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    There are times when I will simply just kind of zone out. Stare into nothingness.

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    posted a message on EDawg878.com - Creative Minecraft Server

    Server IP:


    Here at EDawg878, our aim is to provide the best possible gaming experience for players of all ages.

    Helpful Staff

    Our staff team works to ensure that your experience on EDawg878.com is fun and hassle free. We have staff members from all over the world to make sure our valued players are assisted.

    Build Protection

    Our next generation protection system ensures that every creation is secure and safe. We have Administrators from around the world who will fix your plot if it has been disturbed. We also have LogBlock, so you can see who has edited a certain block with a tap of a button.

    Huge Plots

    Here at EDawg878, we have 512x512 [67,000,000+ blocks] plots, which means you can build almost anything. Huge plots paired with advanced custom coded build protection gives every player a unique experience.

    Endless Fun

    At EDawg878, we have a large amount of custom plugins which are heaps of fun, ranging from pet mobs to mob and player disguises.

    Join now! play.EDawg878.com

    When you join, make sure you register for the forums as well. Search for the Member "Airesto" and click the follow button!

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    Yes please
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    posted a message on Recruiting Builders and Mods on My 2 servers!
    What is the server ip by the way?
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    Requested Rank (Moderator,Plugins Developer, Or Builder): Moderator
    Ign: Deanan
    Age:(Have to be above 11) 14
    What are you good at?: Almost everything. I can build, I am good with people, and I am also good with keeping things under control.
    What is best kind of build you can do?: The best build I have ever done is a full blown castle.
    Been Staff before on any other servers, if so list them please: I have been staf on Ken.ignorelist.com.
    Do you have skype?: No, but I will most likely get one soon.

    Thanks, I hope I can be of assistance to you and your server.
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    posted a message on Noble Worlds! (need staff) minecraft server
    Ign: Deanan
    irl name: Andre Dean
    Position: Co-Owner, Head Admin, or just Admin
    Why should i pick you: I am very trustworthy and I can be counted on to do the right thing.
    Have you been banned before: Never
    Age: 15
    experience: I am an Admin on another server.
    Skype(optional you can say personally):
    Any other things you have to say: I hope you find me to be a great help.
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    posted a message on ◄ IP: bravenetwork.no-ip.org ► ╏ Creative ╏ Factions ╏ Skyblock ╏ Hunger Games ╏ Spleef ╏ Mob Arena ╏ PVP Arena ╏ Capture the Fl
    Username: Deanan

    Age:13 (but very mature)

    Which server are you applying for: Creative

    How long have you played here:Since I was ten years old

    What would you do if someone was spamming:I would give them a warning and if they kept at it i would ban them for 1 hour.

    List 3 strengths, and 3 weaknesses:Strengths are I am not affected if someone bullies me, I do not tolerate bullying, and I never bully. Weaknesses are none.

    Why do you want this rank:I think I could keep a lot of people in line.

    What are your specialties: Technology, Building, and keeping people from bullying.
    What have you done for BN: I have donated and voted for them.

    How many hours a day can you be on: about five
    I want to see the server reach its full potential.

    Mob Disguise
    Username: Deanan
    Mob: Baby Wolf and Wolf
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