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    I am trying to create a mod, and I am trying to make a whole new system of energy units, etc. How exactly do I go by doing this? Also, how do you actually implement the RF libraries (container specifically) into a block (with example code please)? I am trying to make a universal storage machine.

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    posted a message on Level.dat file FML? Any ideas?

    So I thought I'd go poking around in a level.dat file from a modded world and I came across this FML content thing, I know FML is Forge Mod Loader, but any ideas of what the thing's for? When you open it, there are lots of strings of modded items/states.

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    posted a message on Far Lands Survival Challenge

    For those who want a unique survival challenge, this preset is for you.

    This will create a world entirely far lands.


    1. Play on Normal or Hard

    2. Play with keepInventory on (trust me, it'll help)

    3: Have Fun!


    1. Create a new customized world.

    2. Enter the customization for the world.

    3. Open the 'Presets' menu at the bottom middle.

    4. Copy and paste preset into the text box at the top and click use preset.

    5. Finish creating world.


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    posted a message on WarlordsMC Looking for Developer

    MC Username:The_4th_Doctor_

    Real Life Name:Jarrad

    Skype: N/A

    Server Experience: Great

    Coding Experience: OK


    Are you currently involved within another server: No

    Additional Information: Redstone is my kingdom

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    posted a message on {Minecraft Server Looking for Staff! All Staff Available!! Apply Here!!!}

    IGN: DarkStorm99

    What you want to be: I would like to be an admin

    Name: Jarrad

    Skype(if have one:important):

    experience: 4

    Why you want to be part of staff: Because i think that helping people is the best way of working things out.

    Extra Information:

    If there was a hacker you couldnt ban what would you do?: I would report him to the owner.

    (trying out for builder only)

    Put pictures of Your work:

    What are some Plugin ideas? (basic and unique the more Plugins the better): TARDIS, Backpack.

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    posted a message on new creative server need builders and staff-only 24 slots

    Please can i be staff username is DarkStorm99

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    posted a message on Flaming Tardis - [NEED STAFF] [Tardis Plugin] [Bending] [Factions] [Towny]

    I'd like to become staff, my username is DarkStorm99.

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