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    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: Intro :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:
    One day, after a long day of adventuring, you went to sleep in the safety of your home. When you woke up, you found that you were not in your house, but on an island. A flying island with a castle on it, but no other people. Your food supplies on the island are low, with a single cow and pig being the only other living creatures on the island, and a strange force seems to keep you from digging up anything on the island. You set out to restart your life on this strange island, and perhaps one day find your way back to your old home...

    :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: Description :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    This is a survival map where the world is a chain of floating islands, one with a large castle on it. Several chests with items required to survive and complete challenges can be found scattered around. This map isn't meant to be one of those super hard maps such as skyblock survival, but meant to be a different survival experience. There are plenty of things to do, such as complete challenges, build a house, explore, and even expand the castle if you so wish.

    :Red: :Red: :Red: Rules :Red: :Red: :Red:
    1.You cannot mine the castle walls or any stone outside the quarry.You also cannot mine the floor or any items already placed in a room(such as the iron blocks or furnaces in the bakery or the iron bars blocking the armory). You can, however, dig up the topsoil if you wish.If in the Nether, you can't mine anything on the main island, only on the smaller one.
    2.No spawning items(duh)
    3.If you craft any redstone powering mechanisms (EX:redstone torches, buttons) You cannot use them to open the Forge door. You can only use the lever hidden on the map to open it.
    4.You can do whatever you want to the smaller islands, even destroy them completely if you'd like
    5.Have fun!
    (Rules in red do not apply to the block breaking map)

    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: Challenges :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:
    1.Start a tree farm

    2.Start a wheat farm

    3.Start a melon farm

    4.Start a pumpkin farm

    5.Mine every block in the Quarry basement (only stone and ores can be mined, not bricks)

    6.Gain entrance to the Forge

    7.Start a sugarcane farm

    8.Start a cactus farm

    9.Find the cave (No, its not the quarry )

    10.Make a cobble generator

    11.Make a pig farm

    12.Make a chicken farm

    13.Make a cow farm

    14.Tame a wolf

    15.Craft a bed

    16.Craft a Brewing stand

    17.Craft an Enchanting table

    18.Acquire 10 wool of every kind

    19.Acquire 3 stacks of stone bricks

    20.Grow a giant mushroom of each type

    21.Explore the entire island outside the castle without dying

    22.Try and fail to escape the island

    23.Build a house on another island

    24.Monster-proof the island

    25.Conquer all 8 other islands

    26.Repair the bridge to the ruined island

    27.Find your way into the mage's basement

    28.Make a skeleton grinder

    29.Refill the mage's collection

    30.Build two snow golems

    31.Uncover the desert ruin

    32.Make five redstone lamps

    33.Grow a large jungle tree

    34.Make a cake and place it in your home

    35.Find your way to the Nether

    36.Create a pig farm using a spawner

    37.Gain entrance to the Armory

    38.Become a cat breeder

    39.Start a Nether wart farm

    40.Make a blaze grinder

    41.Find the secret Nether area

    42.Make a cobble generator in the Nether

    43.Find the burial chamber

    44.Create a 5x5 patch of grass on the snow or cave island

    45.Replace the grass in the plains island with mycelium and plant two giant mushrooms there

    46.Find both dungeons on the cave island

    47.Find all three chests on the snow island

    48.Find the secret area in the swamp

    49. Find the dungeon on the mountain island

    50.End your isolation by creating a village with a minimum of 10 villagers and 6 houses

    51.Go to the end

    52.Defeat the Enderdragon

    53.Screw logic and make a pig farm in the end

    54.Aquire 100 emeralds (A stack of 64 and a stack of 36)

    55.Complete all the other challenges

    :Black: :Black: :Black:Trailer :Black: :Black: :Black:
    :Violet: :Violet: :Violet: Screenshots :Violet: :Violet: :Violet:

    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: Videos :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:
    LP by FrostyAlduin
    LP by PixelTator
    LP by TheTrueCommentary
    LP by Gaminggod192
    LP by DonkeyPuncher
    LP by W3bbyHD
    LP by Nomium
    LP by BurgundyBadgerr
    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Yellow: Download :Yellow: :Yellow: :Yellow:
    Block breacking: Download Here
    No block breaking: Download Here
    Updated:Added the end, Added emerald ore in the mine, Made the extreme hills island less derpy, Added a text document with the achievements listed to the .zip file, Added a download to a map where block breaking is allowed, Added a few other small changes
    :Rose: :Rose: :Rose: Support :Rose: :Rose: :Rose:

    Please report if something seems to be missing, and post with suggestions for things I should add. Videos or pictures of your adventures are appreciated. Thanks for playing, and enjoy :)
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    You wake up suddenly, unsure of where you are or what you're doing. Seeing a nearby sign, you head in the direction of the nearest town, looking for a place to stay. Things do not go according to plan, however, and you soon find yourself cought up in a search for a lost child and uncover a sinister secret, quickly finding the fate of the world in your hands.

    Trials of Fate is the first part of an as of yet unnamed adventure series I'm in the process of making. Most of the map was developed during update 1.3, so unfortunatly many newer features are not included in the map. While the adventure series is not named yet, I've already planned out most of the second installment and will begin work on it soon, so if you enjoy this map be patient, the sequal will be infintly better ;) . I will probably post teasers and updates for the next map as soon as work on it begins, and within a few days this thread will be transformed into a thread for the whole series, not just this installment.

    Download V1.1


    -Fixed a few broken spawn points
    -Added checkpoints during lava parkour
    -Removed blazes in portal room due to bugs
    -Decreased number of mobs in the Nether
    -Minor changes to boss battle

    Recommended players: 2-3
    The map features a custom texture pack to be used with it, included in the download*
    Don't forget to post the rank you get at the end of the map!
    *Texture pack is a custom painterly pack. I do not claim to own any of the textures in it

    Please leave feedback and criticism, I'd like to know what you thought about the map. Enjoy! :lol:

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    Ultimate Capture the Flag
    [Epic banner coming soon]

    With the addition of command blocks, it is now possible to have a well made, functioning game of capture the flag. While without mods there are a few kinks (Such as not being able to be in adventure mode because you need to be able to break the flag), the arenas work very well. While hopefully you realize this just by the name of the map, but just in case i'll say it: This map requires multiple people.

    :Red: :Red: :Red: Gametypes :Red: :Red: :Red:
    There are Three different types of capture the flag: Neutral Flag, Multi-Flag, and 1-Flag. Currently there is not an arena for every gametype, but i'll be constantly adding new arenas to the map. The gametypes are pretty self explanitory, but below is a quick rundown of what each of them is.

    Neutral Flag
    In a game of neutral flag, there is a single white flag in the middle of the map. Every team is trying to capture it.To capture the flag in this gametype, the flag must be dyed your team's color and put on your flagpole

    Multi-Flag is your typical game of capture the flag. Each team has their own flag, and they're trying to protect it from the other teams as well as capture all the other flags. To capture a flag in this gametype, you simply have to steal it and put it on your flagpole.
    Castle 1
    Castle 2

    In 1-Flag, only one team has a flag. It is that teams goal to protect the flag, and the other teams goal to capture it. This is the only gametype limited to 2 teams. To capture a flag in this gametype, you simply have to steal the flag and put it on your flagpole before time runs out.
    There are no arenas for this gametype yet.

    :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: Arenas :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    The map currently only includes 3 arenas, but that number will quickly grow. There are two castle arenas and one desert arena.

    Castle Multi-Team
    Max Players:16

    Castle Multi-Team
    Max Players:16

    Desert Neutral Flag
    Max Players:16

    :Green: :Green: :Green: Community Made Arenas :Green: :Green: :Green:
    Whats this you say? Exactly what it says! If you'd like to make your own map, go ahead! The best part is, you don't even have to work with the command blocks, I can do that for you! Just send me a link either here or via pm to a download of the map your arena is on or a schematic of the arena itself and, if I like it, it'll be added to the map :D . The only restrictions are that is must have one of the gametypes listed and that it cannot have over 16 teams.

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Yellow: How to Run a CTF Game :Yellow: :Yellow: :Yellow:
    Playing/running the maps is simple, 90% of the work is done for you! A gamemaker is not necessary, but makes things a lot easier by telling the teams when they can begin, pointing out when a flag is stolen, saying when a flag is captured, and things like that. Someone will have to either replace items or reset the map though. All you really have to do is choose your map, choose your team, gear up, and play! If you're the gamemaker or the last person to join a game, close the entrance to that arena (theres a lever to do this) so people don't join mid-game.

    While this map can run perfectly fine on a vanilla server, it can be improved by using plugins and other server thingamajigs. For example, if you have the time theres probably a way to make the game tell everyone when the flag is captured/stolen, or to stop them from even having the ability to break blocks other than the flag.

    :Violet: :Violet: :Violet: Download :Violet: :Violet: :Violet:
    You've probably been ready to play for the last several text sections, so without further ado, here is the download for the map:

    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: Servers :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:
    If you're running a server with this map, please post the ip here so that others can find it! Any server ips give to me will be posted here
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    The EverFrost
    The Everfrost is a mod that is in production, with modders Jmax, odedrt9, Methuselah and miniman doing the programming and me as the texturer and idea creator. It is a dimension mod that adds a dimension that includes numerous items and blocks, new dungeon-like structures with lots of fun exploring opportunities, new mobs, and even some new enchantments and potion types.

    Currently this list is useless. Most of these people have left/haven't responded to me in a long time. At the moment JMax is the only one coding. I'll make a better list of progress when I know for sure whats going on with the other modders, and whats being worked on. Im also gonna revamp this post, I never actually realized till now how ugly it is...

    Done= :Green:
    Currently being worked on= :Yellow:
    Worked on but abandoned for now= :Orange:
    Not worked on= :Red:

    (broad catagories, making it more specific would take too much space)

    Portal (And game recognizing as different dimension) :Green: Methuselah
    Biome Block generation :Orange: Odedrt9
    Ores :Orange: miniman
    Other Blocks :Orange: miniman
    Ingots/tools :Orange: Methuselah
    Armor :Orange: Methuselah
    Darkstone mechanics :Orange: TheJmax
    Weapons :Orange:
    Misc items :Orange:
    Enchantments :Red:
    Brewing :Red:
    Aggresive mobs :Orange: DarkShadow1223 Manida
    Passive mobs :Orange: odedrt9
    Structure generation (Minus ruins) :Red:
    Ruins :Red:
    Warps :Red:
    Freezer :Green: Jmax


    FrostEverfrost equivalent of dirt. Instead of grass, outer blocks have snow on them. Unlike grass, snow can only be spread to other frost blocks if a block with snow is above and next to the block it is spreading to. This can occur at any level difference between the frost and the snow. Snow can also be transferred via snowballs. Just like dirt, when frost is mined you receive a frost block without snow on top of it. However, you will also receive a snow block if you mine a block of frost with snow. Frost cannot be used as a light source or in a furnace.
    Requires nothing to be mined, but you will only obtain a frost block if using frostbitten, animantium, frigid steel, or glacite tools. If you don�t mine it with one of these types of tools, you will obtain ice shards instead

    Melting frost in a furnace gives you a block of mud (mud is semisolid, so it makes sense that you can obtain a block of it). Alternatively, a bucket of mud can be obtained by crafting a bucket of water with dirt

    Crafting one piece of Frost gives you five ice shards. (Alternatively, 1-3 shards are obtained if you break frost without correct tools) These shards can be crafted into a multitude of decorations, as they never melt due to the nature of their plane (just as ice never melts in the EverFrost even if you bring a bucket of lava and place it on the ice.) , or into ice cylinders used to craft tools. (So far I�ve thought of a chandelier and a very thin block to substitute for glass panes as far as ice shard decorations)
    Snow only appears in the EverFrost as a covering on Frost, as stated above.
    Water is non-existent in the EverFrost; instead, there are lakes of ice. Dumping a bucket of water in the EverFrost will instantly create a block of ice. It is actually less common then Frigidumm in the EverFrost. Breaking it gives you 2-5 ice shards. It can be broken with anything, and will always drop ice shards (in the normal world ice shards would not be dropped).
    A combination of ice, snow, and frozen rock. Caves in the EverFrost are made entirely of ice, tundra, and rarely rock near lava (With ores from the EverFrost here and there).
    Will drop one tundra block when mined with a frostbitten, animantium, frigid steel, or glacite pick. Will break easily if using a stone or better pick, but will only drop 0-2 ice shards and 0-1 snowballs. Mining without a pick (or using a wooden pick) will take incredibly long, and will drop nothing.
    Eight blocks of tundra makes a freezer. The function of the freezer will be described in more detail later.

    Frigidumm is a burning cold liquid seen in the EverFrost that is as common as water is in the natural world and lava is in the Nether. It is cold enough that placing lave in a pool of it will create a block of tundra. It can be collected using either an iron or frigid steel bucket (Iron buckets will become unusable after holding frigidumm). It will flow 9 blocks away from its source block when placed. Touching it will hurt the player slightly less than lava(about 75% as much damage per second) and it will turn anything made of iron into frostbitten versions of themselves (iron buckets will become unusable, just as if they had been used to collect frigiduum) and buckets of water and lava into buckets of ice(water) and tundra. This will render these buckets useless, buckets of ice can be put in a smelter to return them to water, buckets of tundra are unusable and the tundra cannot be removed. Frostbitten tools are slightly better than iron in durability, and are much more useful that iron in the EverFrost, so this can be used as a risky way to obtain it (Frostbitten armor will shatter after one hit and the frigidumm itself will injure the player, creating the risk in obtaining frostbitten tools this way) Boats cannot be used to sail on Frigidumm, they will shatter if you attempt to place one in it.

    Putting a bucket of Frigidumm in a furnace will give you one Frigidumm block, used for decorating. This cannot be reversed in any way. (Bucket will stay in input block, as if you had poured the frigiduum into the furnace)

    Crafting an iron ingot with a bucket of frigidumm will give you 1 frostbitten ingot.
    Thin Ice
    Thin ice appears as whatever block is next to it, but will shatter when stepped on. Underneath it can be anything from a one block drop to a ravine that leads to bedrock levels. It will always appear in large amounts, and the blocks on the very edge of the �vein� of thin ice will crackle for a few seconds before breaking, giving the player a warning. It is most common in glacier biomes, but can appear anywhere. There are occasional lakes of frigidumm with thin ice covering them that will appear as a normal ice lake�until you step on it.
    Only appears in the glacier biome. It is simply opaque ice, and will still give you ice shards when broken. Snow can spread from frost blocks covered in snow (or snow blocks placed by the player) that are both adjacent and at least one block higher than the glacier block to a glacier block.

    (Early pic, still being fixed up so that it effects more blocks)
    Darkstone is the opposite of glowstone, and will cause the light level to decrease by 10 wherever it is, expanding and weakening for 10 squares (ex. 3 squares away the light level is decreased by 7, 5 squares away decreased by 5, ten squares away decreased by 1, ect.) It only spawns as stalagmites and stalactites in caves in the EverFrost, and only at light level zero or light levels higher than 10. It is rare to find a large stalactite/mite composed entirely of darkstone and tundra and/or stone is usually present as well.
    Will break easily when anything is used to mine it (including your hand), but will only drop something if using an iron or better pick. It will drop 2-4 darkstone shards.
    Crafting 4 darkstone shards in the same manner as crafting glowstone dust into glowstone gives you one darkstone block. Unlike glowstone, crafting a darkstone block will give you four darkstone shards.

    Crafting darkstone shards around a Redstone repeater will create a light sensor. This can be set similarly to Redstone repeaters and has three settings: Total darkness (light level 0), Dark (light levels below eight), or light (light levels above seven). It will charge adjacent Redstone wires or blocks whenever a certain light level is reached (based on how it is set). This can be used to make secret doors opened either when a torch or other light source is broken or placed.

    Crafting darkstone shards with Redstone dust gives you darkstone dust. This can be used for brewing potions (see brewing section), for making light sensors more secretive, or for extending the range of your light sources. When placed they will glow with the same light level as the block they are facing or darkstone dust they are attached to. This current of light will travel as far as a current will travel on Redstone wire, but will instead become one light level dimmer for every dust past this limit. This system can be used to make secret doors triggered by torches less obvious (circuitry and detector hidden instead of having a detector right next to your door/piston/whatever it is that you use to make the door work.) or for neat lighting tricks that require less torches/glowstone.

    Whitestone bricks and columns
    Whitestone bricks/columns are made out of an unknown white substance that has the same strength and appearance as stone. Whitestone bricks/columns are similar to Netherbrick, in that they cannot be made by any substance, only found as an already crafted block, and that they form structures in their native dimensions. They are only found in ruins in the EverFrost and are normally topped with a cracked Whitestone brick/column (unlike cracked stone bricks, these appear as normal Whitestone bricks/columns that have large chunks broken of them, and small cracks in around where the chunk would have broken off. All columns that are not broken are topped with a Whitestone slab (unless you break this slab, obviously), and stairs are formed through the use of Whitestone slabs.

    Can be broken with anything (though incredibly slow when using your hands or wooden or stone tools) but requires a diamond pick to be obtained. This is a strange property, as it will break at a reasonable speed when using worse picks (other than wood or stone) or equal/better picks (Animantium/Glacite). This suggests that the stone was created in the natural world where these stronger metals were not present, or that it is enchanted to shatter if diamond is not used (also suggesting, though bricks themselves being present suggested this, that some other beings were here before you, and built such structures that they are made of.). Perhaps this was a curse set on the beings that created the stone, or maybe it was a technique to stop other kingdoms from looting more stone from their cities. Who knows?

    Gelite is an ore found commonly in caves and the interior of mountains in the EverFrost. Mining it gives you one Gelite chunk. It can be smelted then cooled into Frigid steel ingots.
    Can be mined with an iron, frostbitten, frigid steel, animantium, or glacite pick. Diamond picks will not give you ore, but will still mine it quickly. Everything else will have a slow mining rate and will not give you any Gelite chunks.

    Smelting then cooling a Gelite chunk will create a cold steel chunk, then a frigid steel ingot.
    Morbite Ore
    Found mainly in deep ravines under thin ice or inside glaciers. It must be frozen and coated in frigidumm before anything useful can be made out of it. The metal made from it, animantium, is identical to diamond in every way, except its ability to mine any block in the EverFrost (that is there naturally)
    Requires a Frigid steel, animantium, glacite, or diamond pick to mine. Will never break if mined without any pick, will not drop anything if mined with a frostbitten or worse pick (wood, gold, iron, ect.)

    Smelting morbite will destroy it.

    Freezing morbite will give you animantium. Animantium can be coated in frigidumm to create an animantium ingot.
    Glacite Ore
    (Please note the process of obtaining glacite ingots, any posts saying nothing should be better than diamond will be ignored if you do not show in some way that you read the difficulty of obtaining said substance)
    Glacite is most commonly found deep underground in caves or Glaciers, and is slightly more common than diamond in low levels in glaciers, but is rarer the lapis lazuli towards the higher levels that it can be found in (12-15) or at any level in caves or simply underground. It comes in small deposits of 2-5. The ore glows slightly, creating a constant light level increase of 3 in surrounding areas. The block where the ore was will create as much light as a torch for a few moments after being mined, then slowly fade away.
    Requires an animantium pick to mine. Anything less will not break glacite, and it will take as long as obsidian to mine even with an animantium pick. A glacite pick will mine it twice as fast as animantium. Drops one glacite ore when mined with an animantium or glacite pick.

    Smelting Glacite ore will give you unfinished glacite ingots.

    Freezing an unfinished glacite ingot will give you an unpurified glacite ingot.


    bucket in a furnace. Can only be crafted one at a time, as the bucket will remain in the input slot (or possibly you truly pour thIngots

    Every type of ingot that has been mentioned can be made into the same tools and armor you can use iron, stone, etc to make. There are also a few unique things that can be made with ingots from the EverFrost. (See ore description for how to make ingots; Frostbitten ingots are created by crafting an iron ingot with a bucket of frigiduum, or walking into frigiduum while carrying iron ingots.)

    Ingots can be crafted into any tool except sheers. These tools can be crafted from ice cylinders instead of wood, giving them a faster mining rate and slightly higher durability. Animantium, Glacite, and frigid steel ingots can be used to craft throwing spears. (See weapons for details on throwing spears)

    All ingots can also be crafted into armor, although this is not advised with frostbitten ingots, as at takes only one hit before it shatters. It does provide full protection from that hit, however (one piece of armor breaks at a time, starting with helmet and going down; boots do not protect a full hit and are even more useless than most frostbitten armor).

    Crafting ingots in the 3x3 crafting square will give you a block of that type. Frostbitten blocks will cause ice to appear on nearby water or snow to form on nearby blocks when placed.

    Frigid steel ingots can be made into buckets, the only thing capable of holding frigiduum without breaking after holding it.

    Anything made of glacite will glow (increase light level by three), allowing for glacite blocks to be used as decorative light sources, and are more useful than any other tools when exploring (the tools will continue to shed light when held, as well as armor)

    Unpurified glacite ingots can be made glacite darts (10 for 1 ingot), which are only usable in dispensers. Unlike other things, shards will shoot and travel straight for 10 blocks when launched out of the dispenser. After 10 squares they will slowly decrease in altitude, traveling another 5 blocks before hitting the ground and becoming harmless. Regular glacite ingots can also be used, but this is unadvised, as you will only receive 5 darts (the other 5 are made out of the imperfections in unpurified ingots). Diamond and iron darts can also be made, but will give only five darts as well.

    All ingots can be crafted into two spikes, which can be placed to make traps. Iron can now also be crafted into spikes.
    Durability/mining speed*:
    Frostbitten: 271/same as iron (same as stone)
    Frigid steel: 305/slightly faster than iron
    Animantium: 1017/as good as diamond (same as iron)
    Glacite: 1707/Slightly worse than gold, but better than diamond (Slightly worse than diamond)
    All EverFrost tools will mine at much slower speeds in the normal world (with the exception of frigid steel). These speeds are in parenthesis. They can, however, still mine the things iron pickaxes can (glacite can mine the same things as diamond outside of the EverFrost)
    *Numbers=number of uses before breaking (un-mined blocks (you don�t finish breaking them) and missed attacks do not count towards this number)
    Armor (head/chest/legs/boots)*:
    Frostbitten: 1/1/1/1 (absorbs all damage taken from hit, with the exception of boots)
    Frigid Steel: 140/200/190/170
    Animantium: 272/384/368/320
    Glacite: 302/456/404/356
    *Numbers=number of half hearts of damage taken from damage given by mobs/fire/lava/cactus/players before armor breaks
    New Buckets
    Frigid steel buckets
    Function the same way as normal buckets, but with the ability to not break when used to carry frigiduum.
    Broken Bucket
    Unusable for anything (but still take up inventory space if not disposed of). Obtained by carrying frigiduum in an iron bucket, and then emptying the bucket. Can be crafted with another broken bucket to re-make the iron bucket (2:1 ratio), similar to repairing tools.
    New Liquids (Plus mud)

    Frigiduum is a new liquid that is only naturally present in the EverFrost. It spreads 9 blocks (water spreads 7 I believe) when placed, and does so very quickly. It has the unique property of turning anything made of iron that the player has with them when coming in contact with it to frostbitten tools of the same type (tools without counterpart destroyed; buckets turn to frigid steel). It can only be fully contained by a frigid steel bucket, as it will break an iron bucket that is used to hold it as soon the frigiduum is emptied (placed, crafted). It is only used by players in crafting, or decoration if you choose. It is also much easier to make a monster grinder with frigiduum, as it will not destroy items dropped in it.
    Frigiduum Block

    Crafted by placing a frigiduum e frigiduum into the furnace, putting an image of the liquid frigiduum in the input when you click the input with the bucket. Please post your opinion on this)
    Bucket of Mud/block of mud

    Due to mud�s semisolid state, it can be freely held in either a block or a bucket. It must be collected in a bucket first, however. Clicking on an empty inventory space will empty the bucket into a block of mud. Mud would spawn naturally after rain in small puddles of exposed dirt, and rarely on grass blocks (exposed dirt always form mud as soon as it comes in contact with rain or if water is above it). When a player stands on mud, they will sink into it slowly. To escape mud, simply hold the spacebar. This aspect is normally harmless, as natural mud is only one block deep, but this can be used to make traps for both mobs and other players. When placed as either a block or a liquid, it will spread to all adjacent blocks (only from source block). This spread will happen very slowly.

    (Early pictures, finishing tweaks still being made, such as making it so that it doesn't smoke)
    Freezers are a utility similar to furnaces. They can be used for a few things outside of the EverFrost, but are mainly a key part of several crafting processes in the EverFrost. The only thing that can fuel a freezer is a bucket of frigiduum. Along with the processes previously stated, water can be frozen into ice (placed similarly to frigiduum, alternatively ice can now be melted into water), buckets of milk can be frozen into buckets of ice cream, and potions can be frozen for storage (thaw by placing into furnace; can be stacked while frozen; unusable while broken).
    Ice shards

    Ice shards are very common items to obtain in the EverFrost, and are mainly obtained by breaking EverFrost blocks incorrectly, or by breaking ice or icicles (replacement for leaves in EverFrost). Can be made into many things, both decorations and functional blocks/items. (As said above, please post with suggestions for more decorations made of ice shards). Is the only way other than a silk touch to obtain thin ice (three ice shards on the bottom row)
    Chandeliers can be made from ice shards. They serve purely for decoration, and will connect to adjacent chandeliers to make them more eye appealing (Ex. You place two chandeliers next to each other; it will appear as a two block wide chandelier. Placing ice shards in every square in the 3x3 crafting block but the top center one (place a stick here) will craft one chandelier.
    Ice Cylinder
    Crafted by placing three ice shards in the center row of the 3x3 crafting block. Can be used in place of sticks when making EverFrost metal tools to give a +10% bonus to durability and a slightly higher mining rate (Ex. Frostbitten tools made with ice cylinders would have a durability of 298, while a glacite one with an ice cylinder would have a durability of 1878.) This bonus does not apply to normal materials, and cannot substitute ice cylinders for sticks.
    Large bottle
    A large bottle is used in brewing to create potions that can be used twice
    Redstone Circuitry
    Light Sensor

    Crafting darkstone shards around a Redstone repeater will create a light sensor. This can be set similarly to Redstone repeaters and has three settings: Total darkness (light level 0), Dark (light levels below eight), or light (light levels above seven). It will charge adjacent Redstone wires or blocks whenever a certain light level is reached (based on how it is set). This can be used to make secret doors opened either when a torch or other light source is broken or placed.
    Darkstone Dust
    Crafting darkstone shards with Redstone dust gives you darkstone dust. This can be used for brewing potions (see brewing section), for making light sensors more secretive, or for extending the range of your light sources. When placed they will glow with the same light level as the block they are facing or darkstone dust they are attached to. This current of light will travel as far as a current will travel on Redstone wire, but will instead become one light level dimmer for every dust past this limit. This system can be used to make secret doors triggered by torches less obvious (circuitry and detector hidden instead of having a detector right next to your door/piston/whatever it is that you use to make the door work.) or for neat lighting tricks that require less torches/glowstone.
    Heart of Frost
    Hearts of frost can be obtained by either killing devourers or found in chests in dungeons, strongholds, or abandoned mineshafts. They are used in making potions of frozen will, and more importantly, in opening the portal to the EverFrost.

    Darts are weapons that can only be shot out of dispensers. They deal 1-4 hearts of damage per hit (depending on the material they are made of), and fly straight for 10 blocks before lowering in altitude. They fire out of dispensers very quickly, so a pressure plate leading to trap with darts and a dispenser can be deadly. They can only be recollected if they fall to the ground, they will get stuck to far into blocks that they hit to be retrieved. They can only be crafted out of iron, diamond, and glacite.
    Throwing Spears
    Throwing spears are an alternative to bows for handheld ranged weapons. They can be crafted with a 1:3 ratio out of any material, but are useless if attacking normally. Instead, they must be thrown by right clicking. They will travel 5 squares before dropping. They will do less damage when they are at the edge of their range. They will also travel less distance if they are thrown without being charged. They deal � their materials damage without being charged at all, 1/3 of their materials damage with a medium charge, and 2/3 of their materials damage at full charge. Any Throwing spear that does not hit a target will get stuck in the block it lands in, and can be retrieved.
    Frostbitten: 3 hearts
    Frigid Steel: 4 hearts
    Animantium: 3 1/2 hearts
    Glacite: 5 Hearts
    (Based on damages listed on wiki, frostbitten=iron sword damage Animantium=diamond sword damage)
    Frost worm tooth
    Can be used in place of flint in arrows or in place of an ingot in throwing spears. They offer a durability of 200 and deal as much damage as frigid steel when made into throwing spears. They act identically to normal arrows when made into arrows. They can also be crafted with string to make a frost worm necklace. (I haven�t thought out the effects of this necklace, ideas?) A final use for these teeth is to craft them in bookshelf manner with bones (bones replacing books, teeth replacing wood) to create a bone block. These can be used for decoration or as a means of obtaining bone meal (as crafting the block will give you 18 bone meal)
    Large eye
    Large eyes are only obtained as drops by scavengers or in chests in ruins. They are used in brewing to make potions of sloth. Have the same effects of spider eyes when eaten.
    New Item Re-cap:
    Frostbitten ingot Tools (all materials) frigid steel bucket Darts (Iron,
    Gelite chunk Armor (all materials) thin ice diamond, glacite)
    Cold steel chunk Mud Block broken bucket metal blocks
    Frigid steel ingot Bucket of Mud Darkstone Spikes (iron, Morbite Frost Darkstone shard EverFrost metals)
    Animantium Ice shards Darkstone dust throwing spears
    Animantium ingot Ice cylinder Light sensor Large bottle
    Glacite ore Chandelier Whitestone Bricks Large Bottle of water
    Freezer Whitestone Column Heart of Frost Large Potions
    Unfinished glacite ingot Tundra Cracked Whitestone bricks
    Unpurified glacite ingot Frigiduum Block Cracked Whitestone column
    Glacite ingot Bucket of Frigiduum Whitestone slab Frost Worm Tooth
    Large eye Frost worm necklace Bone block Frost tooth throwing spear
    Frost tooth arrow New potions (not gonna list them all)
    Grinder meat grinder spikes (Frostbitten darts) Whitestone pressure plate Celestial ice
    (Now THAT�S a lot of items)


    Frigid Plains
    Frigid plains are exactly what you would imagine, vast plains of snow with very little elevation changes or trees. The only formations that can appear here are ruins and rarely an ice lake.
    MountainMost of the biomes in the EverFrost are mountain biomes. They are large mountains with entrances to caves found in their sides and the occasional tree (trees function the same as in the normal world, but their outer texture is white and appears to have icicles on it. Leaves are replaced by icicle blocks.) Ruins, caves, ice lakes, and rarely ravines can appear in this biome. Frost worm nests can generate on top of mountains.
    Glaciers are large, flat areas of pure ice. Certain ores are only found in Glaciers, and there appear to be no imperfections in them, but they are not. Ravines appear very frequently in glaciers, but are always covered by thin ice. Ravines are the only formations that can be found in glaciers
    The rarest biome in the EverFrost, forests are exactly the same as in the normal world, but with EverFrost trees in them. You can occasionally find frigiduum ponds and lakes, but will more often find ice lakes. Lakes, ruins, Frost worm nests, and caves can generate in forests.
    Large areas spanning huge amounts of land, they are found within other biomes (never in glaciers). They are filled with ponds and lakes of frigiduum, and the land has many craters in spontaneous places, usually filled with frigiduum. Frigiduum lakes, Frost worm nests, and ruins can generate in wasteland biomes.



    Devourers are creatures that are found in caves in the EverFrost. They have large mouths and sharp, hooked insectoid arms. They are taller than the player by one block, making them a scary part of any EverFrost cave. They have a unique ability to eat ore blocks that they come across while wandering in caves. They can eat any amount of ores they find on the surface of the cave and have a chance to drop up to four of the ores they have eaten when killed. The rarer the ore, the less likely it will drop. Devourers will charge you when they first see you and attack with their claws, then continuously follow and bite you.
    Health: 15xheart
    Damage: (Normal/Charge)
    Easy: 1/3
    Normal: 2/5
    Hard: 3/6
    Size: (LengthxWidthxHight) 3x2x3
    Drops: 1 Heart of Frost, 0-4 Ores that have been consumed

    Frost Worm

    Frost worms are segmented wormlike creatures. They have no eyes, and are simply square segments with mouths. Frost worms can be found in five sizes: Maggot, normal, Large, Huge, and Gigantic. All frost worms start with 3 segments, and will grow a segment every time they kill a mob or kill a player. They will only attack a mob if it attacks them. They will never lose segments. Gigantic worms start with six segments. Maggots are only one square big and cannot gain segments. All frost worm sizes other than maggot can burrow underground, traveling in no particular order and only rise when they run out of places to tunnel, move too far towards the surface, or sense the player. Normal sized worms can only tunnel through frost, large and huge can tunnel through frost, tundra, and stone and Gigantic can tunnel through everything but bedrock. Obsidian is the only normal world or Nether block that they cannot burrow through, with the exception of gigantic worms. Worms can spawn in any biome, with the exception of gigantic worms, which only spawn in glaciers (though they can follow the player out of it). Frost worm nests can be generated if structure generation is on when the world is created and this is the only place that maggot sized frost worms can spawn. All sizes but Gigantic of frost worm will spawn often and in large numbers in Frost worm nests.
    Information displayed after this line is displayed as: maggot/normal/large/huge/gigantic
    Health per segment: � /2/4/6/10
    Easy: None, just push/ � /1/2/4
    Normal: .5/3/4/6/8
    Hard: 1/5/6/8/12
    (I may need to Nerf damage on these, please comment if you agree or disagree to Nerfing (keep in mind that gigantic frost worms are very rare spawns)
    Size per segment: .25x.25x.1/1x1x1/2x1x2/2x2x3/4x3x5 (lengthxwidthxhight) (Frost worms use their segmented bodies to be both vertical and horizontal at times, bending and manipulating their bodies, so their actual height or length will vary.
    Drops: 0-2 slime balls/1-2 Frost worm teeth/2-3 Frost worm teeth/4-5 Frost worm teeth/2-6 frostbitten spikes, 3-5 Frost worm teeth (spikes representing huge teeth, normal sized teeth drops represent teeth that are still growing (added purely so that you would still get the main drop for frost worms from gigantic ones))

    Scavengers are small, strange looking creatures. They wander around aimlessly, attacking any mobs or players they see. They can spawn in any biome.
    Health: 6 hearts
    Easy: 1
    Normal: 2
    Hard: 3
    Size: (Lengthxwidthxhight) 3x2x.5
    Drops: 1 Large eye

    Frigidium Blob
    A blob of living Frigidium. It is unknown how they exist, but they've been in the Everfrost as long as it has existed. They spawn in lakes of Frigidium, and are immune to damage from it (they are also immune to lava and water, as they turn it into Tundra and Ice, respectively). They can only be hurt with a Frostbitten Bucket. While they can spawn in any lake of Frigidium, they're is only a small chance for each one, and they are therefore Very Rare.
    Health: 5.5 hearts
    Damage (easy): 2 hearts
    Damage (Normal): 4 hearts
    Damage (hard): 6.5 hearts
    Size: about the same as a Medium Slime or large slime
    Drops:1-4 Frigidium Orb(s)

    Ice Elemental
    Artificial life created to guard the treasures hidden in ruins, ice elementals are vicious beings that live only to destroy life. They make sounds similar to those of Blazes and freeze all those that come near. They only appear in ruins, and only spawn when there is a spawner present. They can spawn at any light level, making it unsafe to be anywhere in ruins for long. Lava will instantly incinerate them, and fire will do deadly damage. They attack anything nearby, including other mobs. Their bodies are composed of a large upper body, with shards of ice floating around it to serve as limbs. When they hit you up close, they will knock you back several squares. They move relatively slow
    Health: 15
    Easy: 2.5 hearts
    Normal: 5 hearts ; Ranged: 1 hearts
    Hard: 7.5 hearts ; Ranged: 3 hearts
    *Hardcore: Ranged: 5 hearts
    Drops: 1-5 Celestial ice
    Size: (LengthxWidthxHight) 2x2x2

    �Glass� Animals

    Glass animals are simply mirror images of normal world farm animals, but made completely of ice. They only spawn in plains biomes.
    Health: 1 heart
    Damage: N/A
    Size: Whatever the size of their normal world counterpart is.
    Drops: 1-6 ice shards
    Ice bats
    Bat-like creatures that will not attack you unless you attack them. They will fly around aimlessly and can spawn in all biomes except glacier (but can follow you into a glacier biome if attacking you). They act similar to zombie pigmen in that all of the nearby ice bats will swarm you if you attack one.
    Health: 3 hearts
    Damage: 1 (on all difficulties)
    Size: (LengthxWidthxHight) .5x1.5(wingspan contributes to nearly all of this)x.5
    Drops: None yet, please leave some suggestions. Im thinking of bat wings but I can't think of a use for them yet.
    Small spiky snow lumps, grinders will not intentionally harm anything. Their spikes cause them to be fairly dangerous, however. All nearby grinders will run away from you if you attack one. Their spikes have the same strength of frostbitten metal, so can be used as a replacement for them in situations where it is possible (Can be used as darts)
    Health: 3 hearts
    Damage: 2 (all difficulties; do not intentionally attack you)
    Size: (Lengthxwidthxhight) 1x1x1.5
    Drops: 1 Grinder meat, 1-3 grinder spikes


    Frigiduum Lake

    Lakes of frigiduum, what else is there to say?
    Ice Lake
    Again, as simple as �It�s a lake, that�s made of ice!�
    Same as in the normal world, but with stalagmites/tites made of darkstone, stone, and tundra. This is the only place devourers can spawn. There are no liquids in EverFrost Caves.
    Vast structures that can be found in any biome but Glacier, ruins are the only structures similar to mineshafts, dungeons, and strongholds in the EverFrost. They have small outer appearances that seem to be broken temples, but have vast underground catacombs. There can be many chests in these catacombs, or possibly just one. These chests can contain:
    Frostbitten ingot 1-5
    Cold steel chunk 1-2
    Frost tooth arrow 5-15
    Ice shards 5-20
    Whitestone Bricks 10-20
    Whitestone Bricks 21-40
    Morbite 1-2
    Chandelier 2-4
    Darkstone shard 2-6
    Large eye 1-2
    Frost Worm Tooth 1-3
    Whitestone Column 10-20
    Heart of Frost 1
    Frost worm necklace 1
    Frigid steel ingot 1-4
    Whitestone Column 21-40
    Whitestone Bricks 64
    Very Rare:
    Whitestone column 64
    Whitestone slab 15-30
    Glacite ingot 2-3
    Keep in mind that any number of items could appear in the chest. Ruin Catacombs are also laced with traps, including spike pits and dart dispensers. It can be useful to find these traps, as it is the only way to obtain Whitestone pressure plates. There are also occasional scavenger spawners and frost worm infestations in ruin catacombs. The catacombs can span entire biomes from ground level to bedrock, or simply be one room with a chest at the bottom of a staircase.
    Again, same as normal world ravines. Ravines are rarely not covered in a layer of thin ice, and are found most often in glaciers.
    Frost Worm Nests
    Frost worm nests are structures that appear as large holes in the ground that seem to have been dug. They are most notable for the presence of frost worm maggots, which only spawn in Frost Worm nests. Frost worms spawn 3x as often in Frost Worm nests. There is always at least one huge, one large, two normal, and five maggot sized frost worms in nests, but a gigantic frost worm will never spawn. There are often many more frost worms than this, however.



    Applies to: Darts
    Darts with pierce will deal � heart extra damage, and ignore � heart of resistance from armor per level of enchantment. This can only be applied to a stack of darts*.
    Frozen Essence
    Applies to: All weapons that can be enchanted
    Enemies hit with this weapon will move at half speed for five seconds per level of enchantment.
    Frost Bane
    Applies to: All weapons that can be enchanted
    Enemies in the EverFrost take 1.5-2 extra hearts of damage from this weapon.
    *The entire stack of darts is enchanted when placed in the enchantment table, decreasing experience levels used for enchanting by 1 per 10 darts.
    Protection from Frost
    Applies to: All armor
    Converts two hearts of damage per level of enchantment from EverFrost mobs into armor damage.
    Innate Tool

    Applies to: EverFrost Metal tools
    An EverFrost metal tool enchanted with this will mine at its normal speed while in the normal world. Animantium can also mine anything that diamond can while in the normal world when it has this enchantment.


    New Potions
    Potion of Frozen Will

    Made by adding a heart of frost to an awkward potion using a brewing stand.
    Effect: Potions of frozen will allow you to walk through frigiduum unharmed. It will also make you create ice whenever you touch water while the potions effects are still working
    Other: When thrown as a splash potion, will cover any blocks in its radius in snow, or turn it to ice if it is water.

    Potion of Luminosity
    Made by adding Darkstone dust to an awkward potion using a brewing stand.
    Effect: When ingested, the player will give off light level 10 around them. When thrown, any players or blocks in this radius will behave the same way. This can apply to mobs as well if you throw it at one (Yay, glow in the dark creepers!)
    Other: Defaultly lasts 3:00, thick(II) makes things give off light 15 for 1:30, extended gives light level 7 for 6:00
    Potion of Frost Resistance
    Made by adding a Frost Worm tooth to an awkward potion using a brewing stand.
    Effect: Allows player or targets to become immune to damage from frigiduum and take � damage from EverFrost mobs.
    Other: Effects apply to air blocks in a way, so if thrown into a pool of frigiduum it will create an area where the frigiduum cannot flow (even if the pool is deeper than the radius of the potion).
    Potion of Paralysis
    Made by adding a large eye to an awkward potion using a brewing stand.
    Effect: Target is immobolized and cannot shoot projectiles(will still harm you if you bump into it) for the duration of the effects. Defaulty lasts for 30 seconds.
    Other: Cannot be made into a thick(II) potion, only extended.
    New Types of Potions
    Large potions

    Large potions are potions made in large bottles. These potions allow for two uses of the same potion for the same duration, but these potions effects are halved during each use. Splash potions can be made out of large potions, but will give a larger area of effect instead of two uses.


    Warps are a new mechanic that would be added with the addition of the EverFrost. They would allow quick travel to specific locations;portals to places in the same dimension as you are currently in, not another one. Warp Blocks are crafted by putting celestial ice in every block in the 3x3 crafting square. They can be placed in the shape of a Nether/Everfrost portal, or smaller as well (Pics to explain soon). They cannot be made in economy size. To activate a warp, you would need a medallion. Medallions are crafted from various things depending on what dimension the warp is in. IT requires two string and one of the object. The objects are:Nether/blaze powder,Everfrost/Frostbitten Heart, Normal world/diamond. Medallions have 20 uses for activation of warps.
    Crafting a warp block with a wool dye will change its color. Warps made of different colors will have different colored portal blocks inside, and only lead to warps of the same color. More than 2 of a color warp can be created, but the portal you warp to will be random.
    EverFrost portal:
    Made in the same way as a Nether portal, but uses snow blocks as the border. It is �lit� by using an item called a �Heart of Frost� (found in chests in abandoned mines, dungeons, and strongholds.) on it. It would use the same texture as the portal block on the inside of a Nether portal, but with snowflake particles flowing out of it, and it is tinted a light blue color.



    <u>[url=<u><a href="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/954063-wipthe-everfrost-11/">http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/954063-wipthe-everfrost-11/</a></u>]<img src="http://i44.tinypic.com/2a1b3b.png"></u>


    this page will be updated when I stop being lazy with more pictures.

    When one is available, a beta will be posted here. I hope you all like the idea! :)

    Bug-full alpha (1.1) :

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    Tool Tiers:

    Tier 1:
    Tier 2:
    Tier 3:
    Tier 4:

    (There are a lot more features already planned out for this mod, they simply aren't posted yet (Which should be pretty obvious if you payed attention, lots of unknown materials are mentioned in the descriptions, and there are only four tool tiers so far even though I said 5-tier system :P ). They will gradually be added to this post.)

    Other Stuff
    Modder: TutorialCon (He sometimes does textures too)

    Original Idea/Texturer: DarkShadow1223

    There is no download yet. Be patient, the first public version will probably be released when the five tool tiers are finished.


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    Quote from Metalsme

    dude...nazite, seriously?

    Pronounced Naz-ite.
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    posted a message on [Collection] -:Tales of Dreadsky, and other CTM maps by Drago:-(Dreadsky Isles at 10000 Downloads!)
    Alright, I4 feedback:

    Tumble Down Under
    I don't really have anything negative about this area. I liked the appearence, and loved the continuation of the story from untapped underpass. When I was at the bottom of it, I just poured water on the lava. This proved to be a very bad decision because it gave the pigmen a larger area to spawn in, but I eventually took care of them. Because of my lava removal, finding the wool was pretty dificult as well.

    Armpit of the World
    The mushrooms in this area were gorgeous. I loved the placement of the blue wool, and I hated the silverfish. I found them to be pretty powerful, maybe overpowered, until I went back through in creative and found the very obviously placed swarmcrusher, which would have made them a lot easier to deal with.The tunnels were pretty fun to go through, though it didn't occur to me till I was at the wool that I would have to go back up through them and that making an indication of where I came from would be a good idea, which led to some frustration later on. Overall I wouldn't change anything about the area.

    Everdark Atlas
    Amazing. This was definitly my favorite area. It looked amazing, and despite the incredible frustration, was pretty fun to go through. That dirty trick though....you monster >:U . Somehow, perhaps because of anger, I managed to reach the top and escape without dying after that, which felt pretty good considering my 6 deaths on the bottom part. Since it's the last area in the map, I would definitly keep it the way it is. Perfect difficulty.

    And just for fun, heres a list of my deaths:

    I1- 1 Death
    The Pit-Shot by skeleton into pit

    I2- 4 Deaths
    (x2)Remnant Village- Damn zombies...
    (x2)Remnant Village- Shot by skeletons while trying to break their spawners

    I3- 3 Deaths
    Victory Monument- Stupidity (Managed to land on one of the glowstone lamps when I jumped off of the island towards the intersection -_-)
    (x2)Untapped Underpass- Swarmed by mobs

    I4- 8 Deaths
    Tumble Down Under- Too many pigmen at once
    Armpit of the World- Too many silverfish at once
    Everdark Atlas- Cave spiders
    Everdark Atlas- Zombie Pigmen
    (x4)Everdark Atlas- Shot by blaze into lava while heading for wool (1st wool box)

    Total Deaths- 16

    On a completely unrelated note, I think you should add some firework spawners to the monument appreciation kit to put down after you complete it. I had TMI installed for some other stuff when I went back through in creative to give you feedback, and I put down a row of random firework spawners behind the monument just because. It gave me a great sense of victory to look at the completed monument while a ton of fireworks went off behind it. Just a thought :)
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    And now time for intersection 3:

    Avalon Fortress
    This area looked rally awesome, and was a lot of fun to go through. It was pretty difficult, though the ghasts might as well have not been there. I loved the part towards the top where the blazes start to burn everything down as you progress. The tower with the wool in it was very lacking in challenge. The crypts were way too easy. Only about 3-4 blazes spawned total, so the speed was just overkill. It was very entertaining though :D

    Shardveil Cove
    I liked the look of this area, but it was WAY too easy. If you do it during the day, there is literally nothing standing between you and the wool. The only good thing about the area gameplay wise was the loot, as the pick and golden apples come in handy later. You could do something with the room before the wool instead of glowstone, like mob spawners, or you could put a cloud over the area. It definitly needs to be boosted in difficulty.

    Untapped Underpass
    This was a really fun area. I liked the little story at the beginning, and the area itself was enjoyable to go through. I liked the cleverly disguised first wool box. This area was pretty challenging to go through, but its to be expected of an I3 area. The mountain looks really nice, though I was dissapointed that nothing was up there. The bounding part was probably the most fun part of the map so far :3
    Off to I4!
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    I've made it to the victory monument, so I guess its time for some more feedback:

    Distress Fall
    I love this area. With the skeletons spawning it gives it just enough of a challenge, making it difficult to progress, but not impossible. I found water buckets very useful here. I really have nothing negative to say about this area. One thing I might add is that it was a lot more straightforward than some of the other areas, which I personally liked, but some people may see as a bad thing.

    This was probably my favorite area so far. I liked the premise of it, and similarly to Distress Fall its difficulty was perfect. I didn't really find anything negative about this area.

    Remnant Village
    I like the design of this area, but at first I found it very difficult due to the armored zombies that spawn in the igloos. However, I later found this area easy as I discovered an easy way to deal with the mobs in the igloos. Regardless, I feel that the health of the armored zombies should probably be nerfed at least a bit. The three skeleton spawners near the wool box were quite annoying, though balanced. I enjoyed the loot from this area.
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