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Hello im Death_Dealer, this is my Minecraft Forums profile. im 23, i like to model 3d stuff. minecarft stuff in particular.i started with minetest about 4-5 years ago doing .lua scripting. then i got a computer that could run minecraft without a problem and got more into modeling and texturing. so if you'd like help with a project just ask me, i like to be involved. i may not have the time tho, a mod that im the founder of takes up most of my time its called 3D-Craft. my good friend Tambre is coding it. i made it to replace every single sprite like image in minecraft with a actual model. it also has its own dedicated texture packs:) give them a look, links are below. I also have alot of other projects here at my groups website^_^ Elite-Electronics

3D-Craft Mod(new image in the works..)

3D-Craft Texture pack [1.10.2] 64x64 V2.0

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