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    posted a message on Hagia-Sophia
    Oh that is good! I love the inside of it!
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    posted a message on High Rossferry City - The most detailed city in Minecraft
    Thanks very much again guys! Glad you like it so much. I'm afraid we won't put it up for download for now, since it's a long way from being finished. But, for now, I've made a new post on the blog. I'll post the pictures here too. I did notice some glitches (in Eihort) and errors here and there. We'll fix those soon.

    A new skyline is not an easy story. We've been busy to lower our whole city by about 30 blocks or so. This way we can build higher, and make the skyline of our city way more dynamic!

    The subway has been there for a while now, but somehow we never got the chance to show you. So here it is. Some of the stuff is a bit older, but I thought it would be worth showing.

    There. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on High Rossferry City - The most detailed city in Minecraft
    Thanks! I'll post some more pictures here soon. About the textures, they're based on John Smith's texture pack. We up scaled most of them to 64 pixels and used some other textures as well. Some from other packs, some made ourselves. But that's only since recently, we still need to fix most of them.

    But we also don't want to show too much yet, since we're still working on a lot of what you see. There's still a long way to go.

    Here's a picture I really like myself. It's kinda disorientating, but you're looking up to one of the top floors in one of the buildings.
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    posted a message on High Rossferry City - The most detailed city in Minecraft


    High Rossferry is what happens when a composer and an architect team up in Minecraft. Every building is accessible and built in a realistic way. There are many quirks and funny hidden area's. We've been working on it since 2011. We use WorldEdit to help us with planning an structuring. Our goal is not to create a city as fast as we can, our goal is to make it perfect in every little detail. We're inspired by great artists. From Van Gogh to Mondriaan. And architects like Mies van der Rohe and Rietveld. There are many references to art, science, music and movies, all over the city. For more details and screenshots, check out our blog!

    [10.06.2014] Updating it all.

    Updating all the High Rossferry content on the web.

    High Rossferry World Map Teaser:

    High Rossferry First Teaser:

    High Rossferry World Map Viewer:

    High Rossferry City Double Screen Wallpaper [3840x1080]:

    High Rossferry City Screen Wallpapers:

    High Rossferry Development I:

    World Map on

    Resource Pack on

    High Rossferry City World Map Log:

    High Rossferry City World Map - Version 0.1 (23.11.13):

    • World map prepared for download.
    • World map is in "Early Access".

    High Rossferry City Resource Packs x64 / x256 Log:

    High Rossferry City Resource Packs x64 / x256 - Version 1.6.2 (23.11.13)

    • Added updated to all blocks.
    • Added updated to all item.

    Feeling generous:

    MajoorSnjor - Thank you for being our first donor!

    High Rossferry Banners:

    Coming soon!

    High Rossferry FAQ:

    How many people work on High Rossferry City.

    - 2 persons: Dydtor and Darkone55.

    How many towers are there now in High Rossferry City.

    - Over 220.

    How to install High Rossferry World map (in text):

      1. Download High Rossferry World Map.
      2. Unzip the file downloaded.
      3. Go to .minecraft folder.
      4. Copy HRF_WM_1.6.2_EA folder into "saves" folder.
      5. Launch the game.
      6. Go to Singleplayer and select High Rossferry World Map.

    How to install High Rossferry Resource Packs (in text):

      1. Download MC Patcher or OptiFine and follow the instructions.
      2. Download High Rossferry Resource Pack.
      3. Go to .minecraft folder.
      4. Copy HRF_RP_1.6.2_x64 or into "resourcepacks" folder.
      5. Launch the game.
      6. Go to Options... > Resource Packs and select High Rossferry Resource Pack.

    Our work is provided under the Creative Commons license. If you want to share or use this resource pack in any way, modified or otherwise, ask permission. Not for commercial use. High Rossferry World Map is a part of High Rossferry.
    High Rossferry Resource Pack is a part of High Rossferry.

    High Rossferry City 2014

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    posted a message on Replacing an entire city
    Yes, this sounds ambitious. A friend and me have been working on a city. It is about 1000 x 1000 blocks now. We started out on a normal generated map, but while at the beginning a 60 blocks high building looked impressive, we have now made so many, that the skyline is pretty boring.

    The idea is to lower the entire city by about 40 blocks. However, with WorldEdit, the server crashed already when we tried to move a stadium. Moving it worked in MCEdit, but moving this entire city is way too much. When I try to export it as a schematic, I get a memory error.

    I'm wondering if there is a way to do this. Either we have to do it in chunks of 100 by a 100 or whatever, but that requires good planning. Another way would be that the max height of 128 would be greater, but from what I've read, that's not very likely.

    If you have any ideas, please let us know!
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