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    posted a message on The Spider Queen:Version 1.0 Released!
    Epic. Purely epic. It would be awsome if you spawned in a dungeon-like underground house inside a small cave, with spider statues in it.
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    posted a message on [1.5.01] MedCraft v0.4 !Surgical Clothes! [WIP]
    I have a suggestion.
    Diseases! Why have all these medical items for healing against blunt attacks? Alot of these are designed for disease and sickness. There's a few:
    Cold: Can be healed with tea or some soup. It makes you slower, and greenish smoke might pop up in front of you, meaning you sneezed.
    Disease: There would be different types. But all with simular results. You are not just slow, but barely moving. Sneezing is more common. Rarely, a heart will randomly dissapear.
    Heavy disease: Names and number of variety are once again a variable. You cannot move, hearts dissapear often, but rarely, re-heal. Unless you die, or are in a wheelchair, you are stuck. But with heavy disease, you can enter a bed even durring day. Your hearts reheal. After a few minecraft days, you are no longer sick. But it's better to use medicine for healing.
    Tumor/Other: A disease that affects you but medicine cannot heal. You either die, or use surgical items to heal it. You cannot move, and you slowly die, food not healing you uless of course in bed. The dying goes faster, the longer without surgery.
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    posted a message on Minecraft seed with a lot of flat land
    Pretty cool...
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    posted a message on The Old One's Castle
    Seriously, is anyone even reading this?
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    posted a message on The Old One's Castle
    No response?
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    posted a message on The Old One's Castle
    Okay, so I know my stories aren't exactly the best. But i'm trying again. Yes, you heard me, AGAIN. Don't just say 'LOLOLO D!S SUKS!1!11!!!' for absolutley no reason, it's irritating.

    Chapter 1

    The ship shook slowly among cold waves. Surely this storm would have to end sometime, right? Water flew over the sides and onto the deck. It was a small vessel, but gigantic compared to those puny one person rafts some might use. However, most people didn't try sailing the most dangerous, unexplored, and noticeably the largest ocean ever seen. Of course, we weren't most people.

    David ran to the side, yelling. He had seen something. We prayed it had only been a squid, for we knew not of what might lurk beneath the waves. We had met some very peaceful penguin-like creatures near sure though. But no matter what might stalk us through this ocean, this storm made us scare easily at the slightest movement.

    Suddenly, we all realized the fog had slightly lifted, if only a tiny bit. We saw a sight that may have been missed if the fog hadn't lifted, meaning that we could've been doomed. And what was this sight of such high importance? A light. A single, dim light shining through the fog. Our direction pointed to the left of this light, and out of curiosity, we changed dirrection, facing the light. We saw the source of it, a light beacon, connected to a pecuiliar pillar, going down all the way to the sea bed. We saw another beacon not more than 30 yards away, and another after that. We immediatly knew we were saved.

    Chapter 1 END

    Chapter 2

    We didn't know what to think. We expected so much, but not this. It had been about an hour since we found the first beacon, and now, we were finally at land. But what we saw and what we took those sights in as what they were, stunned us. There was a castle, built into a valley, with spires going far beyond the limit. We could only gasp 'How?' The hillsides suddenly shifted.

    The hillsides started to spilt open in places, revealing large circular holes. Giant gun barrels scooted out of the holes, and the sound of primed TNT was heard. TNT spat out of the barrels, destroying the small rocks pointing out of the sea, and some hit close to the ship. Screams were so loud at that moment that the explosions couldn't be heard. Whatever, whoever, we had just discovered, they were smarter than us, we were the dumb ones, things like this never worked this way.

    Samuel yelled something to us as soon as the horrid attack has ceased. We ran to the sides, and looked into the water. The cannons hadn't meant to kill us, and we realized, if they had wanted to, they wouldn't have missed. Theses people were obviously advanced. What we saw down at the bottom of the murky, dead-looking water, was a fleet of small machines, Robotic fish contraptions. We sailed to the beach.

    Chapter 2 END
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    posted a message on [REQ] Lighting doesn't start fires
    Don't worry, lightning gets put out by the rain.
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    posted a message on [Idea] Dead space
    I've yet to see one. I really don't know how it would work, but maybe...

    First of all, all the old mobs would have to be removed from the spawn list. Skeletons? Nah. Pigs? No. Zombies? Barely a maybe.

    Also, it would be like the planetoids genorator mod, exept with only stone, with grass, dirt, tiny trees and ore inside, but with no light and slashers and other dead space enemys. Rarely, with a planetoid, you find sabd next to a pond of lava or water.

    Also, no sunlight. It's space.

    A replacement for torchs to get in the dead space mood too. Using two glass, two cobble, and coal creates a light tube. Same as torch basicly.

    When you start the world, you'd start in one of the 'planetoids' The starter planetoid is the same as any other, and it's a grass/dirt type. However, it's lit with light tubes, and a chest contains a laser gun wich is also craftable. Otherwise, I'm out of ideas now.
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    posted a message on Wolf wagon
    I know this has been suggested, but not like this, i'm sure. Instead of making a sea of new blocks and items, how about, one. Yes, only one.

    Minecart wagons:
    Wagons are simply a cargo minecart connected to two wolves. Wagons aren't used as transports, but ways to carry large quantitys across vast places. On smp, like a caravan.

    To get a wolf onto a wagon, you take a wold over to a cart. Then craft a rope, wich is just three strings ontop of eachother. Right click the wold with it while it's close enougth, and done. But without two wolves, it does nothing.
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    posted a message on - Tile Art -
    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] :log: :log: [] [] [] [] []
    [] :log: :log: :log: :log: [] [] [] [] []
    :log: :log: :log: :log: :log: :log: [] [] [] []
    [] :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: [] [] [] [] []
    [] :wood: :Glass: :Notch: :wood: [] [] :SSSS: [] []
    [] :wood: :wood: :Black: :wood: [] [] :Green: [] []
    :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass:
    :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:
    :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: :DORE: :stone: :stone:
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    posted a message on [REQ] DNA
    The idea of this is that greenish goo forms extremley rarely, down at bedrock. Or truthfully, in it. You know how bedrock is kind random, with holes and tunnels without it? Well, in those tiny, tiny, one block tall holes, pipes, and tunnels, This goo spawns inside of. This goo is used to create two new mobs, quite a few items, and other advantages.

    Smelting glass in the furnace creates 4 vials. They can't gather liquids other than DNA goop. Smelting a DNA goop-filled vial creates Red DNA. Mixing Red with redstone and pork creates Blue DNA. Mixing the DNA forms makes a strange slime-like creature spawn above the workbench. It looks like an extremley, extremely small slime with spider feet.

    So what? You've created life. Yes, that's good and all, but you can make better, right?

    But now, If you put two of any DNA type above a bowl, and it's filled with DNA itself. Now you need a Purifacation System. Recipe: :Coal: =Redtsone dust

    :Iron: :Furnace: :Iron:
    :Coal: :Coal: :Coal:
    :Diamond: :Iron: :Diamond:

    It's like a furnace made of steel. It's powered by Redstone. It only can smelt DNA bowls into Pured DNA.

    Putting all the Pured DNAs together, creates a strange squid-like animal with tentacles on BOTH side of it's body, with eyes all over on each side. It needs either lava or DNA to swim in or it dies.

    Putting five Green DNA vials together creates a DNA blob. When pured, it creates a DNA gem. Creating a tool from them that's like a pick but with two extra gems creates a Multi-Digger. It has a 10% chance of dropping a diamond instead of stone while mining, and digs dirt like an iron shovel. So it can virtually mine about anything like a diamond pick, and is like a diamond shovel, and axe. But it lasts a short time. The good thing is, is that when a flow of DNA touchs both water and lava strait on, all at the same time, it creates a peice of DNA jello. When mined, it drops DNA jello slices, wich 9 of creates a DNA blob. DNA blobs can actually be turned back to green DNA vials.

    However, being long exposed to a DNA flow (Touching it) after about 2-3 minutes, can heavly affect you. It can shorten or enlong your amount of hearts, gives you a fleshy form of regenable armor, bursts of speed, the horrible effect of fire on contact to sunlight, low amounts of damage, and even claws that give amazingly strong claws. Mutation can be horrible, or amazing, and even beautiful (The last is doubtful. Very doubtful.)

    That's about all.
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    posted a message on Creeper Fan Art
    W04h!1! Wut t3xtur3 p4ck !z d4t?!!!!!!! (lol jk)
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    posted a message on [1.4][Release]Monster Maddness[WIP]
    Vids and Screen shots please. Is so, awsome. Though I doubt it. Looks like a trojan. Sorry if it's not. But not until I see that video.
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    posted a message on [Creation] The Earth (Updated - Final)
    1. Make a protective wall around Japan to keep these freaks from blowing it up.
    2. Build a spaceship from iron and drop TNT over Nevada to show them ALIENS REALLY ARE TAKING OVER!
    3. Make a huge coffe mug full of water, then blow it up peice by peice.
    4. Flood parts of Japan.
    5. Take over China by placing a U.S flag and tell the Chineese factories to go down on production and up on quality (I've never had a toy EVER that said 'Made in China' and didn't break.)
    6. Turn the Russian tundra into a frozen nuclear wasteland with torn-to-peices submarines.
    7. Blow up Haiti.
    8.Rebuild it.
    9. Build Atlantis since it's been left out.
    10. Make a few 'small' holes in the glass roof so the atlanians drown.
    11. Blow up the Artic to show the affects of global warming over 20 years within 5 seconds.
    12. Blow up Germany.
    13. Visit the north pole, and then kill santa.
    14. End this list soon.
    15. Realize that last thing wasn't possible through MC because the forums and actual game are seprate.
    16. Build a happy candyland full of rainbows and ponies.
    17. Brutally kill the gingerbread men and blow it up.
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    posted a message on [Creation] The Earth (Updated - Final)
    How in the world.... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? To make this would take forever, even with MCedit.

    Take 20 trillion :DBlock: times infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I'm gonna ask my friend to download, maybe make a western-style town somewhere and some nuke testing in nevada. Maybe a secret temple under the town's well.
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