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    Quote from PerfectAdmins»

    IGN: PerfectAdmins
    Age: 16
    Position desired (please read above): Admin.
    Past server experience: Currently Admin on another growing server called Galaxasia.
    What do you specialize in?: I'm usually Admin on other servers, as I understand the rules and regulations of getting Admin permissions.
    What are your weaknesses?: I have school still, so I can be on a tight schedule.
    Discord: PerfectAdmins#9736

    Didn't know if I could do this but, Little bit about me: I am a 16Yr old Male from England. I have 2 Main hobbies Football, And gaming. I usually try my best to give people more than I get myself, I like helping all sorts of communities on their upcoming servers.

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to apply! Unfortunately, your application will not go further in the process. As mentioned in the comments, management positions are closed. Along with this, you are currently staff on another server. We fear that you might not be able to dedicate as much time, especially as an admin

    Quote from Averageone23»
    IGN: Averageone23_YT
    Age: 14
    Position desired (please read above): Admin
    Past server experience: Own a server
    What do you specialize in?: Admin
    What are your weaknesses?: I have none
    Discord: averageone2345#4318

    Hi, thank you for applying. Unfortunately, we are not looking for management positions at the moment.

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    Quote from TShirtGaming»

    IRL: Tony (i know that you didnt ask for my irl name but its still nice to know names before contacting)

    IGN: TShirtGaming

    Age: 15

    Position desired: Im aiming to be part of the build team.

    Past server experience: I was once part of a building team and i know that building could be a hard work sometimes.

    What do you specialize in?: Building some codding (not much), i learn fast and im friendly.

    What are your weaknesses?: codding (if we are talking about the advanced codding), my ping (ill have 80-110 most of the time), my english (i know english very good but when i try to make sentences i can struggle

    Discord: PotaTony#4490


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    Quote from Celaydon»
    IGN: Celaydon

    Age: 20 years old

    Position desired (please read above): I don't have any real agendas for positions but at the moment I'm looking for building roles. I've in the past years of playing Minecraft partaken in content building for servers I have worked on. But I would also like to keep administration and moderation as a possibility as I have experience with that. First and foremost I would love to build for a server.

    Past server experience: My experiences include administration and ownership of a couple long running servers. From the beginning I worked on a server called TomlowMC beginning as a moderator, working my way to admin and eventually head administrator. Eventually I took ownership of the server leading the development and hosting on my own private server machine.

    What do you specialize in?: As stated above, I specialize in creative building. My past portfolio has included many themed builds, large and small. As a real life artist, I take passion in creating.

    What are your weaknesses?: The only weakness that may come to mind is time management due to the fact of having a real job and college but even then I stay pretty dedicated to my projects and community.

    Discord: Celaydon#3418

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Quote from CoryannaEw»

    IGN: CoryannaEw

    Age: 14

    Position Desired: Mod, Or Admin

    Past Server Experience: I have been a Co-Owner in many servers.

    What do you specialize in?: Owner

    What are your weaknesses?: When I have to do everything.

    Discord: coryanna#5314

    Quote from hacker909»

    Position desired (please read above):I'd personally like to have the "Manager" rank, I think that i would be best suit for this position because I know how to help and create a successful server as I have experience in being a manager. If I were to be the manager of this server I would follow all the directions you shall give me as I am very good at following directions, especially when it has to do with work.
    Past server experience:Like I have said I have experience in being a manager. The things I did as a manager was, help out the owner with anything I could do possible, and the basics like ban people but also get proof same thing goes for when I had to mute people.
    What in do you specialize in?:I specialize in helping people out when there in need of assistance so basically like if someone needs help with how to do a certain thing or if they see someone hacking then I would go check on that person who supposedly is hacking.
    What are your weaknesses?:My weaknesses are when someone is acting immature or when someone is just being plain irritating and when someone is being a smart aleck. This really ticks me off but I try and stay calm as I can be
    Discord:The Reaper#9847

    You have been contacted for further questions!

    For applicants,

    Management positions have been filled.

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    Quote from mtjunior3»

    IGN: Takki_Kun
    Age: 15
    Position desired (please read above): I really don't care, as long as I'm some type of use to this Minecraft server.
    Past server experience: I have been a T-mod on a vanilla Minecraft server for a month although it didn't strike me as the type of work I'd be doing on a Minecraft server.
    What do you specialize in?: Well, I specialize in social conflict resolve chat moderation, and I sometimes advertise it depends on how I feel on posting the ad.
    What are your weaknesses?:Well my anxiety but it doesn't bother me as much it just gets me spooked, also I can tend to be weird people and think it's funny.
    Discord: ToxiTank#0303

    I apologize for the delay. You have been contacted.

    We are still looking for people to join the team!

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    IGN: Xx_BossSteven_xX

    Age: 15

    Position desired (please read above): Personally, I think the best job description fitting me is Developer, as I'm quite experienced throughout this field, it contains alot of knowledge desired into the development and effort I've put in.

    Past server experience: My past server experiences include a huge-variety based of programmed and idea-set servers/communities, throughout my experience, I've learnt to understand the ethics of patience, knowledge, power & mind-based development. I've worked for previous huge servers, including YayMC, PrimacyNetwork & E.T.C, I'll provide more information on my discord-based servers.

    What do you specialize in?: As of my experience, I personally think, most of the specialities I desire in are, development, scripting, programming & etc, I was a banner-role in the Project of Battlestation, I was also one of the programmers and engineers of the Project, I've built configurations based-off huge-plugins, with a good friend of mine, called Carll, I was enabled to create a full-copy that was specially-made for my previous-servers, of staffing & E.T.C.

    What are your weaknesses?: As of now, my weaknesses including on Minecraft, is my maturity, I mean that if a player or staff is-to-disrespectfully insult me, I'd take matter into my own-hands, I'm a overly-protective personnel, sometimes as in my GirlFriend, but that's mainly-based off my lively-topics, however, I take pride into my own-hands so I'm likely to be patient or not-so oddly will. Time is power.

    Discord: (Edited)

    Discord: Auraa#9868

    Quote from 7DeadlySins»

    Quote from HuntSquad»

    IGN: OnlyRespect

    Age: 18

    Position desired (please read above): I will be happy with the server no matter what position, however, I am mostly interested in the Owner position as I know i can do my best work in that position.

    Past server experience: I have created 4 servers of my own, some doing fairly well, some doing terrible. I have been through the ups and downs of server creation and owning and I will be happy to help create something new even if it is small.

    What do you specialize in?: I have exceptional English and grammar skills that I believe would help with creating posts and such. I also have a good amount of experience with plugin configuration and I also have a little bit of HTML and CSS experience.

    What are your weaknesses?: I would say that I am not the best at managing a full staff team, I have personally always hired a staff manager to do this job for me in the past.

    Discord: Trevolta#4533

    Quote from BuffSquid»

    IGN: Xotiicc
    Age: 14
    Position desired (please read above): Depends what there is, I'm not much of an expert with dealing with hackers, I'm good with community based jobs and moderating chat. So I suppose Manager if that is a rank.
    Past server experience: I have actually owned 4 of my own servers, InfernoNation, DysloxCraft, SlipexCraft and SwordsCraft. I have worked for 15+ servers, my best one being a server I have managed not to remember the name of but I started as helper, and then got promoted to admin later on for my good hard work. Then admin, which is where I did most of my work, I advertised for their server and got us 250+ players in less than a week. And then later got promoted (kind of) to Owner. I later quit due to issues with the staff and other situations.
    What do you specialize in?: Like I said earlier in my application I specialize in Community based things (moderating chat, advertising, etc.).
    What are your weaknesses?: My weaknesses are probably catching hackers and activity during the day. I can't really be on during the day because of school but I can be on after and maybe sometimes before. During the weekends I can be very active, and I will manage to find time to be active.
    Discord: Xotiicc#5538

    I will be contacting you within the next few hours.

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    Quote from Pengfool»
    IGN: pengujae
    Age: 18
    Position desired (please read above): I would possibly be interested in Owner, however I can not fund. Server Operator / Manager would be greatly appreciated if the position is open!
    Past server experience: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XpWoS7DnDIzGaTrfQrtYF75BV6Diw7bkvmZ0n8sRSEo/edit
    What do you specialize in?: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XpWoS7DnDIzGaTrfQrtYF75BV6Diw7bkvmZ0n8sRSEo/edit

    What are your weaknesses?: I can take on a lot of responsibilities, but I really hate it when the Owner gives me all of the responsibilities. This has happened before and I learned that I can't take on too many responsibilities at once. Sure, I can do a lot, but multitasking / too much things on my schedule is too much for me to handle! This does not mean I'm not responsible and that I'm completely useless.

    Discord: peng#2266

    Very good application. Contacted!

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    Quote from PrismarineMC»
    IGN: _xXGeneralXx_
    Age: 16
    Position desired: Owner
    Past server experience: I have runned more then 6 Servers.
    What do you specialize in?: Owner
    What are your weaknesses?: Patience
    Discord: EmadPlayz#4482

    Thank you for your application; however, I will have to deny your application. One important factor is grammar and patience - with more than just staffing servers.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Hello all,
    After a long hiatus from the game, I have decided to re-join and create my own server. However, I currently do not have a plan for development.
    That's why I need YOU.
    I prefer to work as a team and to include every member's opinion on important decisions. I am currently looking for a team to help start
    the beginning of a new server. There will be no "set positions" at the time, but please include what you would be aiming for.

    While a good amount of players do not wish to join a server with minimal work is done,
    it does show who is dedicated to the server, and who is willing to put in the work.
    This leaves a fair chance to assign positions to those who deserve it.

    Here is the application format if you wish to apply. It is a very general application, as I will go into more detail via discord. Owner position will NOT be offered.

    Position desired (please read above):
    Past server experience:
    What do you specialize in?:
    What are your weaknesses?:
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    Hello all,

    I am an experienced server manager looking for work. I do not expect to be paid for my work. I am willing to join a server to help start them off from the beginning or even to join an existing server to help them grow.

    I have many qualities that may come in hand to you, so please feel free to reply to this. Please reply with your server name and what you are looking for. I will explain my prior experiences and positions over discord.

    Here's some points to make sure that I am able to help you:

    • I have been a staff manager, forum manager, server manager, etc.
    • I am not the greatest builder, but I am willing to help.
    • I am extremely familiar with most common plugins.

    I can go into detail later, but that's the information that I will give for now.

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    Hi all!

    Im curious to know what YOUR favorite type of server is.

    Mine is survival/towny. I enjoy the simple things, rather than PVP and Factions.

    What about you?

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    Quote from Masonhgg»

    Name: Mason

    IGN: Masonhgg

    Age: 14 ( I know I am not 15 but I am very close sort of Ig but I am mature)

    Position applied for: Moderator

    Discord#: Masonhgg#0346

    Previous staffing experience: I have been a Admin on 3 servers before that had around 30 people or so online at a time.

    I also has been a dev basically I had to do is work with plugins and do a little bit of coding and the server had around

    20 or so people online at a time! And I have been a Moderator and a Helper on a server with around 20 people or


    What are some of your skills?: I am very creative, I always have creative ideas when I am doing stuff something

    normally pops up in my head and it is creative so I am good with creativity! Also, I can speak a little bit of spanish

    but not much but it is good enough so I can help people if they dont speak english to well! Also, I have been

    playing minecraft for over 3-4 years so I know if someone is hacking or not sense I have been playing for so long,

    and I am very good with the commands for moderating and stuff like that ...etc...! Also, I am not to bad at building

    but I am not like the best but I can help if needed!

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: 3-4 years like I said above!

    Do you have experience with anti-grief plugins AND rollback plugins? (not required, but highly preferred): Yes, I know like world guard for like anti-griefing is a good one so people cant break blocks and stuff etc... and like rollback with backups I know how to do and stuff so yeah!

    Other: I think u got me good with all those ?'s I hope u can just take the time to consider me would mean a lot!

    ~Thanks Masonhgg!

    Hi there! Thanks for applying. However, in a previous post, I mentioned that Moderator and Administrator applications are closed. If you'd like, I'd be glad to welcome you in as a helper.
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    Quote from Charstarr1»

    Name: Char

    IGN: _xAndromeda

    Age: 16

    Position applied for: Admin/Managment however I wouild love to help story-writing too

    Discord#: _xAndromeda#7786

    Previous staffing experience (please name at least two and your job roles): I shut down my own rpg server in may called Arlandria. It was a civilization-based rp and we were in the middle of finishing out custom map. When people dropped out left right and center. or those who stayed never came on. I couldnt find other people to help and my friend was paying for it, so I thought it was best to shut it down. I also was hired as admin on and old towny server called OakWood which I was promoted to head-admin then community manager then to co-owner. The server had a small but dedicated population of usually 50-70 players. However for reasons no one knows, the owner shut it down and blocked us all on skype without a reason. I've also helped friends as admins on several other servers and I also used to do story-writing for an rpg but I got sick of them telling me todo so many things at once. I have other experiences but I left those due to the owner being too young or because I am a female, I got too much attention.

    Do you have experience as administration?: As I stated above I have a lot of experience in administration and higher.

    What are some of your strengths? I am very dedicated and open-minded. I really love helping out no matter what it may be. I'm creative so my mind is always bursting with ideas. I hate to sound like im blowing my own horn but I guess i'd just love to help.

    What are some of your weaknesses? I tend to expect alot from a server. I strive for the best and sometimes get sad when that doesnt happen. Also when i get back to school, this time next month, I might not have as much time to give, but I'm sure you understand there.

    Experience with anti-grief plugins (OCCASIONAL exceptions made): I have knowledge of worldguard. However most servers I used to work with had map based regions, which usually were sorted against grief with the towny plug in. I am certainly willing to learn about what-ever plug-in you may use instead.

    What can you bring to the administration team?: I hope to just bring a friendly, giving face. I love meeting new people. I also hope to help make the server go far, as thats what I'd really love to see happen. I want to give a little bit of ease to the owner(s) and help where I can, as I know how hard it is to own a server. I also will come on where I am needed. If I am not on the server, but online on discord. I will be more then happy to hop on.

    Other: I also know how to build, as I love to do it casually, however not professionally. I also would love to help with writing the story even if I am noy hired as an admin. Other then that if I am not hired for anything I hope the server does well, It's tough to start a new server.

    Thanks for reading :D


    Quote from CiberMaxx»




    Ideal position:degitalmdesigner

    Previous experience as position:I did mod so I'm familiar with commands and roll of a staff member

    Other:I'm off college I have time to do projects so I was wondering if you need maybe server logo. Or server icon? Thanks

    Quote from Koscheii»

    Name: Koschei

    IGN: Morderi

    Age: 15

    Position applied for: Administrator (Writer archetype)

    Discord#: Koschei#8171

    Previous staffing experience (please name at least two and your job roles): Previously, over the span of nearly five years, I've held every standard staffing position on Minecraft servers except for Developer and Builder. I've also held some nonconventional ones, such as Head-Writer, Lore Manager and a writing-focused Worldbuilder. Because of this, I have experience with most things asked of staff members; from plugin configuration to Discord server creation to moderating world-specific chat. Most recently, I was an Administrator on a server called Omnia - I resigned from this position because a change in ownership caused complications - a Moderator on a server called TriFlux Network, which is becoming increasingly inactive, and a Senior Moderator on a server called Thoth Network, which is currently undergoing hosting changes and therefore is 'on hold' for a number of weeks. Most prominently, I was accepted to the position of Moderator on an old server called Overlord Prisons, where I then worked my way to Co-Owner.

    Do you have experience as administration?: I do. Late in 2016 I took a break from Minecraft because of school; before that, though, I held multiple Administrator positions on a wide variety of servers, from networks to KitPvP to Prisons. I pride myself in knowing plugins very well, and I'm able to configure and work any plugin you can find, given time to learn it. Most of my experience comes from the task of configuring and administering the plugins themselves; mostly Essentials, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, CoreProtect, PermissionsEx (though not GroupManager yet, I'm afraid), Factions, Multiverse (Core and Portals), HolographicDisplays, and Citizens (I'm currently working on becoming acquainted with Denizen, too).

    What are some of your strengths?: I believe a lot of my strengths stem from my writing. Because, as writer, I have to portray an entire spectrum of belief systems, viewpoints, political affiliations, and motivations, I become familiar with views I don't necessarily hold. This allows me to put aside my own emotion and settle arguments impartially, as well as approach problems without bias. To quote Albert Einstein, "We cannot solve problems using the same way of thinking we used when we created them." I'm also very open-minded and accepting; I respect everyone's opinions, unless that opinion disrespects anyone else's existence.

    What are some of your weaknesses?: I care too much; I let people get to me. This is why I don't often apply for the role of Moderator - while Admins, too, interact with players on the same level, Moderators' jobs tend to, by nature, anger people (even though I always trust Moderators on their decisions regarding players' well-being). I sometimes take on more than I can carry and become overwhelmed, but - from experience with doing this - I usually make it out okay, with everything at least decently done.

    Experience with anti-grief plugins (OCCASIONAL exceptions made): My experience with anti-grief plugins is limited to CoreProtect and WorldGuard. I know these plugins fairly well, to the point where I would be comfortable using them to create a spawn or roll back griefed areas. However, I am a fast learner, and I'm open to getting to know any other anti-grief plugins that the server has implemented.

    What can you bring to the administration team?: In my personal philosophy, being decent at a lot of things is far better than being perfect at one thing. I believe that this range of skills and flexibility is essential to any staffing team, and to any group working towards a common goal. While I may come across as cold and calculating, I love to help people, and I'm very enthusiastic about the things I love (i.e. science, writing, and RPG-style games); I'm also fascinated by the Minecraft platform itself, because of how much people can do with it, despite its crude and rudimentary design. I believe this depth of character, flexibility, and wide skill set make me a fit for your team and would allow me to bring my full potential to the table.

    Other: I'm often told that I'm 'too mature' for my age, or that I 'know too much'. While I enjoy politics, I don't delve into them much; I adamantly side with justice and equality over any trivial socio-political lines in the sand. Currently, I'm working on two potentially novel-length projects and a third novel which is nearly through with its third revisionary draft (of thirteen).

    Thank you for considering me for your server,

    § k

    Quote from Lummia»

    Name: Giovanna (You can call me Gio or Vanna! Not many people want to take the time to type or say my full name)

    IGN: Lummia

    Age: 14

    Position applied for: Helper... or really anything you need!

    Have you staffed any servers? (Not required, but preferred): I have, but they were shut down before any real progress could be made. I was Head Builder on one of them, I built spawn and many other main hub areas. I would apply for builder, but unfortunately I lost my appeal towards Minecraft and I am just recently getting back into it. During the time I had not played, I bought a new computer and all of my files were wiped. But if you trust that I am a very experienced builder, I can fill out a builder application and maybe build a little something so you could have a reference? Please let me know about that option. Anyway, I have some experience with being a Mod, also.

    Discord#: vannaa#9518 ( I literally just downloaded discord, so I have absolutely no idea how everything works on it. I'll try to educate myself on it before you see this app lolol)

    What are some of your skills?: I can build (as said above), I have pretty good people skills... if being extremely bubbly and talkative counts as exceptional people skills. I am also extremely patient, it will take a lot to get me angered (not sure if that's very useful, but in some cases it could be.) I can also write a little bit, I write fan fictions on a website called wattpad if you want to take a look at my work (just incase a writer position opens up or you could use a little extra help with the story, my wattpad user name is affinxty if you want to take a look. I have some experience with mythology as well, which could come in handy seeing that the classes and races are sort of based around mythology.)

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: Since 2015

    Do you know the basic commands of popular plugins? (Essentials, W/E, MCMMO, Etc).: I do a little bit. Considering that I am pretty rusty from the lack of playing Minecraft, I can't say that I am confident with my knowledge of these plugins.

    Other: As I said in my very wordy answers above, I can build and write a little bit. I don't have build references, but I can quickly build something for you to see if you need another person in the builder position. Also, my 7th grade teacher told me that he would refuse to read my essays because of the fact that they were too long and he already knew they were good and deserved the highest grade possible... lolol totally not trying to get you to consider opening up the writer position... I am really up for any position, I would just like to help out! I can learn to be any position you are in need of, I'm a pretty fast learner and I am able to comprehend very complicated situations. Thank you!

    I've contacted you all via Discord! Thanks for applying!

    *Admin and Moderator applications are CLOSED. Accepting Helpers currently!
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    Quote from FunXe5»

    sorry i just changed my account on here forgot my password and stuff

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    Quote from Moonwolf2»

    Name: Megan

    IGN: Moonwolf2

    Age: 15

    Position applied for: Moderator

    Discord#: Werewolfmoonwolf #7889

    Previous staffing experience: Yes, I am currently a moderator for 2 servers that are currently under development, and I have also had experience moderating a server that wasn't under development.

    What are some of your skills?: I am a great communicator and stay calm during situations. I am capable of solving problems with keeping player's anger to a minimum. I work well in groups and can come up with creative ideas to help contribute to the server.

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: 7 years.

    Do you have experience with anti-grief plugins AND rollback plugins? (not required, but highly preferred): Yes, I have experience with anti-grief plugins, but no so much with rollback plugins.

    Other: I am a fast learner and take things very seriously. I'm very friendly and a bubbly person who has no problem working in groups or teams. I can also help build houses and towns for roleplaying. (Examples of houses I have built: http://imgur.com/a/xjbyp )

    Hi there, for some reason your discord isnt working. Please try to reach me on discord at Prytol#5348

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    posted a message on = AGARTHA = [APPS CLOSED] * 1.12 * Races/classes, roleplay, storyline!

    Still looking for staff

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