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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    Hmm... hoodoos could simply be sharp changes in elevation with cave generation through it...
    Plus, you should probably change the texture of the new blocks, as they are simply recoloured. Cracked sand could be more sandy with dark spots. Mud could be darker and more watery. Quicksand could be more brown-yellow. Dirt rock could be more dirty, red rock could stay the same. Berries could have outlines like that of minecraft ones.

    Plus, quicksand and mud should be faster to mine with a shovel, not a sword.
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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    When 2.0 comes, make the bog/quagmire trees as unique, with brown-yellow leaves and saplings, which can grow on mud and sand instead of just dirt. Plus, you need mangrove trees to be able to grow on sand.

    Valley: Simply like the Mountain biome, but with smoother elevation changes.
    Canyon: Simply like the Mountain biome, but with more holes.
    Badlands: Red rock and rarely clay covers the flat surface with some odd shaped mountains and hoodoos every now and then.
    Beni Savanna: More humid and tropical than regular savannas, these have flat plains, but with small clusters of trees every few blocks or so.
    Karoo: An odd biome consisting of mud, dirt and cracked sand randomly appearing on flat ground. Tall grass or dead grass for cracked sand may appear.
    Sertão: A dead biome consisting of flat grass, with rare jungle bushes.

    Also, spring spirits don't work.
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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest (v2.3.5: Wrecking Block)
    This mod is very good, you just need to remove creepers and endermen from there...

    There should be a herb which produces colourful lights around it, making it easy to find, find a rare tree which has leaves as hard as obsidian, and mix them to make armour! There, you'll stand a chance against the Lich.

    There should be another kind of castle, but ruined and animals have made it its home. You'll find trapdoor spider spawners outside the grounds in a small tunnel filled with cobwebs, where it's dirt brown and is medium sized (smaller than the regular spider). There should also be some kind of luminous grass around the place which can drop itself with shears or a shovel.

    In mushroom fields, there should be small mushroom houses to replace the skeleton houses there, as well as incredibly rare grey mushrooms that can't grow without the help of the player.

    And some kind of mushroom cake. It glows as well as having colourful lights.

    Naga shrines all over the place surrounded by the new skeletons... makes it incredibly hard... there should be small flowers and herbs which can be highly beneficial.

    There should be another boss, which is like the Lich, but bigger, stronger, and has six arms, and can only be summoned on some special block shrine (probably Lapis Lazuli Blocks). After building the shrine, you have to get back (assuming there is a timer) before it appears, as it will explode, destroying the blocks for it in the process. It shoots the same projectiles as the Lich, but they have a small chance to send you flying, making armour pretty useless against him, he shoots faster, and spawns plenty of normal and twilight skeletons. After defeating the guy, you get some special crown you can wear which doesn't break and gives some armour points, and particles come from you.

    ...floating islands with native herbs and plants as well as a shrine of gold blocks.

    Boars will attack you when provoked, as boars are dangerous.

    Some kind of skeleton or zombie which uses swords. Shouldn't need more info here.

    There should be a native kind of creeper here, it is darker and more greyish than the overworld one... it does not damage the landscape, looks more cheerful, and makes rare plants and flowers in a small area.

    Underground crystals that are similar to glowstone, but are stronger than it and are blue. It can be used for some herb recipes.

    A giant flower which appears randomly, and is hard to get, as you got these angry trapdoor spiders after you.

    An incredibly hard spawner block which takes about a minute to get, and spawns annoying monsters.

    Venus-fly-trap-like plants that damage you when you're nearby. Not sure where this would spawn.

    Some kind of spiky tall grass which hurts you. Probably appears around the mushroomy areas.

    A potion that lowers your falling speed so you can't get hurt. Probably from the herbs.

    Defensive archers which spawn in castles, and are stationary skeletons which shoot fast.

    A hard silk from some spiders which can be used to make powerful bows, which can help.

    Twilight Armour/Tools, which could be bright pink/purple and very efficient, as hoes instantly water the ground and swords inflict burning on zombies and skeletons. The armour sparkles.

    Sometimes, portals may bring unwanted visitors to the overworld, such as twilight skeletons, hedge spiders, angry wolves, etc.

    Plus, like what Somnixer, have a Twilight counterpart to the silverfish which resides in wood... a twilight termite?

    That's about all the probably-bad ideas I can think of.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] More World Types v2.2 (Now with SMP!)
    What about NPC village spam? Or giant dungeon randomly generating around the place?
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    posted a message on PrankCraft
    Video then.
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    posted a message on [Anyone Still Interested in a Revival?] The Lego Mod
    The mod's fine, I'm just hoping the 'white thing in the recipe' is just a placeholder.
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    posted a message on More Creeper Types
    Okay, I understand there are five other creeper mods, but once you play them once in a while, they get boring...
    So I have a list o' creeper types, I know none to not all will be made as mods, but here goes:

    Vampire creeper: Dark purple. If its explosion damages a target, it lives on and completely regenerates its health. If there are no entities in its radius, then it will simply 'explode' harmlessly and die.

    Aura creeper: Light blue and white eyes/mouth. Simply being near it causes bad things to happen. You take double damage from anything else. Does not explode, and has three times the health of a regular creeper.

    Camo creeper: Grass green with dark green patches. Spawns on dark dirt/grass. Completely invisible on grass, and can see you from further places. Visible when moving. Moves slower and has weaker explosion.

    Runner creeper: Brownish grey. It sets its fuse about ten blocks away and then runs incredibly fast, like a charge. It won't turn, and it will explode after 20 blocks or on contact with player. Will not charge when player is too close, and will simply act like a regular creeper.

    Glass creeper: Transparent except for white face. Will explode into a dome of glass.
    Blind creeper: A regular creeper, but without eyes. Will explode on the slightest bit of stimuli, any damage or contact with entities other than themselves.

    Weakening Creeper: Seagreen colour. When exploded it leaves a 20 second Weakness effect on anyone in the radius.

    Sand Creeper: Same colour as sand. When it explodes, it creates a 5x5x2 pile of sand directly above the place where it exploded.

    Fast Creeper: Cyan colour. It moves faster than the player (except when sprinting) and has a shorter fuse. But to balance this, the creeper does not leave any damage to the blocks and the highest damage it can do is 5 hearts.

    House Creeper: Wood brown with cyan eyes/mouth. It makes a rather cozy house upon exploding.

    Confetti Creeper: Rainbow coloured. Similar to Earth and Light creepers, but instead has wool of random colours.

    Nauseous Creeper: Lime Green (lighter than regular). It gives the Nausia effect for 25 seconds upon exploding.

    Arrow Creeper: Grey and brown. Explodes into a random (but large) burst of arrows.

    Timebomb Creeper: Brown and red. Explodes 10 seconds after noticing the player. Will not explode until that time has passed. After ten seconds, it will explode instantly, leaving a crater slightly larger than that of a normal creeper.

    Worker Creeper: Dark grey. Explodes into a single Stone (or rarely Iron) tool, the kind of tool varies. Similar to the Cookie Creeper.

    Nether Creeper: Dark red with streaks of lighter red. Only spawns in the nether, and is immune to fire. Explodes into netherrack in the same way as the earth or light creeper.

    Toxic Creeper: Light and dark green. Poisons everyone in the radius for 20 seconds.

    Slow Creeper: Brown and grey. Moves slower than most creepers. Gives the Slowness effect for 25 seconds.

    Flower Creeper: Pale yellow. Puts flowers and tall grass on any nearby grass tile. Only spawns in daylight and on grass.

    Life Creeper: Green and black. Explodes into two random animals. They can be pigs, cows, sheep, or chickens.

    Tree Creeper: Treebark brown with green patches. Turns any stone in its radius into dirt, any dirt blocks with exposed tops turns to grass, and the place where the creeper exploded becomes a tree.

    Clay Creeper: Blue-grey. Explodes into a clay monument just like an earth creeper.

    Disguise Creeper: Brown and grey (but cow coloured). Transforms into a cow five seconds after spawning or loses its target and only changes back when in close proximity to the player, its fuse starts or it takes fire damage. Can spawn on day, just not as much.

    Sky Creeper: Pale blue. Moves slightly faster than the player. Immune to fall damage. And jumps really high before exploding on its victim. Falls slowly.

    Ninja Creeper: Black and brown. Completely invisible at light levels 5 and below, and completely visible on level 10. It is transparent between these two levels. It becomes visible when it is about to explode.

    Tunnel Creeper: Brown, green and grey. Makes a 2x2x10 tunnel below it.

    Survival Test Creeper: Very dark green. Hurts the player on contact like a zombie. Starts glowing when getting hit for the first time. Has about 2 hearts. Explodes into a weak explosion which does not damage stone (but does damage dirt and wood) upon death.

    Yeti Creeper: White with ice-blue eyes and mouth. Has about 20 hearts. Runs from the player unless it has 7.5 health left, where it will explode in a similar way to the ice creeper, but makes a monument of snow like the earth creeper to go with it. Only spawns on snow, and it is incredibly rare. Like the snow golem, every block it walks on turns to snow.

    Spy Creeper: Dull blue and black. Turns invisible after seeing the player. Will turn visible when 6 blocks from player.

    Freeze Creeper: Ice-blue with white eyes and mouth. Moves slower than most creepers. Spawns only on snow. Makes the slowness 5 effect to everything in its radius for 30 seconds.

    Randomizer Creeper: Grey with a large black question mark on the front of its body. It can have the effect of the water, fire, lightning, psychic or cookie creeper.

    Scare Creeper: Looks just like a regular creeper but the white spots are green too. Turns invisible and stays put when in the player's sight, but creeps towards the player when they are not looking and blows up. To balance this, it moves slower and there is no block damage.

    Eye Creeper: Similar in appearance to the eye creeper in the Painterly pack, but the eyes are black and the body is that of a regular minecraft texture. It is exactly like a regular creeper but it can see the player from twice the range of a regular creeper.

    Ballista Creeper: Red and brown. Starts to explode at about 10 blocks from player, and a single arrow is shot at the player. Not a normal arrow, but a powerful one which does 5 hearts of damage and is almost unavoidable.

    C-Creeper: A normal creeper with a black C on the front of its body. Explodes into 5 legit things that start with C. Cakes, compasses, clocks, cobblestone, cauldrons, crafting tables, chests, cooked food, etc. Because of this, they are rare and only spawn on cobblestone.

    OMG Creeper: A dark creeper look but with bigger eyes. A creeper that explodes into a loud and disturbing ambient noise. This one will scare you. It has an idle noise of a regular cave 2.ogg. The noise is often cave 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13 sounds modified by all sorts of ways, such as pitch, length, background noise maybe even backwards.

    Portal creeper: Black with dark purple swirls. Explodes into a nether portal, but can only spawn on the hieroglyphic sandstone blocks on the overworld.

    Depressed Creeper: Greyscaled version of the regular creeper. Kills all grass and plants, and all nearby wool becomes white, light grey, grey or black.

    Tell me your feedback on the ideas..... (doubt any will be good, but whatever)
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] DwarvenCraft V 1.23 SMP-ish
    Okay, thanks for answering though.
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    posted a message on Bedrock Floor/Glass Roof Generation
    I want to use a special map generator which is just bedrock at the bottom and glass at the top, like some giant testing ground. It can just be a premade map, or a generator, I don't mind. If there already is a mod like this, point me to it.
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    posted a message on [Game][TOWER-DEFENSE][Multi][Single] Zombie Castle Defenders (Played by Whiteboy7thst!)
    Is this for single player too? Sweet.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] DwarvenCraft V 1.23 SMP-ish
    Amazonite: A variant of Lapis Lazuli, but more of a turquoise colour. Drops 4-8 Amazonite. 9 can be made into a block. Very much like a decorative thing.
    Bismuth: An iridescent ore which can only be mined by gold or any other fast and fragile types. The ore is rainbowy, and looks squarish. It drops itself much like iron and gold ore, and must be put in a furnace/whatever to get bismuth ingots, which is pink on the inside, blue on the outside edges, with yellow in between. The tools are very fast and can mine the same things as iron but has only 80 uses.
    Goethite: An orange-grey ore block, not as common as iron when close to the surface but becomes incredibly common when deep. Drops itself, to be put in a furnace/whatever for the orangey ingots. Little faster than iron and lasts longer, but cannot mine diamond, diamond blocks, or obsidian.
    Benitoite: A deep-blue ore that glows a little bit, and drops dust that glows like torches. Yay, blue torches!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]DungeonCraft v1.0.0
    Seems alright, but the minum ore looks funny...
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] Elemental Creepers v3.2.1 - D'AAWWWWWWW!
    Quote from Harpsy2

    is there a way of spawning the creepers with too many items installed?

    No, you would require Spawner GUI (with TMI or SPC) or Single Player Commands.

    Quote from nickppf

    I gree with Nova. we need a captain planet creeper!

    I'm guessing the maker of this mod won't make it, I like Nova's idea though.

    Quote from clay_empire

    why don't you add spawn eggs for creative, just like original creepers?

    Because that adds items. I'm guessing the maker will stick with adding mobs.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wacky Creepers by CodonAqua [FML][Mob] - Now Works With Forge (Really This Time)
    It's compatible with Elemental Creepers! I found a magic creeper with a dark creeper. I have SPC on, but I cannot spawn them, which is where they aren't compatible.
    It also isn't compatible with Spawner GUI, I think you may be missing the mob number/label (ID) for required for both SGUI and SPC. Whenever I clone a wacky creeper, it says 'cloned 5 null'.

    Also, all the new land creepers move very fast when wandering unlike the basic creeper, unless they're pre-hyped.
    Lastly, poison creepers are affected by poison. Even poison from other creepers.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wacky Creepers by CodonAqua [FML][Mob] - Now Works With Forge (Really This Time)
    Smoke creeper: Grey and white. Has smoke coming out of it. It will explode giving blindness and has a large smokescreen.
    Throwing creeper: Like the magic creeper, but stays on the ground and does not sparkle. It shoots potions of blindness, nausea, slowness, or weakness when far away, and then explodes when close.
    Fast creeper: Light blue, emits speed particles. Moves faster but has a weaker explosion.
    Home creeper: Brown and 'window' eyes and mouth. Turns into random pre-made houses.
    Icy creeper: Moves like everything's on ice. Then it slows you. Only spawns in icy biomes.
    Shroom creeper: Mycelium coloured, with a mushroom on its head, and emits small 'spore' particles.. Mushrooms everywhere as well as red, white and brown smoke with nausea and slowness for 40 seconds. Spawns on mycelium only, no matter what biome.
    Rune creeper: Cream-yellow coloured with some brownish horizontal lines on it, emits the letters from the enchantment table. Teleports the player far away, in a room filled with blazes. Only spawns on the hieroglyphic sandstone.
    Fake creeper: Similar to the ninja creeper, but easier to notice. It will either be a firework creeper or party creeper, but it moves slower, loses its disguise when damaged, and it also has a much longer fuse, meaning a player will notice it before it will explode.
    Ghostly creeper: Invisible with only a few white smoke particles hinting its presence. It will blind the player as well as slowing and nauseating them, it will then spawn a regular creeper to finish them off.
    Shadow creeper: Just similar in appearance to the ghostly creeper (invisible), but its particles are black and appear in bigger amounts the closer it is to the player. Blind will be done (again) but it is longer and then the creeper will teleport away.
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