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    posted a message on 1.3.2......bug?
    I have a world like that. Its actually really cool. There was also a heart made of lava, and a HUGE lake.
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    posted a message on I found a weird glitch just now

    I found this, and im still in this world. I am using default texturepack but it was normal, then this randomly happened. Anyone else?
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Well, in the chat area it says its active, but o commands work. they all say "unknown command". Please fix, as I really LOVE word edit and all the other things.
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    I am having troubles with the Spawner GUI. Whenever I place the spawner, it doesnt let me change the spawn. I can acces the menu just y option doesnt stay
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    posted a message on [~THE-LANDS-OF-GEMRATH~ | ROLEPLAY | WHITELIST |Released | EVENTS | 24/7 | 1.3.1 |]
    If anyone wants to rage at Rox contact him on skype. His is Hugo Roxas. yell at him for ****ing up the server
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    posted a message on THE LANDS OF GEMRATH | ROLEPLAY | WHITE-LIST |Released | EVENTS | 24/7 | 1.3.1 |
    Quote from LucaFloppy

    EDIT: my skin is now a ranger and is more rolplayish :D

    um, that was a serious post ;/

    no it wasnt
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    posted a message on THE LANDS OF GEMRATH | ROLEPLAY | WHITE-LIST |Released | EVENTS | 24/7 | 1.3.1 |
    Quote from HoneyDewper

    The Server Isnt Open yet, We need 1.3.1 Bukkit First.
    Yes, He can join the Elves as Elves only Seek peace and to Destroy the Darkos.
    Your Biography is a bit...Odd but You've been accepted Only Just.
    And No you cant have your own Race so your A Human.

    good job with accepting, just maybe tell people to add longer bios
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    posted a message on Camp Capture the Flag(OOC thread)(Always Accepting)
    a little note, i RPed on an iPhone app for about two years. This is my first attempt at RPing on the minecraft forums. I hope you enjoy.

    This is a summer camp. Only thing is, it's a camp where you live in a cabin, eat, go hang out, have a relationship, but mostly you play CTF. Password one is sugar. Their are two sets of cabins. One set is for the blue team. Second set is for the red team. Every Friday you play CTF. During the week you can train or do whatever.

    How to play

    You use paintballs to play. Of you get shot three times you lie down signifying death. If the medic from your team comes to you, you can be revived. Password two is spill. If someone one from the other team gets you, you are revived but you MUST go to their jail.


    As explained above, you go to jail. To get out of jail someone from your team must tag the jail in order for you to leave. Password three is monster. If the jail gets tagged all people in can leave.

    Enjoy Camp CTF


    No sexting
    No GModding
    I can kick you
    No perfect profiles
    Be honest
    Don't focus only on relationships
    No skipping weekly CTF(unless you are offline)
    Be active
    I must accept you
    Use my skeleton
    No clothes in profile
    No emojis in skeleton
    Password four is kitten
    Put name before post Ex.

    He ........

    Roles for teams are

    Offensive player(unlimited)
    Defensive player(unlimited)


    Team(Red or blue)
    Hair description:
    Eye color:
    Anything Else
    Passwords:(send me all four of them via PM)


    Name: Dakota
    Age(13-17) 16
    Role: Leader
    Team(Red or blue) Dakota is on the blue team
    Hair description:Dakota has Light Brown Hair. It goes a little down his neck and down past half f his eyes.
    Eye color: Dakota has light Blue eyes that are usually covered by his hair, yet he can see clearly through his hair.
    Height:Dakota is about 6 feet tall
    Anything Else:Dakota has been waiting to go to this camp for years. He finally could and he got accepted as the new blue team leader.
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    posted a message on Avatar [REQUEST]
    this seems like a very good idea. too bad i dont know how to mod anything. keep me informed of progress with this mod. i wouldnt mind testing the mod though.
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    posted a message on Zombie Mod
    Could someone help with this mod idea?I have an idea where there is randomly spawning camps, cities, town,etc. In these town there is weapons(not the normal weapons.I mean more modern weapons like guns, knives, etc). You can also get food. the only mobs are zombies and food can only be found in these randomly generated areas. You can make a hideout or just keep moving. zombies would be drawn to loud noises(gun shots and other things). I would also say this should be an option when you generate a world.

    If you need more details or would like to make it, please contact me.
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