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    Still a huge fan :) I have loved this mod since the very beginning, I allways add it to the servers that we play :D


    Glass trim
    I seriosly miss that you can use galss for the trim in the workbench.

    Having a wall or floor that is transparent, where the trim goes through, mess up the look and feel of the building.

    Or in other words, the Trim is after all just a block, but when connected to a storage network items "go through", so why not just make it possible to use any valid building block as a trim ;)

    Modify compacting drawers.

    I miss an option to either build the Compacting Drawers from scratch, like you do with Trims and Drawers in the Workvench

    Alternatively you cold make it possible to just modify the Compacting Drawers in the Workbench.

    The reason is that I would love to have the Compacting drawers to look like the other drawers.

    Modify Slave and Controller.

    As with the Compacting Drawers, it would be neat to modify the look of both the Slave and the Controller.

    Stackable storage upgrades

    When having huge amount of material, I miss being able to add more upgrades.

    Usually I end up having a Void and a Filllevel and the rest is Emerald upgrades.

    It would be nice to have the uppertunity to stack the upgrades, to lets say 16 upgrades.

    Mayby one placeholder for each upgrade type, and only the storage upgrade stackable up to 16 upgrades.

    Colored edge

    When you add Storageupgrades, the edges are colored by the Storageupgrades version, it would be nice if this could be turned on an of individally pr. Drawer or mayby on the controller, so if you have multple networks you can configure them as pleased

    When the edge indication is turned off, there could be an Icon, like the Void Icon on the drawers.

    Fill level as the handle.

    It would be great if the fill level upgrade, could be set to be drawn as the handle.

    Or as a sidebar to the left or right (smaller in width).

    This could be a option pr. drawer or the in the Controller.

    Options: Normal (as it is today), Inside handle, skinny left edge, skinny right edge, skinny bottom

    A new block for Void or no room.
    When adding items, I often have use for either items that can not be added (all drawers occupied) or is voided.
    It would be delicious, with a seperate slave like block that returns those items, with a n option to deliver Voided items or not.
    The block/network should ignore this block, when manually clicking the controller.
    Or make it an option in each Slave instead, so that you select this output or normal output and wether it should deliver Voided items.

    A separate user interface block

    Either a user interface block or make the slave also accept manually input, like the controller does.

    I prefer to hide the controller, so that I can connect to it directly, when adding huge amount of items, like from a quarry, makes the client lag less.


    I suppose several people has asked for this, so I vote for this as well :D

    Well never the less, just some thoughts ;)

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