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    posted a message on Looking for fairly experienced builder

    Hello! I am a fairly experienced builder, having played minecraft for about 8 years, and I would love to help you! I can of course do it for free, as I love the game, and I have a small channel, I haven't posted any minecraft videos yet, still working on first one, and I would love to help! If you are interested, then please DM me as soon as possible, my discord is in my profile, and if someone else has already helped you, then just DM and say so. Have a jolly day!

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    posted a message on Glowing Colors for skin options.

    I can counteract that! It could work! torches prevent mobs from spawning. this, like light from optifine torches, is not counted as light that stops mobs from spawning. The glowing skins would act like optifine torches, giving off light, but not preventing mobs from spawning. If you wanted to have a mob-free base, you would still need to use torches!

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    posted a message on Clay diamonds!

    Most of you will already know this, but If you find a clay patch in a river, go to the center, and go 2 blocks along the positive Z axis, then dig down, you will most of the time find diamonds. This is super useful when trying to find diamonds. just be careful not to dig straight into lava!

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    posted a message on A Builder's Update!

    Mojang should make a builder's update, including things such as more blocks to build with, and maybe even making their own wand, like the one from the WorldEdit mod! it would be so helpful to us builders!

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    posted a message on Building a government owned property reminiscent of area 51. any words of advice?

    I've been building an area 51-like property. anyone do anything similar and have some tips?

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