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    posted a message on [ADV] Eronev Mansion Adventure [1,000,000+ Downloads!] 1.9 Verified. The Classic Pumpkin Adventure.
    okay GREAT map i loved the way you made multiple dialogues and stuff for the old man and the upgrades were GREAT also

    i hope you are making another map because this was just great
    also HOW THE HECK did you make that minecart system i mean WOW

    im going to send this to some of my favorite commentators and HOPE they play it

    also 5 NPCs saved and i need glasses lol and the avarage ending
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    posted a message on My Coasters (Epic Coasters)
    This is my coaster map it has 3 coasters

    1. The Baby Coaster
    a short infinite loop track to get off either break the cart or right click to get off

    2. The Mean Blue Machine
    a kinda long infinite loop track again click or break the cart to get out

    The Longest of the 3 and goes over the other 2 coasters and the hidden Easter egg :smile.gif:

    Their is an Easter egg as stated above it is hidden but easy to find

    don't break anything Except- Carts and Obsidian
    Do what the signs say
    and Leave suggestions/comments

    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?2te81c1y1p2v1sk
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