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    I have to give feedback, because I would expect people to do the same for my creations.

    I enjoyed it!

    It was inspiring, as i'm working on an adventure map myself, and sort of realized.. I've never actually played any lol.

    The good:
    *easy to follow, cohesive well thought out dungeon with good traps.
    *Lots of monster fighting.
    *plenty of food, potions, enchantment opportunities.
    *nicely designed dungeon, amazing work on the ship.

    Stuff that I think could use a little revision:
    *Like a moron, I fell off the staircase before the entrance to the dungeon. I broke the rules to break some of that sand to get back up, no worries, but some kinda path or something maybe would be useful there. I'm sure most people don't fall off here lol.
    *Image2map is very useful, and I like not having to tab out to read notes, but since notes have to be stored in chests, it's not always obvious where they are. (I didn't miss any, so it's not terrible or anything..) Maybe a sign next to the chest in like say.. the bar... would be useful? this is my first time using an image2map interface. I was looking at doing it myself. Now I'm not so sure I like it.
    *I thought the dialogue started out taking itself very seriously, but as it continued it got VERY casual. Whats up with that? It did make me chuckle a few times I admit, but it just seemed like a break from the theme otherwise?
    *The ghast spawner hid the chest from view. I spent a long time in that room. Also, the ghast didn't spawn on my map for some reason.

    Thanks for the opportunity to play! I only found
    16 diamond
    but I wasn't looking all that hard. Did I mention I'm TERRIBLE at jumping puzzles? lol. After dying once in lava, I decided not to try any more optionals.

    perhaps put a bed somewhere in the dungeon (like a save room) so we don't have to run all the way back?

    oh, also.. npcs can open doors now. So they were running randomly all over the place in my 1.2 pre-release. It works fine now I'm sure for 1.1, but when 1.2 hits you'll want to put a leash on those squidwards.
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    I love this map, I really do!

    Btw unless you've changed the pyramid lately, tell people NOT to run across the floor. XD
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    Please excuse me if this is in the wrong section.

    I'm not usually one to post in a forum discussing this sort of thing, and rarely would ever question an admin's decision. It is.. afterall.. their forum and community and not mine..

    but.. this afternoon a friend of mine was trying to upload his new map so that others could see it, and he kept asking me strange questions about the rules. Having read the rules int he past, I didn't quite understand, then he linked me to this:


    After reading these rules, I've been forced to take down 1 of my maps, and.. once I find my other threads (they do not show up under "my content for some reason..) I will be taking it down too.


    Well frankly, these rules seem absurd. I'm sorry.. I understand WHY they exist, to prevent plagiarism.. but for a guy like me who could care less about registering a license for my work, it's just a deterrent for submitting new work here.

    There's a number of other minecraft communities out there, though, I have... in the past.. liked this one the best. Now I feel like I have to walk a hair thin balancing wire with everything I do or say (tbh I'm worried this thread will get me banned or warned or silenced in some way..) and it stifles me and my creativity to think that I cannot post my work here.

    Is this really the direction we want our community to take? some.. pre-approval process, some licensing system, censoring system, etc? I for one do not. Minecraft since the beginning has been about freedom and creativity, to create, to explore, to make things your own.

    I may be flamed, hated, banned, warned, what have you for stating my opinion on this, but it troubles me rather deeply that these forums are taking such a closed ended direction. I'm not going to point fingers, name names, or blame anyone, but I'm just a bit frustrated and disappointed right about now guys.. I really am.
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