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You can ALWAYS find me on the minecraft server Capricatown.

ip :

So simply, I'm just a normal Minecrafter.

You could also almost always find me on Google+
Here's the link :

I lost my minecraft account ;-;

Forget all that ****. I like cats.


Minecraft, Spore, How To Train Your Dragon, Movies, Creativity, Adventure, Books, and Doge.

MMORPG, Jurassic Park, LoTR, Middle Earth, Jurassic World, Literature, Spiders, Harry Potter, House of Secrets

C to the I to the M to the P

There cats in my pants

That... sounded better in my head,

Location Isla Nublar

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Minecraft DarkSnakeLord_IV Xbox none PSN none Steam none

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Skype dark.severus