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    nah clearly we should keep our eyes closed and try to navigate that way. We definitely won't collide with anything. No way. Anyone claiming it's a bad idea is Fake News.

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    After grabbing the key, and looking at it for a few seconds she searches the room around her for important items, if none are found, she marches up the stairs, much like Beth did.

    Heading out of the room and up the staircase, Hannah arrives in a small room. In it, another staircase leading further upstairs and an already opened, empty closet.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    Piper looks over the books' titles, and grabs another one and opens it up, reading it. "What's that book you grabbed?" She asks Sune, trying to see if it has any information they could use.

    "I honestly have no idea." Sune says. "One half of this book is filled with strange characters while the other is in various different languages."
    The book Piper got meanwhile doesn't seem to be very useful, containing random drawings of plants combined with writings in a strange language.

    Outside, Piper hears footsteps, followed by the sound of a nearby door opening. It seems that somebody or something has walked past the door and entered the building elsewhere...

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    Sunset sighs quietly as she realizes this, she hopes there is something at least somewhat valuable inside of that closet, she opens it up and looks inside, if there is anything value, she steals it. She then takes one last look around the house, checking the walls, ceilings and floorboards for possible hidden hatches, she would tell by the possible outlines. She also moves furniture and stuff around quietly, to see if anything was behind them. She moves quietly and efficiently as she has done this many times before.

    Unfortunately, the closet is empty too, save for a single old note that says "I was here". There are no hatches either, and all she finds is cobweb and dust.

    Ace's eyes blink open in the dark. They drift to where Vernon and Sunset had been sleeping.

    Flicking their gaze to the still-blocked door, the empty spot, and back again, they scramble to their feet. For a second, there is silence.

    The altar wrenches itself from the ground, its carvings and decorations shattering and peeling like bits of shed snakeskin. With an unsettling, unnatural motion, it abruptly plows through one of the walls. It leaves a gaping hole before smashing into the ground outside.

    Ace gingerly steps through the gap and into the light of the stars outside.

    As dawn breaks, the town remains silent, nothing seems to change with the coming of the daylight, and the town remains eerily abandoned.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»


    Ei finds herself… somewhere. This place is akin to a large hall, its arced walls and flat floor appear to be made of a flesh-like substance, writhing and pulsing with life. These movements cause Ei to shifts and sway where she stands. She will however find herself unable to move from her position, constricted by unseen forces. Her sword is no longer in hand. There is only one other individual with her. This individual hovers above the floor perhaps fifty yards away, and look like nothing more than a cloak of violet light that stands ten feet in height. This individual remains quiet for an elusive amount of time before communicating with Ei, transmitting its calm and sedative thoughts to her mind:

    “I am the Order. Your powers are useless here. You may speak…. Declare your cause. Now.”

    Ei will find herself with an irresistible need to comply with the Orders inquisition to the best of her ability and understanding, as if her mind is being manipulated by an unknown force, not being of yet having the effects of hypnosis.

    As Ei finds herself in this strange hallway, she first takes her time to look around for anything of interest. Unfortunately, her inability to move makes that a rather... difficult thing to do, and she simply settles for simply staying where she is.
    As the entity that claims it's the Order speaks, Ei slowly tilts her head to the side, staring intently at the entity.
    "I seek to get revenge and protect those few I care about."

    Quote from Nucleep»

    "And you don't? You have met Annie before, unless your mind was tampered with as well!" 'Silas' groans, continuing to browse through the host's memories while keeping Ki captive.

    Ki, not very happy with being held captive, decides to take action, stomping on Silas' wounded foot and then kicking him where it hurts most. After all, she's right in front of him, and thus within kicking range.

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    Quote from ValkonX11 & Nucleep »
    The creature's movements are faster than Leon is able to react to, and he is pinned to the ground. He pushes back at the creature's neck with his left arm to try keep it from being able to bite at him, while with his right he grabs a nearby shard of the mirror on the ground, slashing the creature's torso in an attempt to eviscerate it.

    Marion finally gets up, a bit dizzy from falling flat on the ground, and once again takes the initative to leap onto the creature's back.

    Leon manages to wound the creature, and it jumps off of him just as Marion tries jumping onto it. Marion and the creature collide, and fall.
    Seeing as how it's outnumbered and wounded, the creature rushes headfirst into a nearby wall and vanishing. For now.

    Hannah moves boxes out of the way so she can get to the key.

    Eventually, Hannah gets to the key. It's a simple, brass key. What would it open?

    Quote from Tetronym»

    "Yeah." Piper looks through the fog to see if she missed anything. "I don't know how much we'll find out here, anyway." She opens the door and looks around the room before entering and closing the door behind her.

    Piper and Sune enter a small room (I accidentally added the map of it to the previous image >.<). It has a few shelves containing various knick-knacks, though nothing specifically eye-catching. A few books also line one of the shelves. Curious, Sune reaches out and grabs a random book with one hand while holding onto Piper with the other. "I wonder if there's anything useful in here..."

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    Hannah looked to Beth when he shook the wooden box at her. She did a slight frown at her companion's lack of patience, she didn't follow him just yet. Upon spotting the key she searches for a way to get to it.

    Judging by how well the key is hidden behind the boxes, it seems like she'll have to spend some time moving them out of the way if she wants to get to it. Time to get to work, then?

    Quote from Tetronym»

    Piper tries to calm down after she's sure she's safe. (Or, as safe as she can be at the moment.) "Yes... Someone burst in with an axe!" She looks at the feint lights off in the distance. "We'll go... This way," she says, pointing to the light in the southwest.

    After a while of walking through the dense fog, Piper arrives at a door. A single lamp hangs above it, giving off the light she saw earlier.
    "Should we go in?" Sune asks, looking around to see if the aforementioned axeman is following them. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Leon quickly glances around the room after the creature vanishes, anticipating another attack; quickly realizing the beast has reformed behind him, he swings the frame around, attempting to use it as a barrier to impede the shadow creature's attacks.

    The creature quickly ducks under the frame, doding the attack, and leaps up towards Leon, knocking him over and onto his back, and attempting to pin him to the ground.

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    Quote from ValkonX11 & Nucleep »
    As the kick sends the creature off of Marion, Leon moves to grab the mirror frame, swinging it into the creature as it charges at him.

    As Leon manages to successfully kick the creature off Marion, she remains lying on the ground, not quite motionless, but not getting up either. However, as the creature goes past Marion to attack Leon, she suddenly springs out from her position without warning or sound to leap onto the creature's back.

    The creature collides with the frame, and vanishes in a puff of smoke, causing Marion to fail to jump onto anything, landing on the floor again.
    The creature soon reappears however, reappearing in a puff of smoke near the door as if it came out of the door itself, charging at Leon from behind.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    Piper jolts at the sound of the man bursting into the room, almost knocking Sune off her back. She closes the crack, careful not to let the door click, and quickly opens the other door and goes outside. She makes sure she's not in view of the windows, then looks around to see if she can see anything.

    Sune barely manages to hold onto Piper. "What's wrong? Is somebody there?" She asks, whispering.

    Outside, the density of the fog becomes obvious, it really is almost impossible to see more than a few feet ahead of them, though they can vaguely see lights in the distance through the fog.

    "What now? Where do we go?"

    (The yellow arrows point in the direction of light sources. The green area is outside)

    Despite this, she keeps searching through them. She glanced to Beth for a second before continuing.

    She searches and searches and searches, but finds nothing. The, something. On the floor, just out of reach behind the towaring pillar of cardboard boxes, she spots a key. It'll take her a bit to get to it though, and her companion seems to impatient to wait for her any longer.

    Beth shakes the wooden box at her. Just as the sound of it is starting to become bothersome, he turns around and leaves. He doesn't check to see if she follows as he marches out the door and up the stairs, slinging the other strap of the backpack-like device onto his shoulder as he climbs.

    Atop the Staircase is a small room, in it another staircase leading further up, and a single closet.

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    Hannah moves onto search through the other boxes around her, opening them up and seeing what is inside of them.

    Most boxes are empty or contain only items of very little practical use.

    Quote from Zyngard»

    Jaxton flips a coin, heads north tails south ok heads why are there so many heads recently. Jaxton cautiously opens the north door and steps in

    Taking the north door leads to a small closet for storing jackets and such. There are a few jackets in it, but most are worn out beyond repair.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    Pipers head turns listening for the footsteps. "Huh? What was-..." She realizes that if there is someone following them, it probably isn't best to be too loud... She walks over to the window. "I don't know, this fog is making it really hard to see." Piper checks the other windows to see if she can get a better view. "If there are any cultist guys out there... It's probably not safe to go where you can't see anything," she says, walking back to the other door. "Maybe it's better if we..." As she reaches for the handle, she remembers the footsteps. If they were coming from inside the house, then... "Wait, hold on. Shh..." Piper quietly turns the nob and slowly cracks open the door, to see if anyone is on the other side.

    "Well, yea, but the thing is. If we can't see anything through the fog, do you think anyone could see us through it, right?" Sune says, trying her best to see if she can spot anything outside. "I can't see anything out there."

    Piper looks through the door just in time to see someone bursting through the door into the room with the electric chair. A middle-aged man, wielding an axe, enters the room, and turns and starts walking towards the greenhouse.

    Bob is nowhere to be seen or heard...

    I will hereby assume that you are no longer interested in participating. This means that Bob is dead. Whether he shall be missed is a question I cannot answer.

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    Quote from StarlightGlimmer & SparkytheHellcat »

    Hannah looked about for a second, looking at the many boxes stacked up around them, with a rather intrigued look on her face. "There might be useful things in these boxes." She approached one of the boxes and started opening it up, looking inside once it was opened.

    Beth gives her a funny look, kicking a box aside as he steps into the room. Delicately, he slides a box from the bottom of one of the stacks, leaning against the stack to prevent it from tumbling. He pulls it open.

    The box Hannah opens is empty, while the one Beth opens contains a small, wooden box with no discernible lid or other openings. Though, when the box is moved, it sounds like there's an item inside of it.

    Quote from Zyngard»

    Jaxton grins “This’ll be helpful” He takes the knife in his left hand and heads through the eastern door in the room

    The door leads to a sitting room of sorts. There are several couches, and two doors.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    Piper shifts Sune onto her back. "You're right, that'll be easier." Piper examines the electrical devices, and tries to fit this in with what she already knows. The only thing she can think of is 'Horror Setting'. If this is reality, there has to be some sort of practical purpose... Right? But for now, finding anyone else who could be in here is a higher priority. "I guess, we'll go..." Piper looks at the doors -- They don't seem to have any discernible differences... "That one," she says, pointing to the door to her right.

    As the duo leaves the room, the power cuts in the room they just left, leaving it dark, followed by the noise of footsteps approaching from deeper within the building...

    Leaving the room, they arrive in a small greenhouse with a large variety of plants. There are a few windows looking outside, and a single door. Outside, it all seems very dark, and a thick mist obscures vision.

    "Now what? There should be another building around somewhere, but can you see anything outside?"

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Leon sighs as the woman panics and runs into another room. "Guess I should've expected that..." He makes his way down the hallway, thinking of something to say to try to convince her he wasn't a threat.

    Leon's thought process is interrupted by the sound of something shattering and screams coming from the room. He accelerates from a walk to a run, quickly pulling open the door as he reaches it. Leon takes only a moment to observe what is occurring in the room before he runs to Marion and the creature, delivering a running kick to the creature in an attempt to get it off of her.

    Leon kicks the creature off of Marion, but it quickly gets back on it's feet, charging towards Leon.

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    Quote from SparkytheHellcat & StarlightGlimmer »

    Beth exhales sharply, giving Hannah a contemptuous look. With sharp, deliberate, absolutely unhesitant motions, he throws open the lower door and struts into the room beyond.

    Hannah sighed at the look he gave her but didn't object to what he did and enters the room. She didn't want to say something in retort for it would probably make him angry. Looking around the room as she enters.

    They enter a small, simple storage room, filled with cardboard boxes stacked to far above their own height.

    Quote from Zyngard»

    Jaxton stuffs the paper in his pocket, takes the statue, and then opens the box, hopefully there’s something useful

    There's a nicely-decorated knife in the box, the handle seems to be made out of gold, and the blade is made out of silver.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    Marion, after calming herself down, sighs. More doors. Great. But then the covered mirror caught her attention. With a sweeping move, she pulls the cover off the mirror to see what's behind it...

    The mirror seems normal, albeit very fancily decorated. Marion can't help to look at the mirror.

    Before she can react, a... thing leaps out of the mirror, shattering it as it leaps out. It's weight forces Marion to the ground as she simultaneously gets hit by several shards of mirror. The creature pins Marion to the ground, and growls at her. It has the appearance of a large, shadowy beast with razor-sharp claws and teeth.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    "Okay," Piper says as she sets down the axe. After all, it'll be hard to carry both Sune and the axe at the same time. "Let's go then." She lifts Sune up and walks through the door to the bottle room, going the way she hadn't chosen when she arrived.

    Fortunately for Piper, Sune is light enough to be able to be carried without making it too difficult to move around. Probably because she's only half a person.

    "Ehm, if you want I can just hold onto your back so you have your hands free to open doors and such."
    Eventually, they arrive in the room they hadn't been in yet, it is barely decorated. In the middle of the room stands a single chair - an Electric Chair - and the walls are lined with various electronic devices. There are two doors in this room.
    "Which way do you think we should go?"

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    Quote from Zyngard»

    Jaxton starts searching through the shelves for anything that might be helpful. Or anything really

    Jaxton only finds a few items of interest. A piece of paper with some stange writing on it, a small statue that seems to give off a strange, green glow, and a small box sealed with gift-wrapping.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    Piper puts the bottle back into her pocket. Sune is right, it's best not to take any risks. Then she realizes she was asked a question. "Huh? Oh, I'm Piper. And yeah, I don't really remember how I got here either. I woke up inside the building, so..." She tries to put the stories together in her mind. The more details, the closer she'd be to finding out what this place is. "Hey, if we both ended up here, maybe there are others? We might be able to find out more if we find them..." Piper glances to the exits. "Well, if they really are still around... then I guess we shouldn't stay here. It probably isn't safe..."

    Sune smiles. "Nice to meet you, Piper. But yes, I think you're right, there might be other people around that don't want to cut us in half, but if we're gonna go look for them, we should go and do it quickly; even if there are friendly people about, we'd want to meet them before they get cut in half too..."

    Quote from Nucleep»

    Wow, she thinks. I'll have to check back on this. She immediately turns back and exits the lounge.
    Immediately afterward she turns right and looks into the last door in the hallway.

    The door leads to a small room. There are three other doors in this room, and one, very large Mirror, though somebody has hastily thrown a bedsheet over it to cover most of the mirror's surface.

    Quote from Sparky & Star »

    Beth slings the device over one shoulder as he stands up in a particularly determined manner. He waves a hand at Hannah, gesturing for her to follow as he opens the southern door.

    Hannah follows Beth to the southern door. Once the door is opened she walks in and looks around the place.

    The southern door leads to a small staircase leading up. At the top of the staircase is a door, while at the bottom of the staircase (where they are) there's a door too.

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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Looking between the doorway and the unexplored curve, and thinking about the doors he still has yet to try earlier in the hallway, Leon contemplates which way to go before deciding to take the door on the southern wall. Before he can open it, though, he looks around as he hears the scream echoing through the building. "Definitely not alone..." Shaking off the surprise from the scream, he goes through the door. If it fails to open, he continues following the hallway.

    As Leon turns the hallway, he spots a woman going through the second door to his right. The rest of the hallway has a total of four doors.

    Hannah looked to Beth with a worried look on her face when she heard the scream."We should...probably run and go hide or something." she suggests, reaching down to fully peel the tape off the box.

    In the box is a strange device, about the size of a backpack, complete with straps for putting it on one's back, though it's purpose is a mystery.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    Marion sighs, and simply moves one door down to the left and tries opening that one.

    Marion arrives in a large, fancy lounge. Compared to the rest of the dark building, this room is well-kept and well-lit. There is one other door in this room.

    Quote from Buttons»


    Now that the aforementioned horrifying thoughts in his head were subsiding, Braun found himself a little bemused by the mirror status in this place. Obviously someone around here had some self image issues. Anything more than that would be further speculation at this point, so he didn't dwell on the matter too much. He takes a not so immersed look around then heads for the only other door available and opens it up. His blade is still securely in hand.

    Braun enters a well-organized Library/Study with several bookshelves, and a desk with a chair. On the desk lies a large book, and there is one other door.
    While Braun doesn't see anyone else in the room, he gets the feeling that there is somebody else here.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    "Well..." Piper remembers the bottle in her pocket. "I do have this... whatever this is. It might be a long shot, but there are a bunch of other potiony things in that room over there, if you recognize anything..." That thought causes Piper to wonder... well, everything about this girl and her relation to this place. Would she even know any more than her? "Who are you, anyway? How did you even get here?"

    "A potion? ...I don't think that would do much good unless it somehow causes me to regrow my legs or something. It'd be worth a shot if there wasn't the risk of deadly side-effects."

    The girl sighs, but smiles as Piper asks for her name. "My name is Sune, as for how I got here..." Sune's smile fades as she looks to the ground. "I don't know, and I don't think you know how you got here either. I just woke up in some building outside and started wandering around, though eventually these... cultists caught me, brought me to her, and cut me in half and left. You showed up not shortly after, so they might still be around..."

    Sune looks around the room for a bit, and then turns back to Piper. "By the way, what's your name?"

    Quote from Zyngard»

    Jaxton heads through the north door and closes it behind him, checking out his surroundings

    Jaxton arrives in some sort of storage room. There is one door to his right, and several shelves filled with various items to his left.

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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    "Hm... some sort of manual, perhaps...?" He contemplates the contents of the book, shutting it and lifting it again for a moment before deciding to slide it back under the bed. Too heavy to carry around, and he can't be bothered to rip out what contents he can understand- probably best to keep it all in order anyways, and it'd all most likely end up get mixed along with the other papers he has on him. He makes a mental note of its location, should its contents come in handy later, and continues south out the room into the unexplored section of the winding hallway.

    Leaving the room, Leon can see that the Hallway makes yet another curve, this time to the right. There is also one other door in sight.

    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Edgar engages in a staring contest with the eyeballs before frowning and turning his attention to the jars. He opens a jar with a carrot inside and briefly sniffs it, taking in the aroma-- he was a food connoisseur, after all, so he would be able to ascertain as to whether anything was off about it. Having ensured that nothing is off about the carrot, he takes a bite out of it and heads through the northern door, carrot still in hand. Time was of essence, and a few jars of pickled onions and eyes were not interesting enough for him to stay put.

    Taking the North door leads him into what appears to be the main basement room. There are a few boxes in one of the corner, along with a safe. There are two doors, though neither is labeled.

    Quote from Zyngard»

    Jaxton waits for it to hit the door one last time, then makes a blind run back to the altar where he started

    Jaxton manages to run all the way back to the Altar, only to find the altar covered in fresh blood while the candles have been extinguished, smoke still rising from them.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    Piper looks at the girls scared expression. "Okay, I'll..." She then remembers she's speaking to someone who's been cut in half. "Can... Can you move at all? You don't, er... Mind if I... Um..." She gestures back and forth between the girl's... well, halves.

    The girl shakes her head. "If I could move, I'd have gotten out of here already, but without legs that's a bit of an issue..."
    The girl tilts her head sideways a bit as Piper gestures at her lower half, and sighs. "I don't think those are much use anymore unless you know some way to re-attach them. As much as I don't like the prospect of not having a lower half of my body for the rest of my life, I think trying to have a life is still the best possible option, so I think we should just leave it behind..."

    He grabs her hand, pulling himself to his feet. Instead of following, he glances back, looking over the floor.

    It only takes him a few seconds to find what he's looking for: a sodden cardboard box, flung against one of the walls. With unnecessary care, he lifts the box off the ground, settles in one of the chairs, and starts ripping the tape off the water-weakened cardboard.

    Eventually, Beth manages to tear off all the tape, allowing him to open the box, though he is interrupted by a scream, echoing throughout the mansion, one loud enough to be heard by everyone in the building...

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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Leon looks at the book for a moment before reaching out, dragging it across the floor out from under the bed. He then lifts it up onto the bed, wiping the dust off its cover with his hand before opening it up and briefly skimming through its pages to get an idea of its contents and determine if it's worth spending time reading it more thoroughly.

    The large book seems to contain various different things written in various different languages. Some pages cover topics about surgery and anatomy, while others discribe various rituals. Unfortunately, most of the languages are foreign to Leon, so the drawings and the occasional readable language are his only source of information on what the book is actually about.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    Piper jumps at the sound of the... frankly impossibly still living girl on the table. 'Against all odds' is an understatement. "What?" She looks at the girl. Given her condition, it's highly unlikely that she's a threat. "I... No," Piper says, "What do you mean by... 'Them'...?"

    The girl sighs in relief.
    "Those that put me here and cut me in half... they're still around somewhere."
    The girl looks scared as she looks Piper over, taking notice of the axe she's carrying.
    "I really don't want to stay here to see what they'll do to me next, please get me out of here!"

    Beth, unnerved, walks back to the second hall. After a few moments' consideration, he opens the door with water under it, gingerly stepping into the puddle.

    As Beth opens the door, he is hit by a massive wave of water emerging from the room. The wave carries Beth with it and breaks through a door at the end of the hallway, leaving Beth in what looks like a study, judging by the bookshelves. From where he's lying, he can see that the room the water came from was a bathroom.

    "How clever..." she quietly said to herself as this happened, though with a slight growl. When she recovered she started to search the small guest bedroom she found, once again searching for anything remotely useful.

    The room seems to not contain anything of interest, though her attention is drawn to the noise of water coming from the hallway she recently left.

    Quote from Zyngard»

    Jaxton takes a moment to glance around the room and see if there’s anything potentially weapon-y, or heavy, for him to use

    Unfortunately, there is nothing except the toy car. Meanwhile, the sounds of the creature ramming against the door becomes accompanied by a cracking noise as it starts to slowly break through the door.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    After taking a cursory look into the kitchen, she leaves it and takes the first door to the left in the hallway. She is then surprised to see that it's the other hallway.
    Well, that makes my job a little easier. Whatever, back to the action, she ponders.
    After staring down into the new hallway, she takes the door nearest her.

    Unfortunately, the door appears thoroughly locked, Marion can't get in.

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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    "Strange place for a bedroom," Leon comments on his new surroundings, despite the fact that none of the layout of this labyrinth has been normal thus far. He takes a brief look around the room, checking the inside of any drawers, dressers, or other such containers and under the bed. If he doesn't find anything of interest, he continues south into the section of the winding hallway he hasn't yet explored.

    Under the bed, Leon finds a very large and very heavy book, covered in dust, lifting it up takes a lot of effort, especially if you hope to walk with it.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    Piper finds the boxes in the closet. Those probably aren't fit for organ storage... She stops to listen to what she thought was breathing sounds. Turning around, she looks back at the bloody door, and wonders if there's anything (or... one...) on the other side. Pipers paranoia gets the best of her and she shuffles out of the room, hoping wherever the other way went is less... gruesome...

    Before Piper can leave the room however, she hears someone talk.
    "You're... not one of them, right?"
    Against all odds, the girl on the table is alive. She's turned her head to look at Piper while talking.
    "You're not one of them, come to take my limbs, right?"

    Quote from Zyngard»

    Jaxton curses and throws himself towards the door, trying to frantically open it, and, if he actually manages to do that, scrambled through it and closes it, pressing his weight against the door

    Jaxton narrowly manages to dodge the creature and close the door, though his problems aren't over yet, as the creature repeatedly rams into the door, hoping to break it open. Given enough time, it will succeed...

    Quote from Buttons»

    When Braun sees the two conflicting displays of books, he begins to think he might be dealing with some guy that a multiple personality disorder. Oddly enough, as he is then walking to the display on his right, he started imagining himself dressed up in a hot pink mini skirt, tube top and platform shoes while prancing around, singing; 'It's raining men, hallelujah! It's rain men, oh-oh-oh! It's rain men, hallelujah! It's raining men - '

    He suddenly stops walking, shaking his head madly trying to rid his mind of the horrifying thought. Once the thought clears he turns away from the book display and start walking toward the other one instead, only to find that the same Nancy-girly thought was returning.

    Gasping in terror he smacks himself in the head with the butt of his knife - "Stop that!" He calls out while shaking his head desperately; "You're a man - a man, God damn you - A MAN! NOT A FRIGGEN FAIRY!!!" But now, as the thought continues to reign in his head, he starts flailing his arms and running to the next door while screaming historically like a little a girl.


    He rushes into the next room on the verge of sissy girly tears.

    Braun runs into a small, barely decorated bedroom. It has a simple bed, and a large mirror, though someone has taken lots of effort to cover it's surface with duct-tape, meaning it doesn't function.

    Beth blinks, his eyes flicking back to the painting as it moves. He turns back to the first hall, cautiously approaching the painting, turning the latch of the southwestern door as he moves and leaving it to swing freely on its hinges. Standing in front of the painting, he tilts his head, then the frame, letting it tip to the other side.

    As Beth moves the painting back, the person in the painting stands up again, tips it's hat at Beth, and becomes motionless once again.
    The opened door reveals a small bathroom.

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    Bob attempts to hide under the table and arms his knife in case of attack.

    Bob dives under the wooden table, just in time as the door swings open, revealing... nothing. However, although Bob doesn't see anyone, he can hear footsteps, and can clearly see a chair being moved as if someone is sitting down at the table, followed by what sounds like somebody eating.

    Beth adjusts the box stuffed under his arm, attempting to get it to sit comfortably. He checks that the door is firmly shut behind him before he turns to check out the hall.

    With one loosely clenched hand, he nudges a painting, tipping it so it hangs at an angle. He paces back and forth for a bit, looking at the doors apprehensively.

    Eventually, he opens the west door.

    As Beth tilts the painting, the person depicted in the painting falls over.

    The west door leads into another hallway. In the distance it curves to the left, and there are several doors, one of which has a puddle of water next to it.

    Hannah took a closer inspection of it. She thought it would be sort of ironic that it would be herself on there, somehow. After identifying the person, she peeks into the room that is already open, looking around but not fully going on in yet.

    Upon closer inspection, the person in the painting looks like Hannah herself, though she seems to be missing her legs in the image. The moment she notices that, she feels severe pains in her legs and falls over, though she eventually recovers and manages to stand up again, though her legs are still a bit painful.

    The room behind the open door seems to be a very small guest bedroom.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    Curses, she thought. And I thought this couldn't get any more tedious...
    She decides to go to the door immediately next to her in the doorway, to the right.

    Marion arrives in a kitchen, though it's covered in cobwebs. There are two doors in the room leading to other rooms in the building.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    As Piper opens the door, she tries to think back to the dream she woke up from. "If I really am awake now, then what is this place, and how did... ACK!" Piper monologues, before catching sight of... Whoever THAT was. "This... This BETTER not be real." Piper pinches herself again. It's the same result. Piper's heartbeat quickens as the gravity of the situation sets in. Her eyes dart around the room, to the doors on the sides. One of them is covered in blood... that's not a good sign. "There... has to be an exit somewhere, right?" she says, shifting across the room. She looks back to the girl on the table, and realizes that whoever did that could still be here... She hastily picks up the axe in expectation (even though she can't really wield it properly) and slowly heads for the door on the left.

    As Piper picks up the axe, she can faintly hear someone breathing nearby.

    The door to her left leads to a small storage room, filled with boxes with disturbing labels.
    'Heads', 'Limbs', 'Hearts', 'Lungs' and similar labels are used to distinguish the otherwise identical, bloodied boxes.

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Leon spends a few seconds trying the door before mumbling a curse under his breath, pinching a mark into one of the creases on the paper he has been folding. He then goes through the door immediately south of himself and back into the hallway he had previously been in- or, if that door fails as well, he makes another mark on the map and backtracks until he reaches the same spot- and tries the door on the south wall of that section of the winding hallway.

    Crossing the hallway to his south, Leon arrives in a bedroom with a large bed in the middle of the room.

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