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    posted a message on Commands are broken and dead in 1.13

    Now a lot of you know that in 1.13, most of peoples maps and command creations will be 100% broken due to the change in command syntaxes and more.
    (view it all at ...)
    And I made this poll due to all my creations and everything else going to be broken in 1.13,
    Now what I think is that this is a very non-needed feature to commands.
    Why do commands need to be modified?
    What was wrong with the previous ones?
    I don't feel theres a purpose for the commands to be changed.
    do you just want all of our maps and creations to be broken?
    You can vote if you want this to be final, or not.

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    posted a message on More Color Code Support

    We all know we can add "color":"aqua" (or any other color) to add colors to our text, our signs, or etc, just these. but we cannot: Do this with Item names, Lore's, Entites, (Only possible by adding them to a team with a colored name, but doesn't use color codes.) and particles. I'm gonna show how this *could* be possible, first: Adding support for "§" Characters, the unicode of this is so big you can't actually paste it into a command, there used to be a code so you could use the properties of the § character, but that was removed. They should re add this or add something else,like 2. (ColorDisplay Tag) so it the syntax would be: /give @a minecraft:diamond 1 0 {display:{Name:"Shiny!",ColorDisplay:{Color:{"yellow"}} that would be easier then coding that double s character, for entites? /summon zombie ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"Steve"}}, {ColorDisplay:"aqua"}} this would be amazing for map-makers, also for me.

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    posted a message on clickEvent signs with value of /give not working?

    I'm having a issue trying to make a clickevent sign, Why? I'm trying to make it so when you click on the sign it gives you a shovel so you can play the spleef, (because I'm making a minigame) it has can break: snow and it is a diamond shovel, with a CustomName of "Spleef Shovel" but it gives me a previous output like: Data Tag Parsing Failed: Unexpected token 'S' at: <The command part?> or it's Data Tag Parsing Failed: Unexpected token 'T' at: <The command, again?> It's not working, what is a token 'S' or 'T'? here is the command, /give @p sign 1 0 {
    BlockEntityTag: {
    Text1: "{\"text\":\"GET SPLEEF \",\"color\":\"dark_aqua\",\"bold\":true,\"italic\":true,\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"run_command\",\"value\":\"/give @p minecraft:diamond_shovel 1 0 {display:{Name:\\"Spleef Shovel\\"},CanDestroy:[\\"minecraft:snow\\"],Unbreakable:1}\"}}",
    Text2: "{\"text\":\"SHOVEL\",\"bold\":true}"
    display: {
    Name: "Custom Sign"
    } Yes, I'm using a generator if you didn't notice from the random spaces, because just look how insanely complex this 1 command is.... what is going on? why isn't /give working?

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    posted a message on My Automatic (AFK) Bone And Arrow farm!

    So, I looked around for dungeons for a while now... and I finally found a skeleton one, (25% chance of spawning, pretty rare) and I raided it got the loot, (1 golden apple, bread, rotten flesh, bones, and a 13 music disc...) and the spawner, that is what I used, I made a giant wall around the dungeon, (since there was actually a cave surrounding the spawner, and skeletons spawned OUTSIDE of the dungeon, so I would lose skeleton spawns and not get them into my trap) so that was difficult, and then I made a water stream going down into a hole, with magma, with a minecart with hopper... (If you did not know, minecart's with hoppers can pick up items through blocks! that is amazing.) and then there is a hopper below that minecart, that leads into a chest, that collects the bones/arrows. and the best part of it, is that YOU CAN GO AFK ON IT! (Note: this is not a xp farm, and I already got one) and it kills the skeletons itself with the single magma block, amazing! here's some pics: the 3rd one is in spectator so I can actually take a screenshot of it... so yeah, this farm is amazing, infinite bone meal, infinite bone blocks, (aka the new type of quartz!) pretty dang amazing.

    Ooops, I selected the same png file on one of them, WHOOPS! xD

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    posted a message on Minecarts with Chests, or Shulker Boxes?

    Actually, I'm been going end city hunting for 2 days now, only gotten about 57 shulker shells, those dang shulker shells are a LOT rarer than I thought. PS. I've killed the ender dragon 3 times now, (respawned him 2 times) I got 3 end gateways now ;P

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