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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    With The TMI thing it is erasing the NPC's inv when I am on the other side of the map, figuratively.

    Also can someone explain the dialog quest to to me?
    I choose setup next to the dialog quest button and choose the dialog I want the quest to end on.
    Is this how Dialog Quest is meant to be used?
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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    I have an error:

    I am using TMI and whenever I shift click delete (delete my entire inventory) it also deletes any items that I have placed in an NPC's Inventory.

    Also a question:
    I am building an RPG map, and I want to be able to unlock houses after completing some quests. I noticed the key, is their anyway I can bind a key to a door and lock the door, do when you complete the quest you get the key and can unlock the door to the house.

    Awesome mod, I just wish some more maps would use it, I hate talking to signs.
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    posted a message on WATERWORLD 2070 - REVEAL THE SECRET. A very detailed game by RODGERMOURTAGH
    I really want to play this map but mediafire says you took down the file. :(
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    posted a message on Command & Conquer (doesn't have to be C&C) Mod
    I was playing Millenaire, but all those building and nation are too old for me.So I thought, "What game do we all know and love? Command & Conquer!!! (excluding C&C4)"
    I actually didn't think that, The idea just came to me. :/

    (doesn't have to be C&C means that it does not have to be C&C themed. It could be its own theme)

    So kinda based off of Millenaire, You start with/craft a Command Center Block. You place it anywhere in the world, right click on it and a window pops up with lots warnings, mainly run the hell away or it unpacks on top of you. You then choose unpack or cancel. (Lets be honest, who would ever cancel something so cool) you unpack and it asks you to name your base, you then sit there for about 10 minutes thinking of a name. You get over it and type in something lame and push enter. Then you RUN!!! it waits like 5 seconds or something so you can get away.

    When it unpacks, it doesn't actually unpack, (Unless the modder/s I find are super beings of coding, or Notch) it just rapidly builds itself in about 2 seconds.
    Inside you will find lots of cool things. The important things that you will find will be:
    1) A very special, awesome looking chest.
    2) A resource information computer (RIC)
    3) A build order computer (BOC)
    4) A training Interface computer (TIC)
    5) An attack order computer (AOC)

    let me explain, going backwards:
    5) You can use the AOC to order an attack on any enemy's that you have found. Once an enemy is chosen you can select the units have been trained to attack him.
    4) You can right click on the TIC and it will display a list of units that can be made from this building. You can select the unit you want, it will then display information on the unit such as armor, strength, special ability's, cost, if it is unlocked, how to unlock it, etc... At the bottom of the window will be buttons for create and back.
    3) This will work in much the same way as the TIC, except for buildings.
    2) This just displays your tiberium info (Oh, did I not mention that there will be tiberium?)
    1) THE CHEST!!! If you build a building using the BOC a laser remote locator (LRL) linked to that building will spawn in the chest. You then take the LRL and right click anywhere. A ghost/outline of the area the building will take, of the building will then appear the outline of the base will also appear (ie: your build radius). The center of the ghost will then be the block that you are pointing at. Right click to place the building. The same conformation dialog that appeared for The command center will appear, (without the naming of the base) Click and confirm. 5 seconds to run. 2 seconds to build itself.

    Other Important points:
    > Using Units means that their will obviously need to be NPC's. I am hoping soldiers, vehicles and air craft.
    > I am hoping that you will be able to drive/ride vehicles
    > Tiberium will have to be harvested by Tiberium harvesters (vehicles)
    > built units will go to a waiting zone which needs to be built. (kinda like a house)
    > I imagine an AI of some sort that spawns into the world with an already made base an units. But does not attack or expand. Just target practice basically.

    Non-mod (kinda) related stuff:
    > I have tried modding and can not mod. (all modders are on their own (I could be like the ideas guy?))
    > I know my post sounded kinda controlling, This is not set in stone.
    > I know this will be an incredibly hard mod to make. So A mod team would be preferable I think

    My part in this?
    I am hoping to not get very involved. I would like to just try beta stuff and say how about this?

    Well that is all I can think of.

    If you would like to make this mod please pm me.
    If you would like to see this mod made, please reply and give a vote so we can keep the the topic alive and gain awareness
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    posted a message on SubSpace Mod (ML/SAPI State)
    If JabJabJab is out there, please don't stop working on the mod :blink:
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    posted a message on THE GAMESHOW (epic puzzle map)
    MediaFire link doesnt work for the texture pack or the map. Says Invalid or deleted file.
    Please hurry and fix it. I really want to play this map.
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    posted a message on Working computer. With a screen.
    Why In The Hell Would you blow it up?!!!
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    posted a message on Underwater Village
    thanks for the idea
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    posted a message on How do i Make Space...
    Quote from masonnn

    ik, but how do u make the mcedit do that? [the star thing] that whut im asking

    Okay Sorry.
    You need to use the brush tool (with glowstone of course) then scroll the mouse wheel up to place the block higher, down to go lower. Simple.

    What is your adventure map going to be called cause i feel like a good space adventure map.
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    posted a message on How do i Make Space...
    Quote from masonnn

    I know how to remove the land, i just need to know how to do the stars

    The Voxel Box (Guys Who made DSTC) made their Glowstone Look like stars and then used McEdit to put glowstone everywhere. They also made a mod wich made it always night.
    If the adventure map will take less than one MC day to complete (for use to run the course) Then make your map and before you release it use TMI to make it night.So we will finish the course before it becomes day.
    Good Luck
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    posted a message on My Space Ship
    Quote from SPASTIC

    and the ship looks really cool!
    maybe make a youtube video?
    and maybe make a download,
    this will increase the ammount of people that know you and whatch what you build thus raising your popularity :smile.gif:

    Their is a download link
    But i will give it you again
    Click Here to Download The Map
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    posted a message on How do i Make Space...
    Use MC Edit. Once download go load world and choose the world that you want to use. (or you can go create world) Select the very bottom corner of your explored world and then drag to the very other corner (at the bottom) and then use Nudge at the bottom (WASDQZ) to expand your selection,(hold shift to expand faster) press delete blocks, then Ctrl+S then let it save and Volla.

    (Do not work in mc edit while MineCraft is open(Causes save file corruption))
    Good Luck on your adventure Map. Whats it going to be callled?
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    posted a message on [REQ] EPIC SPACE MOD!!!!!
    I was playing DSTC the other day and was thinking that minecraft in space would be damn cool.
    Imagine epic npc space ships that you can board, hostile and friendly planets that you can visit. Build your own space ship and then hire an npc crew to fly it. Conquer colonized npc planets and turn the local population in to your own mining slaves!!!
    (sounds alot like an insane RPG mod)

    As i said in the description i have no clue how to make a mod, so i am asking someone out their to please make this mod for me and the many who think that this mod would be EPIC.

    This is my idea. Step by Step.
    1)Space Ships
    Their will 2 types of space ships. the first is Interplanetary ship.

    This ship cannot be manually flown by the player and can be very big. like 20 000 blocks big. The function of this ship is travel between planets and then enter the orbit of the planet that it has traveled to. This ship is used has an orbiting home base which houses your crew, fighter ships and anything else that you want to build into it.
    Their are 5? main components.
    The Nav chart - from here you can either select a planet that you have already traveled to or spend some time discovering more planets. You can also go to space stations.
    Hanger - This is where your fighter ships are stored.
    Teleporter - if you don't feel like flying a fighter ship down to the planet then you can use the teleporter to get down the planet surface quick and easy (Caution: Teleporter is one way, in order to get back on to the interplanetary ship you must build a teleporter on the surface or build a fighter ship to fly up to the ship.)
    Hyperspace module - cant go anywhere without this.
    Boarding Module - an extendable bridge for docking space stations or other ships.
    Give this ship some cannons to do space battles from.

    The fighter ship
    This can be manually flown down to the planet surface and can also be used to fly above the surface of the planet. It can be armed with laser cannons for space combat and bombarding the ground.
    2)Ship construction
    I imagine this going something like the zeppelin mod.
    This is a simple remake of the biome system. Each planet works exactly the same as the normal minecraft world exept it is limited to one biome per planet.
    4)Space stations
    You can build these!!!
    When i say space station what do you think of. Thats what im talking about.
    you can use your boarding module to join with these and then go on board for trade or conquest.
    Any civilization in space age can build on these and each space station will fly a flag for the civilization that owns it. So what you do on these will affect your relations with the civilization that owns it.
    5) Civilizations and Npc's
    My idea for the civilizations is based a lot on Star Wars.
    I imagine some planets 100% covered in buildings like coruscant and some like nabbo or Tattoine. Mabey a Mustafar.
    I imagine that each civilization has 5 ages. Caveman, ancient, meditative, modern and space. Cavemen age i see as just finding the odd clan of NPC's either living in a Cave or wandering about. Ancient to Modern i imagine working on the same basis as Millenaire. With trade and building. However you can find some villages that have most or all of their buildings already built. Space - this is where the Star Wars theme comes in. When a civilization reaches space they will take one of a few paths, like industrious, Eco, Military, Fanatical. pretty much the same types as waht spore has.

    Civilization relations.
    Thee phases. Neutral, Ally and enemy. Neutral- the civ will trade some items with you. Ally- they will trade all items with you, let you dock your ship their, build you a ship or 2 (for a prices or as a quest reward),give you some quests etc... Enemy- if they see you you are dead.
    6)More on space phase civs
    Civs in space phase can Colonize new planets, build space stations, travel the galaxy in ships, hunt you down if you are their enemy form blockades, steal your planets, kill your crew. Pretty much everything that you can do.
    I have 2 ideas for the start of the game.
    1) You start off as part of a civilization that has just reached space stage and you receive missions from the President/Emperor (at the beginning of a game you will be asked if you want to engage the mod)
    2) you start off as normal Steve who builds a space ship and then hires some crew from the near by city and the enters the world of Space Mod, or whatever the mod is going to b called.
    Should you conquer an empire the empire acts they would before except that when you walk around their cities everyone bows down to you and you can give the city boss orders like build this and don't build this.

    That's most of my idea.
    If you want to know more or start modding this please email me from my profile screen.
    Thanks and good luck modding this.
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    posted a message on My Space Ship
    Well here are 5 Images (Using DSTC texture pack, looks very weird in default. Get The DSTC texture pack from Here

    Figured out the images.
    (Link to download map is Here)
    Click Here To Download Map
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    posted a message on Mistcraft: Minecraft Allomancy
    The modder who makes this gets a :Diamond: and 2 more :Diamond: :Diamond:
    cause the mistborn trilogy is AWESOME
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