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    posted a message on N6R HCPVP |Factions|Shop|Griefing|McMMO
    Welcome one and all, to our new Hardcore PVP server. We like to give the player as much freedom as possible so that they have an enjoyable time. You will always be making friends, aswell as enemies. We are a community orianted server, we like our community to enjoy the game.

    Our Website is Nova6reloaded.net


    No Hacked Clients
    No Spam
    No Advertising
    No Spawn Killing

    You are allowed to Grief and Raid! TNT FTW!

    Nova6Reloaded- Owner
    Erozionn- Head Dev
    DeathTheKid- Head Admin
    Bucklemyshoe- Admin

    We are looking for staff!

    ---Server IP---


    We hope you enjoy your time and be free to ask the staff any questions.
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    posted a message on [24/7] PVP/Faction Crazy Craft Server
    We are looking for new people to add to the server! We are also looking for good builder help with the spawn construction.

    The Server has 42 slots.

    CrazyCraft is up 24/7, unless there is maintaince.

    1. No asking for OP.
    2. No Hacking.
    3. No Griefing
    4. Have Fun

    CrazyCraft so far has a sell feature, and soon there will be a buy feature. There is active pvp and faction building, a better spawn is under construction. There will be an enchanting table at the spawn and the shop, so you can enchant your tools and buy supplies. We will also be holding competitions for prizes.
    We also are working on a mob arena.
    Owner: Crazykilla420


    We hope you have a great time, and have lots of fun on the server.
    Enjoy CrazyCraft!

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