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    Steel String Servers

    We have a new server! Steel Strings. Come join! It's got a small community where everyone is friendly.
    We need more players who play ALL THE TIME. We want people who can become our community.
    It's a completely survival server, PvP is enabled, but no arena PvP.
    Raids are allowed. Try to keep our server looking nice though. ;)

    Have fun, and tell your friends about us.
    If you have any questions contact the owner: TubbyTaco.
    Skype: TubbyTaco1
    Steam: Kehlan161 / GamingWithTaco
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/gamingwithtaco

    Have Fun.
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    posted a message on All dem Dimensions! Updated with another anouncement!
    I have a lot of Ideas too hard to put in a thread, maybe a youtube video? Maybe soon. But I feel since all the dimensions are opposites, (Nether=Fire The Deep [my choice] =Water Skylands=skyworld End=underworld.) Since opposite, they should have opposite usefulness. So, In the nether you can get Glowstone, in the deep you can get Glow torches and other things like it, So each dimension has a light source that is obtainable, each dimension has a Useful item, like potions, and each dimension has terrain to it like netherack. I also think, Each world has a main and two sides? I think you should go to the main, and it is an infinitley randomly generated world. Then in the world is resources to get to 2 side quests where NPC's of that world can help you complete a quest and they give you an Item. Also the boss will give you an item. I think that makes 3 items (I think magic gem stone things would be cool, and the npc's give you 2 and the boss drops one) With Skylands, Nether, Water, and Overworld, that makes 12 gem stones. With those 12 gem stones, you get all the pieces of a stronghold portal.

    Specific dimensions:
    Nether = Inhabited Fortress
    Water = Abondoned Ruins like Atlantis (Super mario sunshine place)
    Overworld = Strongholds
    Skylands = Floating castles
    End (Dimension not boss) = Underground castles

    Also in the End, I think you should go to an underground castle, under a floating island, to get a item, then you have to move up in the end (to the sky limit) Using that object somehow? (Beat a boss to get it, weakening you in the end making boss difficult) Then once at sky limit defeat Dragon once reached the Big MAIN island of the Enderdragon.

    Maybe the Skylands could be like the Aether mod? 3 bosses = 3 stones = 1 side of the end portal.

    Water = Mermaid? Fish-NPC hybrids?
    Nether = Golems
    Skylands = Rebellious Valkyries that go against the silver boss, (One of the quests for the side world) (Silver and Bronze aether dungeons are side quests gold is boss)
    Overworld = Village NPC's
    End = Rebellious endermen against ENDERDRAGON possesed endermen. (Which are one of the side quests of the end)

    All these Ideas make the game kind of story based but you can build your own world in each dimension, and pick the dimensional order. The diagram says ANY place once defeating the boss, goes to the end.

    Maybe start off in a random dimension? Make ALL dimensions livable with ores and such.
    Jungle biomes in 1.2 the top of the water dimension?
    Only able to get to dimension using other dimension pieces, or a rift of some kind?
    Start in Nether, Find portal, go to nether, get something in nether to take to overworld and make portal to the Water dimension.

    1 more thing:
    The end portal is very unique, all other portals in mods looked like the Nether portal. I think all of the dimensions should have a unique way of reaching them.
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    This all is amazing. I want to see: Cross Dimensions, Nethquea as an ex. so you start on the overworld fight the overworld boss, then get someting to go to the nether ONLY accesable FROM the overworld boss realm.
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    Any chance you have the world save in the background?
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    posted a message on 1.8 Mountains: A complaint
    They should have Plains across some sides of the mountain in my opinion, with lakes and trees and stuff, And the deserts SHOULD have Mountains with 2 layers of sand then instead of where the average stone is, sandstone... BUT I think about the same spawn rate as Dungeons, there should be pyramids in deserts made of sandstone and maybe a new sandy block? Mossy Sandstone? But I think the mountains could lose the blueish but keep a little of it, maybe add a bit more green. (Which can easily be fixed via grasscolor.png in the misc in the .jar.
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    posted a message on Anyone want to start a SMP series for youtube?
    Sounds like fun!
    I have skype and a good mic.
    I am 14
    my name is Brett Stephens.
    My friends say I'm pretty funny.
    If I have to I will get FRAPS and a Skype recorder.
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    posted a message on 1.9 (Pre-Release 3) is Ready To Test!
    The purple stuff in a nether portal? This is the equivalent of that purple stuff, for an ENDER Portal. It takes you to the realm of the endermen and ender dragons.
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