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    Hopefully I don't get a lot of flack for bringing up an old thread, but I'm doing a Let's Play of this! Will be trying to upload weekly!

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    Hey there!

    So after playing a ton of custom maps, and not finding a map based on one of my favourite games, I have made it myself! This map is based off of Harvest Moon 64, and it is nearing completion. It uses Pam's Harvestcraft and Custom Trades to make the gameplay more farm like, and focuses on that much more than crafting and fighting (Though those are still in the map).

    Here are some screen shots for now, but I will release the map when I am happy with it, including modes, rules, and challenges. Also links to the mods required, and texture packs suggested for full immersive enjoyment.

    Let me know what you think!





    Moon Mountain


    Lilia's Flower Shop


    Mine: Level 1


    A tour video of the town! Almost ready for map upload!

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