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    posted a message on ⚡ Shockbyte ★ $2.50/GB ★ 24/7 Live Chat Support ★ 100% Uptime ★ DDoS Protected ★ NA, EU, AU, ASIA

    They are also OwnageHosting .Paypal stepping in ... refund on another server cancelled in 3 days .. still I got this today ..

    Hello <removed my name >

    We apologize for the delay in processing your refund.

    As it's the holiday season our billing department have many requests to complete and handle. I can assure you that your refund request has been filed and is pending review.

    We'd appreciate your on-going patience with this.

    Kind regards,

    Zack Jeffreys
    Level 2 Support

    my refund request went in on the Dec 8th. ......

    SO I give Two Thumbs Down .. for this service . Lack of Service .. NOT replying back ..NOT getting tech help .. and billing well lets say there is Things in the USA... Called the BBB - grins- and paypal .... .. BUYERS BEWARE of this Service . They Should be called the Grinch ! All take and no give back..

    Happy Holidays !!!

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