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    Ah, I feel a little dumb for not thinking to try that. Thanks for the help!

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    I'm working on a mod that adds different layers of stone to the world, and I'd like to override the textures for some of the vanilla ores so that they match the type of stone they now generate in. How would I go about doing this?

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    posted a message on [Collection] -:Tales of Dreadsky, and other CTM maps by Drago:-(Dreadsky Isles at 10000 Downloads!)
    Quote from Drago

    This has been a long time coming, but here it finally is. The official announcement of my new minimap, Dreadsky Falls!

    Myths are the one thing that keep the surviving inhabitants of Dreadsky sane. Myths of better times, paradise beyond the horizon, even myths of a hero soon coming to bring peace and hope to their shattered land. One myth, though, is held in reverence above the rest. It says that there is a place in Dreadsky so powerfully imbued with magic, that those who set their feet upon its ground inherit some of that magic. So powerful that even death can be reversed, and the deceased can walk amongst the living.

    This is where you find yourself. The smell of magic stings your nose with its potency, but with each breath you take, you feel more powerful, more alive. You look up, past the tendrils of silken cloud above the glacial ice, and see a waterfall. No, the waterfall.

    Dreadsky Falls.


    Well there you go, a picture of the spawn for DsF, as well as the basic lore behind it. One of the unique aspects I'm going to be implementing into this map is the concept of "Shrines". Shrines will be structures the player will encounter every so often (planning one per area,) and will grant the player special powers. Not just simple things like infinite Speed I, mind you. But I'd rather save that aspect to be a surprise once you play the map. :3

    In addition, I'm implementing a tiered loot system with attributes and a "common-ness" factor, like the loot from DsI. Leather armor equates to mage robes; they break quickly, have relatively poor enchants, but offer powerful attributes like health boosts and damage increases. Iron armor equates to a knight's suit; they will have decent enchantments and protect the user very well, but offer no bonus attributes. By having these tiers, the player can mix and match armors between types, and find a powerful balance between attribute bonuses and straight-up protection. Should make for a very interesting gameplay dynamic. ^_^

    I was going to put up a list of area names, but I'm afraid I don't have time at the moment. That'll probably be up sometime tomorrow in my thread.

    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and are sufficiently hyped for Dreadsky Falls! :D

    I really like the lore, and I'm curious to see what sort of special powers the shrines will give you. It sounds like a neat concept. Can't wait for the map!
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    I recently got back into playing minecraft, and I decided that I was going to have another go at this challenge. I'm playing in the most recent snapshot and spawned in a mesa biome, which will hopefully lead to a more unique castle.

    Wooden age Complete:



    Keep (at the moment it looks a bit odd, but eventually it will grow into a massive tower):

    Required Items:

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    posted a message on MCX360: Mass-Effect Mash-up Now Available!
    Quote from Fanatictekken

    4J has AGAIN lied to us! The pack is a full lie! The MUP is ONLY made for the MAP ITSELF, when you try to play it in survival or creative, the blocks textures and all are TOTALLY WRONG! Even clay underwater looks like a iron door block FOR THE MAP! Now, I hate 4J. Even mobs havent been textured. The pack is only meant for that people try the map and never use it again. THEY ARE ONLY CHEATING FOR MONEY, DON'T BUY IT!

    This pack is great, it simply was never intended for everyday survival use. The new textures are meant to be used for decoration in making maps and/or to recreate areas/structures from the game. I've never played mass effect, but I quite like it, and I'm currently using it to make a space station pvp map.
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    posted a message on [1.10][WIP]MCExpanded
    I suppose I should probably tell people whats up with the mod. I'm not sure why I haven't yet.

    This mod is not dead. I will never let it die. That being said, there certainly isn't progress being made towards modding it at the moment, unfortunately. Currently 'hibernating' would probably be the best word to describe the current status of the mod. I've made many more textures that were never posted to this thread, and there are countless pages of planning that haven't even been mentioned here before, but currently no effort is being put towards the creation of the mod. I have my reasons for doing this, which I won't share all of, but that main one is that I simply became to busy. By the time the summer came and I would have been able to get back to work on this, I'd gotten myself caught up in helping out another mod with textures (Called All Dem Dimensions. You should check it out, they've got some cool stuff planned) and I'm not about to abandon them. I still have big plans for this mod, and it makes me happy to see so many people interested in it even at this early stage. I don't want to get people's hopes up with an estimate of when work will re-commence on the mod, but I can tell you that when this mod does return I'll have a working alpha release of at least the content currently posted here, maybe more, upon announcing it, instead of announcing when I begin modding again.

    I apologize for neglecting this thread for so long and not responding to people's concerns about the state of the mod. I especially apologize to Guff, who I only just recently realized when he messaged me that I had never informed him of my plans. I feel like a terrible person for leaving him with no explanation after he'd offered to teach me.
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    posted a message on [1.10][WIP]MCExpanded
    Sorry I haven't posted in a while, something's wrong with my computer and for the past week or so its been crashing on me when I attempt to do pretty much anything. It should be fixed within the next couple days
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    posted a message on [1.10][WIP]MCExpanded
    Quote from Metalsme

    dude...nazite, seriously?

    Pronounced Naz-ite.
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    Quote from somesamesam

    maybe some extra tier dimensions and mobs? and at the hardest of which should be herobrine

    Mobs will be coming in the future. Dimensions are a possibility, but if they come it will be a long ways away, as The overworld, Nether, and End need to have things added to them and be polished before work can be done on new dimensions.

    Quote from Slayerlord8

    I can see alot of potential in this mod! This mod is awesome! +1 Rep for you DarkShadow!

    Thank you :D

    Quote from Chaonic

    Holy crap! :3
    I can't barely withstand in supporting this mod in my texture pack.
    I wish you good luck! :D
    And please hurry up!! O_o

    Thats quite a nice texture pack, I'd love to see MCExpanded supported by it :)

    Quote from Guff

    Integration with ProSthetics. I have the API ready to use if you'd like to integrate. If you don't, though, I'll understand. I'm just looking for an upcoming mod that will integrate in order to benefit both mods.

    Prosthetics is a really neat mod idea. I'll see what I can do about supporting it, but that's ultimately up to the modder. Which brings me to another point...
    Quote from Flarkinater

    What's the potential bad news? :/

    I haven't heard anything from Tutorialcon in a long time. In fact, he hasn't even been online since January 27th. Because of this, I'm once again in need of modders. Since he never actually gave me any of the code, this means the mod is back to square one :( . If you'd like to mod, please post here. I'm also going to try and learn to code, but hopefully it won't have to wait for me to learn before the mod can continue. I'll still post information and textures here like I have been.
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    posted a message on [1.10][WIP]MCExpanded
    Quote from Craftiyan

    This was starting to strike me as "just another ore mod" (though may I suggest Nether and End ores for later tiers?) but this looks nice. No idea what's going on in that pic. Perhaps TerraFirmaCraft compatibility? JK

    Looks like you're making ores generate in a new place. A new dimension's the first thing that comes to mind, but I doubt it. New rock layers, sort of like Inficraft?

    I don't know what inficraft, but rock layers are indeed what those textures are for :D . Also in the distant future the nether and end will get ores .

    Quote from Guff

    Hey guys, looks good! Any chance I could ask a favor?

    That depends what the favor is :P

    Quote from Frego

    Will there be bows in this mod?

    Yes, tree tiers will be implemented, and you will be able to make stronger bows out of stronger wood.
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    posted a message on [1.10][WIP]MCExpanded
    Since I haven't shown you guys anything in a while (And because I may have some bad news in the next couple of days, depending on how things go) here's a teaser for what will be worked on after tool tiers:
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    posted a message on [1.10][WIP]MCExpanded
    Quote from Flarkinater

    I am still incredibly excited about this :D
    I can't believe there are aren't more viewers. Officially adding the banner to my signature.

    Iron wouldn't be a completely useless phase (if that problem isn't already solved), because you would still need it for flint and steel, shears, rail, etc.

    Edit: Oh yeah, plus anvils, which still take three blocks.

    Actually, that was exactly what I've been thinking. I planned to leave it how it is, as iron is used for numerous different things, while at the moment pretty much all the other metals are used only for either tools or to make more metals.

    Quote from DJ3000

    Really excited for this mod, a few questions:

    1. How do you feel about modpacks and possibly adding this to modpacks when it is released?
    2. Judging by your Tier 5 armor and tool sprites, will they be crafted with gold or some other metal instead of sticks?
    3. When you say increased world height, does that mean the general spawn level will also be raised?

    1. When there is a working version of the mod, as long as people ask I'll probably let them use it in a mod pack
    2.No they're crafted the same, its simply meant to be a slight indicator that your tools/armor are getting pretty powerful (Tiers 1-3 are just their metal, Tier 4 has silver trim, Tier 5 has gold trim)
    3.Yes, all the added height will actually be used to add more to the underground, raising sea and cloud levels
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    posted a message on [1.10][WIP]MCExpanded
    Quote from Flarkinater

    Do you have any pictures of items worn or held by the player? I saw the orange armor on page one, but will they all be solid-color alterations of normal armor?

    I don't have any pictures, but each tier has its own armor texture recolored for each material, tier 1 just happens to use vanilla textures
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    posted a message on [Surv]Avalon[Over 40000 downloads!]
    Quote from tfracnim2

    what is the difference between the block breaing map, and the non block breaking map?
    (when I say this I mean in the strictures.

    Not much, some of the loot in areas was decreased and the nether portal in the armory was disabled. The main reason a different version was needed is that diamond/gold/iron blocks are replaced by wool in the block breaking version
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    posted a message on [Collection] -:Tales of Dreadsky, and other CTM maps by Drago:-(Dreadsky Isles at 10000 Downloads!)
    Alright, I4 feedback:

    Tumble Down Under
    I don't really have anything negative about this area. I liked the appearence, and loved the continuation of the story from untapped underpass. When I was at the bottom of it, I just poured water on the lava. This proved to be a very bad decision because it gave the pigmen a larger area to spawn in, but I eventually took care of them. Because of my lava removal, finding the wool was pretty dificult as well.

    Armpit of the World
    The mushrooms in this area were gorgeous. I loved the placement of the blue wool, and I hated the silverfish. I found them to be pretty powerful, maybe overpowered, until I went back through in creative and found the very obviously placed swarmcrusher, which would have made them a lot easier to deal with.The tunnels were pretty fun to go through, though it didn't occur to me till I was at the wool that I would have to go back up through them and that making an indication of where I came from would be a good idea, which led to some frustration later on. Overall I wouldn't change anything about the area.

    Everdark Atlas
    Amazing. This was definitly my favorite area. It looked amazing, and despite the incredible frustration, was pretty fun to go through. That dirty trick though....you monster >:U . Somehow, perhaps because of anger, I managed to reach the top and escape without dying after that, which felt pretty good considering my 6 deaths on the bottom part. Since it's the last area in the map, I would definitly keep it the way it is. Perfect difficulty.

    And just for fun, heres a list of my deaths:

    I1- 1 Death
    The Pit-Shot by skeleton into pit

    I2- 4 Deaths
    (x2)Remnant Village- Damn zombies...
    (x2)Remnant Village- Shot by skeletons while trying to break their spawners

    I3- 3 Deaths
    Victory Monument- Stupidity (Managed to land on one of the glowstone lamps when I jumped off of the island towards the intersection -_-)
    (x2)Untapped Underpass- Swarmed by mobs

    I4- 8 Deaths
    Tumble Down Under- Too many pigmen at once
    Armpit of the World- Too many silverfish at once
    Everdark Atlas- Cave spiders
    Everdark Atlas- Zombie Pigmen
    (x4)Everdark Atlas- Shot by blaze into lava while heading for wool (1st wool box)

    Total Deaths- 16

    On a completely unrelated note, I think you should add some firework spawners to the monument appreciation kit to put down after you complete it. I had TMI installed for some other stuff when I went back through in creative to give you feedback, and I put down a row of random firework spawners behind the monument just because. It gave me a great sense of victory to look at the completed monument while a ton of fireworks went off behind it. Just a thought :)
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