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    posted a message on How to Add Colour to Your Server MOTD
    It's not only Bukkit. My vanilla server uses this.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Status for website: Who's online.
    This post needs more love.
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    posted a message on ♛♛♛KingCraft//Factions//Creative//mcMMO//KitPVP //Paintball//PVP//NO LAG//♛♛♛
    IGN: DarkraiMan1

    Really great server guys!
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.9 Compatible- Adventure Map "Anamnesis" Mystery/Treasure/Combat
    Does this work for 1.3.2? :?Snap, I mean 1.4.2.
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    posted a message on [NEW!] ♛ Onslaught ♛ ||HARDCORE FACTION PVP|| - ||TREASUREHUNT|| - ||MOB ARENA|| - ||MCMMO|| - ||250 SLOT|| - ||NO WHITELIST|| -
    Your IGN: DarkraiMan1

    Your feedback/suggestion: I really want to say I like this server a lot, I really do. But this is the honest truth: I don't like it very much. Do you know why? I'll tell you.

    First off, the wilderness is WAY to far away. I hate having to walk a full 5 minutes just to get to the place where I can build. The tutorial never really explained how to get money, so I tried voting. The voting is broken, it turns out. After I vote, I don't get my money or my diamonds, all it does is keep yelling at me to vote. I found this server by looking at a post you made on another forum thread, This thread in specific: http://www.minecraft...pvp-recruiting/ .
    And on this forum, you said, and I quote, "Onslaught is a 24/7 Dedicated server running on 8GB of RAM, 7GB of which is allocated to the server with an 8-Core processor, all that pretty much means is little to NO LAG whatsoever". Well, I'm sorry to say that I lag a TON on this server. And I don't have a slow computer or anything. You also said you always have about 25-30 players on at once. When I got on, there was one other person. No other people. And now, the worst part. My friend who I was playing with, the only other person on the server, was nice and gave me a diamond pickaxe with "Unbreaking III" as the enchantment. So I was walking around, exited to try my new pickaxe. I finally made it to the wild, and found a huge obsidian tower. It said it was a tower for a faction (I forgot the name of said faction). I saw there were steps, so i took a step on it. I stood there for a minute, and nothing happened. So I started to message my friend, and then suddenly, CRUNCH. It played the sound it plays when you die of fall damage and I instantly died. On the chat, it said I drowned, but I wasn't even in water! I lost everything I had, including my bread, armor, tools, and my diamond pickaxe I got from my friend.

    Now, that's the end. I'm sorry if I sounded snotty or anything like that. I honestly didn't try to. My advice: Fix the voting, random dying, and other problems and I'll play on here all the time!

    MY VOTE: 4/10
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    posted a message on Red Banded Warriors | PvP | Recruiting

    IGN: DarkraiMan1
    Central Standard Time (CST) -0600 UTC

    How active can you be? Pretty active.
    What are you best at in minecraft? Building and redstone.
    Why do you wish to become a Red Banded Warrior? Because I've always thought a MineCraft clan would be fun, and I'd love to help you guys.
    Is there anything else we need to know? Not really, other than I have Skype.
    Do you agree to follow the rules of the server we are on? Of course!

    What rank would you like to become(builder, gatherer, warrior or regular)? Builder.
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