About Me
Hello, World.

Allow me to introduce myself once more.

I am Darth377.

My life's story casts me as that nerd who likes computers.
And, to be completely honest, that is who I am.
The past few years of my life have really defined me.
3 years ago, I noticed a new modding system for MCPE- ModPE.
ModPE sparked my interest. At the time, I considered myself a map maker.
I was obsessed with gaining consumer feedback- something I still love today.

Let me get something straight: I am not a map maker. :)
After tossing a pm around, I decided I would attempt to create my first modscript.

It sucked- but it worked!
I was thrilled. I could manipulate code to create what I imagined, how I wanted it!

I think I existed in the modding community for around a year.
In that time frame, I developed a variety of scripts from Risk to rather amusing Mini-Games.
Eventually, I lost interest.

I stopped modding. From that point on, I decided that I wanted to code games.
Actual stand-alone games.

I worked. I worked and worked and worked. I went from Javascript to Java without ease.
Java was difficult for me to learn, but I eventually nailed it.

I love Java. Java is a truly beautiful language that I cannot live without.
After learning Java, I kicked my butt into gear. I began learning the library of LibGDX.

LibGDX allowed me to effectively produce my dreams. To this day, I use LibGDX regularly.
Java and Lib are amazing.

After I had left the ModPE community, I realized that I had lost community feedback.
To the internet, I was a nobody again. I had no followers, no one interested in my game.

I couldn't believe myself. I was missing the Minecraft community.
After contemplating my decision for a few weeks, I decided to rejoin.

So here I am.
Striving to gain a foothold in the community I had once abandoned.
I know- I was never really THAT popular.

I'm no 500ISE or Byteandahalf or Desno, but I am a modder.
A programmer with a dream.

And I will fulfill that dream of becoming a successful programmer.
Whatever it takes.


Programming and spending time with my friends!

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