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    Evening gents,

    Couple of minor additions in what I presume to be Noppes' absence. I have made it easier to tell when an NPC is resisting an attack by adding blocking animations (like how you block with a sword). An NPC can block with an item in his left or right hand dependent on what kind of attack it resists against (right hand for melee, left hand for projectiles).

    On that note, I've added a new option to factions where an NPC can alert all nearby allies of a target to focus on. Originally, there was only the option to defend members that were attacked, so this is a more aggressive option for those who want to have things like scouts and ambushes.

    Next on the list I'd like to add "beacon" properties in the stats page. These will allow the NPC to apply a status effect to nearby players/mobs/other NPCs; whether it's a buff for their allies, or a debuff against their enemies. NPCs will only be allowed to apply two status effects at a time. Chances are this will make the healer job obsolete, but that's OK because this will be a more versatile option, and we can open up more jobs like Fisherman and Lumberjacks.

    That is all.
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    And I'm back.

    So as I said a hundred pages ago, I fixed and improved a couple of things; including changing labels around to make more sense, and added a few new abilities like being able to shoot multiple projectiles at once, and a new hit and run behavior where NPCs will retreat after attacking/being attacked. Other fixes include potion rendering for 2D objects, rendering some held weapons (crossbows are held sideways now), and new additions/fixes to indirect firing and toggling between melee and range attacks. I'm pretty sure this is all moot compared to what Noppes has been dishing out in the past 6 months, but hey, the little things help too.

    What I might be working on next is permitting the use of multiple melee/range attacks that NPCs can change between. This will work in a similar manner to adding quests where you can add an attack to the NPCs list of possible attacks, and choose how often it will use it. I have other plans for when 1.8 comes out when all mobs get updated to the new AI standard and more abilities become available. This will open up opportunity for more abilities, more jobs, and more roles.

    That's all for now.
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    Evening gents,

    So now that we have a stable forge client, I'm planning for my next move while I crush some of the AI bugs most people have been having and streamline the interface a little bit. you'll find a list of the small changes I'm going to make in the spoiler below.

    *Fix BurnInSun issue where dead body burns forever
    *Convert FireDelay and DelayVariance into MinDelay and MaxDelay (removes limit on delayVariance)
    *Fix issue where ranged NPC's can't shoot past their NavRange even though they have a higher AggroRange
    *Allow Ranged NPCs to fire indirectly based on distance instead of just visibility
    *Fix problems displaying potions as projectiles
    *Fix improper labels for glowing projectiles
    *Fix explosions for potion effects
    *Allow multiple projectiles to be fired at once (max up to 10)

    Once I get those out of the way, my next plan is to allow NPCs to use a special melee/range attack that can differ from its normal melee/range attacks. When an NPC is about to initiate an attack, he'll have an adjustable percent chance of using a special attack instead of his normal one, which can go no higher than 50%. In addition, the user will also be able to set how many times the NPC must use its standard attack before it is allowed to use a special attack again. There will be a special variant for both melee and range attacks so that way you can have more dangerous and unpredictable combat NPCs

    That is all.
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    Quote from redstonemaniac

    Hey I have a few suggestions for an update.
    1. Right now in version 1.5.2, quests can only be made really short with only one task to perform. I think there should be a way to customize objectives like you can with dialogue. Like you can set it to killing X number of Y entity, obtaining (through collecting or drops) X number of Y items, crafting X number of Y items, visiting X area, visiting X area for the first time, meet an npc etc. You can also make the objective require multiple other objectives, dialogue, quest or faction points so you can nest them like you can dialogue to last for as long as you want. Replace the availability options for dialogue and quests, now set with 2 dialogue 2 quests and 2 faction, with 6 options that can be any of those three or an objective. It would allow for much more complicated quests that require you to, for example, do some dialogue then create an item then more dialogue then visit an area then meet to an npc then dialogue then kill a boss then more dialogue then the reward.
    2. Also if you havent already you should create cheats to set certain attributes of an npc such as making him equip a sword, or change his skin, change his stats to level him up, stuff like that. Or even change the player data of someone to complete an objective or void one completed. Those cheats could also be activated by certain availability options of course.
    3. Create a programmed set of instructions for an npc's ai. such as making him walk to a certain location, say something out loud, equip an item and start fighting a monster once you complete a certain availability option. also be able to load different instructions based on different arguments. It would make them seem a lot more lifelike rather than just standing around.

    1.) As much as we'd like to implement more complicated quests, it would make things far too complicated for the user to make them, and that alone isn't as streamlined as it should be. Currently quests are capable of being chained, so that's a start.

    2.) control of quests would be very useful, it might even be a useful workaround for the first problem. NPC attributes however might be too much, since there's just too many attributes to put in a command.

    3.)Scripted sequences are an idea I ran by Noppes a while ago; we're not quite sure how we would implement that kind of system as of yet, or if we really need it. There's already a great deal of control through factions, quests, dialogues, and others, so the most we'd need to do is allow movement from one position to another after a certain action is performed. That kind of idea is still in the concept phase.

    Quote from blue_owl_9

    Hey Noppes, I'm planning on making a map with a couple mods and I just wanted to ask if I'm allowed to use this mod for the map, and if I may, what would you want me to include in the post? Please don't hesitate to say no if that's what you feel. Your decision is your decision. Also, sorry for being a noob, I don't usually post on stuff.

    It is not necessary to ask for permission. If you must include something, include a link to this thread.
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    Oh good, your slow clap processor made it into this thing, so we have that.
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    Back in 0.1.5 on a small multiplayer server, I found a derelict mining outpost that was seemingly deserted. It had a large entrance with a little wooden shack next to it full of furnaces. Some of the furnaces still had coal in them, while some still had iron in them. The entrance lead to a small surface cave that had a winding staircase into darkness, each stairway leading off to a shaft larger than the last. The shafts had to have been man made because they were perfectly rectangular, and abandoned mine shafts weren't naturally generated back in those days.

    There were absolutely no torches in any of these shafts; come to think of it there were no torches at all. The whole mine was completely devoid of light, but I never heard the sounds of hostile mobs as I was going down there; never even encountered them. Since mobs spawn anywhere dark, there was plenty of ample space for them to run rampant, but the fact that there weren't any was extra spooky to me.

    By the time I reached the bottom of the stairwell, a hallway lead to this incredibly large room supported by thick columns, with small little dirt barriers blocking smaller entrances. At the opposite end of this large room was a moderately sized hallway with multiple dead ends before leading down to bedrock. This was back before creative mode, so given how high the ceiling in that room was, whoever built that place must not have slept much.

    The hallway lead to one final chamber, a massive room that seemed to expand on forever into the darkness, I literally did not see any walls except for the ones behind me. the ceiling was low to the floor, which was nothing but jagged bedrock formations, so it was picked clean of any precious ores. The only thing that stood out in this void of black was a small glowing block that was really far away. I run over to this thing, worried there were creepers hiding in the potholes, and it turns out to be jack-o-lantern with a sign attached to its face. The sign read in its exact words:

    Abandon All Hope.

    At the time I read it, one of those creepy cave noises played, and I IMMEDIATELY turned tail out of there! I was afraid creepers were going to start closing in on me from behind the columns or spiders were going to start pouring out from the doors, but they didn't. Somehow I made it back topside with no interference from any baddies..

    I'm pretty sure the server was set to peaceful at the time I was on, so I was never in any danger. Of course I never knew that, so the whole experience was extremely unnerving; It's still a mystery to me what the story must have been behind that place.
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    I must admit, I didn't imagine the trees looking so short. They should be much taller to give a more looming ominous feel to the place, given how dangerous it's supposed to be.
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    Thanks to your efforts, we can now come to a scientifically sound conclusion:
    This update is freakin' dope.
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    Quote from Sundaysmile

    Agreed, some have already suggested a unique dungeon, similar to a stronghold with a risk/reward element tied to it. Other things you could add to the mix could be unique entities which only spawn in a particular bewitched area, specific blocks native to that biome are also a possibility.

    I tend not to go into heavy detail with those requirements. It tends to spark arguments and general silliness, and even if the basic fundamental of this idea were taken into account, finer details like Mobs/blocks etc would probably be up to the developer anyhow.

    But as I've said before, if you've got an idea to separate it from the "Just another Nether" point folks have brought up, then have at it, New biome ideas tend to be a blank canvas waiting for input.

    And thanks for taking an interest!

    Well instead of presenting the biome as outwardly dangerous like the nether does, you could make the danger more subtle, yet incredibly potent. For setting a proper atmosphere, you could just give the biome a constant overcast without rain, making it dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn (like thunderstorms). Seems to be more natural while maintaining a sense of danger.

    Your idea of making plants literally die out was pretty cool too, gives a paranormal feeling to it. you could expand upon that by giving the grass a dark brown color with some dead shrubs and disgusting looking water, like a dead zone in real life (also it turns out crops really don't die out in the nether, they just grow at a slower pace, which is weird).

    As for mobs, the easiest thing to do would be to just restrict it to zombies and skeletons, but if you wanted to make the biome more paranoia inducing, you could create a type of mob that doesn't attack directly, but instead stalks you and hides from you until it sees a perfect opportunity to strike (think weeping angels). If no other mobs were allowed to spawn in the dead zone, it would really heighten the sense of paranoia, since the danger is always hidden and could happen at any given moment.

    Additional hazards could be something like the anomalies from stalker clear sky: incredibly subtle hazards that don't actively try to kill you, but can appear out of nowhere and can ruin any player who isn't fast enough to avoid/counter the threat.

    Best I could think of if I'm honest.
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    Well there is a new biome coming out known as the black forest, an incredibly dense forest with a thick canopy that makes it dangerous even during the day. If you're looking for a biome that's dangerous 24/7, this might be a potential answer.

    Other than that, This sounds like a rehash of the nether. notice the similarities between the two:

    -Mobs constantly spawn
    -The compass and clock spins wildly
    -Players cannot sleep (beds explode in the nether)
    -Crops cannot grow (water cannot be placed in the nether)
    -No passive mobs
    -Unique aggressive mobs not found on the overworld.

    The only important new features would be that there's water, and no light, so it's pretty redundant. You'll need a couple of ideas that separate it from the nether.
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