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    posted a message on [CTW] Over 100 DL! The Bridge - 2v2 Capture the Wool Action!
    I was actually a play tester for this map. IT'S AWESOME!! Especially when you sneak over and get the wool without them knowing. Then... :tnt: + :Flint and Steel: =BOOM!!
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    posted a message on ComputerCraft
    Quote from legomaniack

    On the topic of updates, i have some suggestions:

    Keyboards: allows you to input text (freezes character on right click until esc is pressed) to a adjacent computer without opening the GUI. Good for giant monitor computer screens and remote control turtles to name a few.

    Speakers: Outputs sound to the world.Comes with 3 functions:

    speakers.say(string) ---- Outputs string to the chat. Good for Alerts, welcomes, ect.

    speakers.note(note) ---- outputs a note like a note block. b is flat, #is sharp, and +increases octave. examples: Ab, C#, +C, ++G#, ect.

    speakers.play(file) ---- Plays a sound file loaded (out of game) on the computer.

    Now for a not as important idea:

    Printers: ​Prints text onto a piece of paper (stored in internal inventory). Reads like a map. Or maybe a opens a GUI.

    Please consider. These would be a good addition.

    Yes. +1
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    posted a message on Complaining
    Are you complaing about people who complain?
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    posted a message on Why?
    People here REQUIRE proof that it's not a virus that they're downloading. Just take some screenshots (F2) then upload them to something like imageshack then take the link and put it in the forum post. I'm sure you can find some more detailed tutorials about uploading pictures.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] GlassCraft v3.1 [COLORED GLASS] [6,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    Try adding a video so people will A) not think it's a virus, and :cool.gif: know that it actually works.
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    posted a message on OutBreak....
    HURRAYY!! FINALY "Newly Spawned" people are able to see that you NEED TO POST PICS if you want people to download! Congratulations! You are the SECOND person who is "Newly Spawned" and has posted pics with a map that I've seen!!

    P.S. The map looks great!
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    COOL!! Time to down-grade...
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    posted a message on The Adventure Mapz! Map
    Quote from arkangel916

    Sorry. No one will trust this unless you post pictures as proof it's not a virus.

    Very true. If you don't know how to post pics, look it up on google or ask someone on the forums.
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    Do you know how much programmers for websites get paid? Around $45+/ hour! An entire website would take a while to make and like I just said programmers get paid a lot of money.
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    posted a message on i cant find no sheep
    SinglePl... why do you need 2 sheep?
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