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    -IGN: DarkTower2Ds
    -Age: 16
    -Skype: swerdna12
    -Tell us about yourself: From Austin, Texas. In the IB program at my high school. Like computer games.
    -Why do you want to be on this server?: I wanted to play the version of Minecraft that I started playing with, so I went looking for servers.
    -Do you prefer to play by yourself or with others?: Either one's good with me
    -Do you already know any of the people on this server?: nope
    -If so, who is it that you know?:

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    I was actually a play tester for this map. IT'S AWESOME!! Especially when you sneak over and get the wool without them knowing. Then... :tnt: + :Flint and Steel: =BOOM!!
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    I STILL can't get on the server! Even though I've voted on ALL THREE websites and I was on it earlier! Any idea what's going on? Anything will help! THANKS!
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    posted a message on Savage Realms - [1.7.x] [The BEST Server] [24/7 Lag-Free] [Towny] [Custom Bosses w/ over 250 abilities] [PvP World] [RPG/Dungeon
    Every time I try to get on, even when there's an opening, it says "Disconnected by Server had to do it". Any idea what's going on? I've re-logged and re-loaded Minecraft several times and I still can't get on. Please help. Thanks!
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    Do you think it would be cool if the way NPC villages spawned would match the biome they spawn in? Like if you go to a swamp biome the houses are on fences to keep them out of the water and there are platforms connecting the buildings. Or in a mountain biome the villages are carved into the side of the mountain with some building being supported by fences. These are just a few examples of an idea I've had. Pleas comment!
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    Quote from Awesomesauce123

    Dude, do it!

    EDIT: I'd buy it, man!

    I WOULD put it up for sale. But I read through that big long legal thing that people hardly ever read and I don't want to risk a lawsuit.

    This is from the Shopkeeper Agreement
    3.3 Prohibited Content. You may not design, produce, market or sell any Product that does not comply with the Content Usage Policy, as determined by CafePress in its sole and absolute discretion. For example, but without limitation, you may not design, produce, market or sell a Product that CafePress believes: (i) infringes the rights of a third party, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and rights of privacy and publicity; (ii) is defamatory; (iii) is obscene or pornographic; or (iv) violates any applicable law, rule, or regulation, including, without limitation, by exploiting images or the likeness of minors. To the extent you violate the Content Usage Policy or the obligations under this Section 3, your Account is subject to termination and you may be liable for any and all consequences resulting from such violation of this Agreement, including without limitation liability for monetary damages to third parties.

    However, if you look at the design I made you could probably make your own.
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    Quote from Awesomesauce123

    That's actually very interesting. I want a Hoopy the Hoop shirt now!

    Here's my shirt design.

    It could be better... maybe a light colored shirt.
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    Quote from Awesomesauce123

    That's actually very interesting. I want a Hoopy the Hoop shirt now!

    I actually started to design a Hoopy the Hoop shirt on CafePress. I would have gotten to order it if CafePress hadn't decided to be stupid and not load the final design.
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    I just found out recently about Hoopy the Hoop. Hoopy was, apparently, supposed to be the "meme derived from Portal." but "The Cake is a Lie" and "Still Alive" overshadowed Hoopy. For those of you who don't know about Hoopy or Portal (Where have you been?!) then I suggest you check out some of the links below.

    Hoopy the Hoop (Official Portal Wiki): http://theportalwiki.com/wiki/Hoopy_the_Hoop

    Video (Machinima):
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    Yes. I should be practicing my french horn and writing something for LA. I should probably set a timer... eh, I'll get to it later.
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    posted a message on Disturbance at The Port
    Hi! I just wanted some feedback on the short story I'm writing. (WARNING: This short story is the FIRST DRAFT so it WILL most likely be crap!) Oh, and sorry for not indenting. I just copy pasted so it's kinda screwed up.

    It was just like any other day at The Port. Average amount of air traffic and people with nothing really important happening. Nick was just about to get off his break when he began to admire where he was. The Port is an international station that contains many docks for things from large commercial airships to smaller recreational ones. What set The Port aside from others like it is it’s location. Floating peacefully about a thousand feet above the ocean on the western side of the floating island called Kitaqua.
    Named after what the ancients called their Goddess of flight, Kitaqua is a floating mountainous island covered in dense jungles. When the humans landed on Novus Terra one of the first things that they say was Kitaqua. Eventually Jonathan D. Watt, famous scientist and explorer, was able to put together a party to explore the “floating jewel”. The built a research center that allowed them to study the flora and fauna of the island in addition to how it actually flew.
    Traders noticed how it kept a steady path floating around above the ocean. Eventually they started a trading post and port called The Port. The Port grew into a small town, then into a small city, then it grew to what it is today. Port City, a thriving and high-tech metropolis based off of air traffic/trade and tourism. The Port also expanded with the city to become the largest international port for trading and air traffic. Along with housing the second largest science university in the world!

    Ah history. Nick thought to himself as he threw the last remnants of his snack into the trash. Come to think of it he thought all of this happened when I was about 5. He walked down the stairs to the main walk where he could finish his last run and go home. He began to walk towards the sun, which was just about gone behind the mountains, on the private side so he would end up at The Port office once he was finished.
    Rounding the corner Christi’s voice came through his communicator “Nick, we have detected a disturbance at dock 7-D.”
    “Roger that,” Nick said “What kind of disturbance?”
    “Something set off the censors near by,” she replied “It’s probably nothing but you should go check it out anyway.”
    “Way ahead of you.”
    Nick came up on dock 7-D and immediately noticed something was wrong. He called up Christi “Uh, yeah. So I think I found the problem... I think.” he said
    “What is it?” Christi asked “Are the ships OK?”
    “The ships are fine. It’s just that something scratched up the platform here.”
    “I said that somethi...”
    “I heard that part!” Christi interrupted “I mean what do you think scratched it?”
    Nick noticed some liquid dripping near the edge of the platform, but when he bent over to investigate he heard some rustling in the bushes and then one of the light posts fell over. The light broke plunging Nick into darkness. The only light he had was the flashlight that he kept on his belt.
    “What was that?” Christi asked
    “Something just knocked down the light.”
    “What do you think did THAT?”
    “Ummm... I don’t know maybe somethi...” Nick didn’t finish because at that moment something leaped out of the bushes and ran down the path.
    “I’ll get back to you.” Nick said as he ran after whatever it was that jumped at him.
    “Well hu...” Nick turned off his communicator so he could concentrate. He reached a fork in the path and stood still to listen for a noise. Just as he turned one way there was a loud crash from what sounded like a trash can on the other path. He ran as fast as he could towards it thinking What the heck is this thing?! He saw a figure dart around one of the buildings near by and he followed it.
    HA! He thought There’s nothing behind there! I’ll finally be able to see what this thing is! He rounded the corner of the building and scanned the alley. It looked like it was just a trash dumpster with some extra bags lying around. Nick, just about to give up, hears a sound coming from inside the dumpster. He runs over and pulls as many boxes and bags out as he can and then he shined his flashlight at the figure.
    He was surprised at what he saw. A Kiitaq (Kee-TAK) cowering in the corner. It looked like it had been injured by something. It looked panicked so he tried to calm it down. He kept trying to get it to let him pick it up but it kept going further and further back into the dumpster. He thought that it might be hungry so he tried feeding it some chip crumbs he found in his pockets
    It seemed to like that because after that it let him reach in and pick it up and he was able to see it up close. This Kiitaq seemed to be from the North. Nick could tell by the shape of it’s wing. The Kiitaq, about one foot tall and three feet long, had dark blue feathers that shifted into a slightly lighter shade of green on the wings. Nick could tell that it was a juvenile by the fact that he still had some of his smaller, softer feathers from when it hatched. Based off of it’s weight he wasn’t all that well fed either. When he looked at the Kiitaq’s wing he could see that it was deformed, possibly broken.
    Nick turned his communicator back on and called up Christi. “I found the source.” He said as he began walking back to the main office.
    “What? What is it?” she asked him.
    “Ummm...” Nick said wondering how to describe it “it’s a.. an interesting creature...”
    “Like what?” Christi asked impatiently “If this is some kind of joke then I swear I’m gonna..”
    She stopped mid sentence because at that moment Nick walked into the office with the Kiitaq in his arms. She dropped the communicator and ran towards Nick.
    “What the.. how did he...” she stuttered “how... did he get here?”
    “I have no clue. All I know is that we need to get him to a vet.”
    “How come?”
    “Look at his wing.”
    Christi looked at the wing.
    “It’s broken..” she said reaching out to touch the Kiitaq but it became frightened and tried to hide in Nick’s arms.
    “It’s OK.” Nick said in a gentle voice to the Kiitaq “She’s nice.”
    The Kiitaq let Christi touch it this time and she smiled.
    “What are we going to do with it?” She asked looking back up at Nick “I mean, we can’t keep him here at the Port. Can we?”
    “No, we can’t” Nick says shaking his head “We should take him to a vet who knows what he’s doing.”
    Christi agreed with a nod of her head and they both walked out of the main office to the vet.
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    This isn't about griefers but shouldn't you avatar be the other way around?
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    Quote from Ryukuyu

    Yes, I shall totally believe that your dad wrote the three Ultima books ...

    I don't want to know if you think my dad wrote the books or not (HE DID!). I just want to know what you think Logos looks like.
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    To understand this you probably should read the Ultima books.

    I'm wondering what other people think the floating city of Logos looks like. I have a general idea but I still want to see what other people think Logos looks like.

    An interesting fact...
    My dad wrote the three Ultima books, "Machinations", "Masquerade", and "Maelstrom"
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