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    About us.

    DigiCraft is a PVE focused whitelisted semi-vanilla Minecraft server with hard mode enabled. We are a community built upon trust and honesty. We seek to build a home for MineCrafters who will share in the vision of creating the Land of TeneBris; a rich and vibrant world for players to discover, create their own stories, and simply enjoy Minecraft together. We hope to grow our community by adding new members! Be a part of the lore and history of the server as it unfolds! Everyone is welcome to join DigiCraft!


    Our goal is to maintain a safe and secure vanilla like Minecraft experience with simplicity in mind. DigiCraft does not feature /home, /tp, or /warp. There is no Pay to Win elements or any intrusive chat spam either. DigiCraft features many quality of life plugins to ensure your fun!.

    DigiCraft features the Darkness Empire. Dynmap showcases the Empire, its colonies, and other independent territories. Players are able to create their own imperial colony and grow the empire, or create their own independent territories with unique themes. Our custom land claiming system, and ranks support this theme.

    Long Live the Empire!

    Server Rules.

    Here is a brief description of the server rules. The full descriptions can be found on the DigiCraft Discord server.

    No Griefing or Stealing

    No Floating Trees

    Fill Creeper Holes

    Be Respectful and Honest

    No Abusive Modifications

    Be kind to the Environment

    Respect Marked DynMap Areas

    How to Join.

    Join our discord using the provided link.

    Link: https://discord.gg/Cnty8vshfn

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