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    posted a message on 🔴 Spruceberry 🔴 1.15 [TOWNY] [RPG] [SURVIVAL] [NEW SERVER] [ECONOMY]

    when I logged into the discord it was dead vc . but the server chat alive .. now i picked my class. read the rules. the discord is well set up. 7 votes clicked each and revived the correct item,i rtp over the place and seems tp be a small map

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    posted a message on ThriveMC | 1.14 Survival Towny | Custom Economy | Mythic Lootcrates! | Tight-knit community

    Here is some latest updates.... please come join and play

    Alright guys, at long last, I have some updates for everyone to be aware of!

    First, we have rolled out a full re balance of the economy. The prices have been reworked, and all numbers have been reduced by a factor of ten. This includes all prices, shop values, and player balances. (Yes, this means that the shops are open!)

    Speaking of balances, you'll probably notice that your balance is exactly 1/10 of what it was before. Your balance has NOT gone down - the value of each in-game dollar has been multiplied by ten, and balances have been adjusted accordingly.

    We have also rolled out our new monetization model: gems! Instead of going to the store and sorting through multiple options, we now just sell one premium currency. You can use these gems through an in-game GUI to purchase all of the same perks that you could before. Use "/store" to check it out!

    Even better: there are now options to spend in-game cash to get perks, instead of just gems! If you can't afford to donate to the server, that's fine - now you have an alternative, and a use for any extra cash you may have. Plus, we'll be rolling out additional options for earning the premium currency as time passes.

    Now, I know not everybody is going to be happy about the change to player balances. First, I want everyone to know that your balance hasn't actually changed - the value of each dollar has been multiplied by 10, so we cut every balance by 10. But, I'd like to offer everybody a deal -

    For the next few weeks, you'll be able to access "/kit gems" and receive 512 gems, free of charge. This is a value of $7.50, just to make amends.

    Thanks for reading, and have fun!
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    posted a message on ThriveMC | 1.14 Survival Towny | Custom Economy | Mythic Lootcrates! | Tight-knit community
    Hiiiiii Its DJ Here . If i had played with you . you would known or know me as
    Deajay. Spectral Or Nuky ,,,

    I wanted to jump in here and talk about ThriveMC for a bit..

    ThriveMC is built with passion of players for minecraft . Everyone no matter what game you play also has an idea. The staff of Thrive alway takes those Idea and put those idea's to account. We strive to put gamers play first and fun. We also love it when players come on just chat . say hi , or just be on and hang out in discord . There is always something to do. Here is just a small list of things i like Personally about ThiveMC I will go into detail with each . what is in this color are my fun area of ThriveMC and my personal feeling and interaction with them..

    -Economy~ is earned by selling , jobs , coins that drop from certain mobs and Auction House .Votes,crates doing things for others
    -Bank ~ where you can safely put your money and save up for a rainy day

    -Extensive Ranking System ~ is very easy to get but gives you a challenge the higher you get
    -Unique Jobs
    -Custom Spawn ~ this i love as you log in you will beable to get a good start on learning what else is on the that i don't mention here.
    -Player Shops
    -Admin Shops~ here you can buy and get things to help you along with your Minecraft Adventure
    -Interactive NPC's
    -Custom Auctions this is fun when you want to see how bad someone wants something.
    -Live Auctions
    -Big Open World unlimited.......
    -Custom Mob Bosses this is a mob arena .. can drop to custom enchanted gear out of the chest or other things
    -Custom Enchantments these come from the chests , ranks gear , arena mob
    -Interactive Adventure Quests
    -Custom Mobs Spread Around World these guys drops coins , but a little mouse said there are plans in the making for more
    -Mob Drops
    -Towny Yes !!!!! these are awesome,there are about 6 active townys each with there own perks of fun. Check them all out them maybe your own adevnter you may want your every own town.
    -Great Interactive Community love the people , here .
    soon coming but things are in the works

    -Dedicated Staff 100% dedicated. love these people ..

    this is my thoughts of ThiveMC
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    posted a message on Just looking for players to play towny
    looking for people to play with on a great server i have town called Paradise
    lots of villagers , town portal to the end . mod boss fights great rewards .
    Come play with me ..

    Survival towny
    much more .....
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    posted a message on Good Vibes SMP | New map | Looking for members
    Quote from Uncrownedyo»

    Sorry, I forgot to specify say that we were looking for people in our age range (18+), but thanks a lot for the application! and i'm sure you'll find a server which suits you soon

    waaayyyyy over 18

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    posted a message on ♔ ArathiaMC ♔ Freshly Reset - Custom Towny Survival Server [1.14.4]

    Friendly Staff , nice spawn area .. its worth on giving this server a chance to grow with players .

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    posted a message on Good Vibes SMP | New map | Looking for members
    IF your going to whitelist . you should tell people. I read Bens Answers. Honestly I do think predators do seek out younger kids this way. SO I will only put my Discord name here. If you like me to join I Like a invite to your discord.

    Age: no ones bussiuess because there no age in gaming.,

    Discord Name:DeajayMC#8788

    Why you'd like to join:

    A wee bit about you (just a few sentences:)

    Play style (eg. redstoner):

    Pictures of builds if you have any:
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    posted a message on [1.14] Ryland Economy Survival [Ranks] [Jobs] [PremiumMcMMO] (Hiring Staff)

    I would like to join .. Discord DeajayMC#8788

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    posted a message on Valkilla Vanilla 1.14.4! (Small Active Community, New server)


    I would love to try to join

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    posted a message on New 100% FRESH 1.14 Survival (HARD Mode) Server On a Good Host (CubedHost) - Absolutely No Cheap/Cheesy Stuff-100% PURE VANILLA

    First of all I loved your post .. I gpt the evil giggle from it ..!!!! Perfect no Afk redstong over use of crap like that.. Love it ..

    No mob grinders yes !!!! oh yess sign me up

    ign DeajayMC

    discord DeajayMC # 8788

    read the rules no issues there ....

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    posted a message on BareBones SMP [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.16}{16+}{Whitelist}{Discord}{No Resets}{Active}

    In-Game Name:DeajayMC
    Age:(Does not affect application)47
    Discord Tag: (Ex: name#1234) DeajayMC#8788
    Why are you interested in joining?:looking to have fun
    What is your favorite thing about minecraft?: exploring
    Do you agree to our server's rules? yes

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    posted a message on ~EDGE OF ETERNITY~ [MATURE COMMUNITY] [DEDICATED 64-SLOT SMP] [Anti Grief] [Online for over 8 years!]

    Minecraft Username (IGN): DeajayMC
    Location: Usa Panhandle Central time
    Age: 47
    What you think makes a good Minecraft server: Attitude of players , the communication from staff to players and vice versa .
    Why do you want to join us?: well being gong for 5 years means alot . It also the Owner and staff has worked hard to keep like it is , not having a handfull of plugins. make me smile . I got a family feeling from your ad that drew me in .

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    posted a message on Xenocraft Season 2 | 1.14.2 | HermitCraft-inspired Vanilla SMP | 16+ | Discord

    In-game username: DeajayMC

    What should we call you?: Dj


    Country/Timezone: Usa,Fl ,Central

    Discord (Including #):DeajayMC#8788

    Skills:building my own style. javing fun. exploring, not a redstone builder .

    About you? i'm a old lady who likes playing mine craft. I get along well with people and on alot .

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    posted a message on ~crunchyplanet~ [MATURE COMMUNITY] [64 Player slots [Anti Grief] [Looking for Staff] [King of the Melon]

    not Owner but the server can use some players on it ... awesome custom job .. added discord link above that works

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