About Me

Alien Abduction

The mod is abandoned. Our account got permanently banned, however, we don't know the reason why.

Modder, Programmer, Musician, Filmmaker and Artist

In Minecraft I mostly play modpacks with friends, or programm mods.

I work on a mod called ALIEN ABDUCTION. I am a creative person and have much fantasy/ideas. I love many kinds of art.


Music Instrument

Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, a lil' bit Drums

Favourite Music Artists

David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones

Favourite Music Genre's

Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Reggae


Minecraft Modding, Java, JavaScript, C++, a bit of HTML and CSS, Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4


Storytelling, Camera Movements, Editing, Visual and Practical(Special) Effects

Favourite Movies

Lord Of The Rings-Trilogy, The Runaways, Sid & Nancy, Amadeus


Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Comic Art


Comics, Fiction, Reality based, Bio's, practical Tutorialbooks, Magick

Location Switzerland

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Minecraft DaryBob Steam NetCrafter1

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Skype DaryBobAlt2