About Me
Yay I have a big page to right about myself... and yet I have no content to fill it with.

Um... lets see

I like Crumpets.
I like Rum.
I like beer.
I like Irn Bru.
I like crisps. (Potato chips to you American peoples.)
I like Pizza.
I have a kongregagte account -LINK-
I have an xbox 360 Elite (The one before this newfangled one.) with xbox live gold.
My favourite games are Minecraft, Batman Arkham City, State of Decay and Skyrim

I'm probably not getting a new gen console until a year or so after they're out.

And that's about all I wish to share with the web. I think.

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Minecraft darver01 Xbox RestfulNickel

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Skype robbie.person.daveyjones