful.

    How would you handle the following situations?:

    A) A player was spamming rude words in the chat: I would tell him to stop at first then give a mute warning which basically means next time he says something he will get muted for 10 mins then if continued will be reported to higher authority.

    A player was accused of hacking by a friend (NOTE: You won't have vanish & TPOverride): Well here is my deal with hacking. When people start making accusations i need proof to say that they actually did hack. Proof is such a powerful tool to make an accurate decision of what to do. Now if no proof is presented i will specifically watch the player and make sure things go smooth and if they still hack then I would report it to proper authority.

    What time zone are you in?:CST

    Anything else you want to add?: Hello, My name is Chase Hicks. I am 17 years old an i am looking to be an Admin for your server. Your server has potential. I can see it as you saw me come on your server and look around a little bit. it is very organized and maintained. I am not one of these types of people to waste my time on servers that look like they will only last a week. I want long term determination and work. I am willing to work to achieve anything and I believe that i would be a great contribution to your team of excellent people. Thank You for this wonderful opportunity to work with such an amazing team.



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    This is actually my real account on here i Just was logged into an old server of mine on accident srry about that

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    Nickname :OhhNaTo

    Skype (Or other form of contact) :Mob_nato

    Age? :16

    Why do you want to be staff? :I want to be staff because I have been feeling like instead of playing in the community of Minecraft I need to help out instead. I have been reading through some of the other peoples posting about servers and yours by far has seem like the most organized I have seen today.Now this may seem like i'm playing the kiss butt card but I am sure not. When a leader of anything really puts in effort so others can see and help out they respect that leader more. By showing organization and other similar attributes to that I already have gained some respect for u. Now I never answered the question. Why do I want staff? the simple fact is that I see potential of you having a very great server. I want to help out with this amazing project by being another leader and setting the example for people who are less of authority so maybe one day they can have the same position as me or better.

    Why Should we accept you? : I don't really like this question because I believe that there is always more work that needs to be done to get accepted but ill answer the question to the best of my abilities. I believe that I can bring things to the table that other people cant. Now im not saying that other people cant perform better than me because there is always someone who can perform better but What i am saying is that my way of thinking is a lot different than most people. I am a person who is not thinking of the problem at hand but thinking of a solution. When people think of the problem only things don't get done. End of story. The problem is the reason that you are trying to solve something in the first place. So why would you want to waste ur time thinking of something cant be changed.

    Any Previous Experience? : HR Manager for a Hub server, Admin on 3 others, and I have been mod on a couple

    What do you like about the server? :This server seems very organized and well thought through. I would love to join you to develop the next great minecraft community

    Additional Information (Optional, but greatly appreciated) : Hello my name is Chase Hicks. Now this is actually kind of funny because I live in Missouri to so time zones wont be a issue. I haven't been staff on a server for about 4 months now just because I wanted to take a break from minecraft. I started playing back in 1.4.7 so I know quite a bit about vanilla minecraft. I have also been staff on many servers so most plugins I have had previous experience with. I hope that I get to work with you in the near future and If i dont I wish the best of luck to all of u.


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    Skype(required)?: Mob_nato


    Why you want to join this project?: I want to join this project because I see potential that is seen without thought. I have read some of your past comments about people and I must say it take a lot of guts to point out someone being a staff hunter. Now you look at my post and yeah I post stuff but i'm looking for a server that has potential to be successful. I'm not looking to be a staff on a server that runs for 4 days then shuts down. I'm looking for a server that can be successful. I see this within your server.I want this project because I think I could be a good addition to road to success. I have worked as either Head or higher in each department(Such as Mod Admin and HR). I have been through multiple scenarios that have prepared me to take on this task. I promise you that I will try my best to make your server be the best it possibly can.

    Why you think you could build the community up?: I think I could build the community because I would set the example as a Manager. I would show people respect and teach every one of them to show respect to each other. I would say that my biggest achievement is my problem solving skills. Issues come up in a server that comes up no where else. Raiding, destroying, to even hacking. My way of thinking is that if no proof is to be found then no proper jurisdiction can be met. Now i'm not saying that I wont use history to my advantage but I will try my best to make the best decisions for the server as a whole.

    Your skill set?:Problem Solving. Plugins, Human Resources, and if things come up that I don't know I will learn to solve those issues.

    Most popular community you help manage as a main partner: TigirsMC, this server got shutdown about 6 months ago but It had regularly about 35-50 people on constantly.

    What country you currently are in?:United States

    How many hours/day can you spend on the server?:It depends on Stuff after school but soon as summer hits at least 8-12 hours each day.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. \


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    IGN: OhhNaTo[/b]

    age: 16[/b]

    position: Manager or Head-Admin[/b]

    qualification:I would say that my qualification is just that I have had tons of experience and am looking towards giving all I know to help out a new server[/b]

    Srry Skype is Mob_nato

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    Server Management Position

    Your IGN: OhhNaTo

    Your age: 16

    Your Skype username: mob_nato

    Your Time Zone: CST

    How much time can you dedicate, once the summer begins, to the Network?: 13+ hours

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I have been playing Minecraft since 1.4.7

    Have you ever created and managed a minecraft server which included plugins? Give details.: Let me tell you first of how glad I am to see a server that is so organized and clean that i could not resist to take a chance at getting accepted. I have worked on many servers that have had plugins that have been from basic essentials to a mini game that was based off sky-wars. On these servers I have either been the Head-Admin or higher. I have always been willing to help in any fashion or way without no if or buts about it. I think that the number one thing that helped these servers run great is having an end goal. I think that if I get accepted or not I think that you should take what I'm saying into consideration. Every server has the dream of being a somebody. What will you do that is different from the thousands of other people that are trying to live the same dream that your trying to make reality. This is a real key so that you don't get head over heels on winning this yet but put hard work and determination in to reach those goals and go above and beyond the Call of Duty.

    Why do you want this position?: I will first start off by saying hi my name is Chase Hicks and I am applying for server manager on your OpPrison server. This position is different from any other. Of course the name but the amount of critical thinking that goes into making decisions to improve the server is incredible. I have spent time and day before trying figure out the best option towards making the server run as efficiently as possible. The mindset it takes to understand each and every outcome is very hard to come by but I will tell you first hand I have what it takes. I have proven time and time again to each one of my colleagues that I can accomplish work with time left to reflect and conclude. This will be no different from any other time. When work is asked or when I see work I don't sit around and just wait for it I attack it. Many people call me crazy because working is when i'm best. I can sit down with hours on end trying to prove something or trying to figure something out and ending with the same intent that I started with. I think with my mindset and your very organized and participating group we can make are dream a reality.

    How are you qualified for this position?: This position like I said recently is a lot different than most. It requires a very unique set of skills (I’m not trying to quote the movie Taken) that can only be learned with time and experience. Over the years of me helping servers and proving that I can make a difference I believe that I have this certain set of skills that most qualify me for this job. I will give a couple examples so you understand what I’m talking about. First I would say the most important qualification for a Leadership position as this one I would say is Courage. Many people say this is odd but let me explain. Courage is not something you can just pick up at McDs. It takes effort and determination to truly know what it means to have courage. Courage is only earned when risk are taken. When you look at for example Steve Jobs and Apple. He did not take the lazy route. He took the most twisty/rough route anyone could take. Make or Bust. I am not saying that is what I’m going to do but I do think it is important to understand what Courage is and how it is achieved. Second qualification that I believe is the most important is Communication. When people work as a team Communication is a huge deal. You always hear about cooperates having these huge meetings and every is wondering how they can ever control such a mess. This is because they have communication through one another. This is saying that when you build a relationship with your fellow occupants it is easier to communicate. People will respect you without even thinking about it. A great leader has many more attributes but the last question to ask is what make a great leader so great.

    How extensive is your knowledge of server and plugin configuration?: Here recently I have took about a month off of minecraft to solve some real life issues. Over this time I have lost some ability to do certain things but most are still intact. Now these things include more complicated stuff like plugin development and file plugin management but all plugins within the server are still straight in my Memory.

    Would you consider yourself easy to talk to?: This is actually a very funny question because the last server I worked for I was the HR Manager. This position dealt with recruiting and solving issues within In-Game human errors such as disputes and things like that. I love to talk to people. This is kind of weird but I really do. As you can tell by this app I love to talk and communicate. I would love to meet with each and every one of your command staff so I get to know each and every one of you better

    Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it?: Yes, I am not a shy person and never have been. So I would love to use it whenever

    Thank you for giving each and every one of us this opportunity to work on this well obstructed and devoted server. I hope that people who deserve to get accepted get accepted but other than that I got nothing else. Thank You


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    NAME:Chase Hicks

    What position:Admin or Head-Admin

    What can you do to help the server!:I can do alot of things to further the servers future but a couple that really stand out would be get players. I will do this by showing people that are server is one of the best around. Another thing I am very good at is handeling stressful situations. I have a very logcal out look towards thing so i will use facts and witnesses to determine answers.


    How many hours can you put on the server daily?:4-8

    CAN YOU HELP WITH PLUGINS!!!: Not downloading to server but within game commands yes


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