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    Quote from P3rf3ct_Zer0»

    I agree 110% also thutmose its super important you make it so we have an option to completely disable pokemobs from agro on players who don't agro on them ... people aren't digging suddenly being chased by a level 30 koffing and being murderd.

    In the case that Zer0 pointed out, it was an NPC Trainer owned Koffing, If anything, is it possible to make it where an NPC trainer won't initiate a battle unless the player has a Pokemon out and traveling with them/active in the world?

    Another thing: When battling an NPC trainer, and you beat their first Pokemon, they send out multiple Pokemon after that.
    (Think they get salty? Haha)

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    I agree that shaders should be included in Vanilla Minecraft, the mods that add shaders into the game are buggy at best, which is why when people use them their frames drop so much. I'd imagine that if and when Mojang implements shaders, it would be much faster with less frame drops than the mods that do that.

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    I have issues with the temperature aspect of this mod, the first and foremost is, as P3rf3ct_Zer0 said, is that torches don't restore heat. They are technically a SMALL fire, that being said, one wouldn't be enough to heat you up. Now if you surrounded yourself with eight of them, that should at the very least STOP your temperature from dropping, if not raise it at a very slow rate. Second, I expected that if I sat in front of a Furnace that was actively cooking/smelting something, it would heat me up. Sadly, I was disappointed when I froze to death shortly thereafter.

    So in summary, FIX YOUR ****.

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