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    There's no need to take screenshots or anything because I'm not even using any damn mods. The vanilla launcher works but this doesn't. I also switched the enviroment to the 1.6.4 like I was supposed to. I aslo updated both javas.

    I followed the instructions, I didn't just ask for help first. Stop being so condensending, It is getting really irritating.

    windows 7 x64
    amd 1090t cpu
    8 gigs of ram
    radeon hd 6850 1 gig of vram
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    Quote from ComicRetrolution

    In my defense, I've only just updated to 1.2.3 (and soon 1.2.4). The 1.1 downloads were up for a week or two longer than normal because I couldn't update due to a lack of computer hardware. To be honest, there was plenty of chances to get them during that time. Also, the reason the mod pack is temporarily down is because I am doing major work on a portion of a mod that is in the pack. The mod pack itself is not any different from downloading the mods individually, so to me, its not a big deal. It will be put back up as soon as I am finished with that mod. But to the point, the main reason I don't have older versions of my mods up anymore is because I feel those versions are inferior and are not the versions I want people to be using. I started modding not knowing a single line of java and over the course of these few months, I have learned a lot and have re-coded my mods many many times to get them where they are now. To be more clear, its just how I feel about my work. I'm always looking to improve my mods as I learn new things and I want to share what I learn with my mods. The other reason I don't have older versions of my mods is because the number of people who download them is very small. For example, in the time when I couldn't update to 1.2.3, my download rates dropped down to only 20% - 25% of what I usually get and were dropping even further than that. If there was more of a demand for them, I'd have them up in a flash. But that hasn't been the case. So I hope you understand why I don't have them up.

    I don't care how little people download this mod. It is pure awesome and will always have a spot in my minecraft. :D
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