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    I agree. In alpha all the way up to beta 1.5 there was some real game development going on. There were constantly new items, abilities, adjustments, and game options. But now an update mostly just means some bugs were fixed:(. but you also have to think, the game is pretty much done in development for when it officially releases in november. Im not sure if there will be future updates after that (hopefully!) but i think the major game building is at the end of its stage. There are always rumors of new game modes and a higher sky limit but i dont think those will happen. But im sure notch has something up his sleeve :biggrin.gif:
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    I like it, but the distance measurements are waaay too far. Perhaps something on a much smaller scale. Basically replace every word "chunk" with "block" and you have an excellent biome. This would be the true factor of scary in minecraft. i love it! just change the distance and its perfect :biggrin.gif:
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    Now that's a topic worth looking at. That's a great idea and i think ill make a big pile of paper pigs and light them on fire just for kicks :biggrin.gif: good job!
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    Good suggestion. But how exactly would an anvil physically "look" sitting there in minecraft? It would be tough. But i think different weapons in minecraft would be a good change, because sometimes swords get boring. And maybe have it so each weapon works better with another type of mob? Or give weapons certain stats like:

    Spears have more range (possibly thrown?)
    A battleaxe is slower to attack with but gives more of a blow
    A scythe maybe often misses, but gives a terrible dent when it hits
    just some suggestions for a suggestion =P
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    Quote from sinna05

    Don't you guys think that Notch should add a new air Bubble/oxygen thing?
    Like When you get to a certain height in a mountainas area you should have an oxygen meter like you have when your underwater :Water: and after you lose those ten bubbles you should start losing health because of less oxygen?
    So i also think Notch should add a oxygen tank so you can you can hold your breathe longer under water :Water: or at a high altitude.
    if you think this is a bad suggestion i dont care i am a newbie so yeah.

    I really do think its a good idea. But with the max height in minecraft only being 64 meters above sea level, it would be kind of rediculous. I live up in the mountains and i go climbing a lot. You would need to reach a height of at least 20,000 feet to need other means of obtaining oxygen. And even then it wouldnt be "lethal". So all in all, good suggestion but it just wouldnt work well :/ not to mention it would be really annoying at times.
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