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    Do you love Survival? We do too! Join our fully custom server, - Twilight Craft!
    TwilightCraft is a Survival Experience Like No Other, you may think survival is boring, well you haven't joined us to bring you that overall new experience, join today!

    Toxic free, community based server

    A picture of everyday's life on our server, we are purely community based

    Key features:
    Primarily we are a survival server with cool features such as:
    ➤ Towns
    ➤ Custom biomes
    ➤ Dungeons with bosses
    ➤ All kinds of spawners available to players! Make your own grinder!
    ➤ Custom textured weapons and armors
    ➤ Rankup system
    ➤ Auction House & Chest Shop & Heads shop
    ➤ Free Fly, lots of giveaways! Leaderboards!

    ➤ IP: twilightcraft.net (Always on latest version!)
    ➤ Discord: https://discord.gg/P9eYv2E
    ➤ Website/Store: https://tcraft.enjin.com/

    A picture of our hand built spawn

    Endless Fun:

    TwilightCraft.net is home to one of the friendliest towny communities in Minecraft, and with over 400 custom biomes there is plenty for you to explore. Scavenge the map for materials to build yourself custom armors and weaponry. Make sure to use our rankup system to level up in order to defeat vicious bosses in the tiered dungeons! Using the keys you get from killing bosses, you can open crates with god tier items or even sell the keys in a player store or on the auction house.
    With bosses to fight, towns to establish, friendships to forge, and coins to make- the possibilities are endless! Come on in and join our toxic-free community today!

    A picture of our crates, custom textured items await you, adventurer!

    Are you a Streamer/Youtuber?:

    We are looking for streamers and youtubers!
    For more info contact the Owner on Discord, or PM me here :)

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    posted a message on Anyone know of a server like this?

    Hello there! I am Darkweasam, and I would like to tell you a bit about our server that might match your needs,
    I own a Survival server which is a PvE based survival (no PvP in wilderness), the server has semi-swearing rules which includes harassment, foul language towards other players is not allowed. The community is tight and very I mean VERY friendly aswell. The server is roughly 10months old so it wont close anytime soon, average playerbase is 5-15, weekends sometimes 20-25. The server has GriefPrevention plugin to claim your land, there are 45 in-game ranks which you can get you to have even more land claims so you wont have a problem with that. Our "Builder's World" is somewhat big with 400 different biomes. We also have a custom researching system where you can create different custom armors, weapons and even spells! I could write pages honestly, why dont you check it out yourself? :P


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