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    posted a message on Snailblazer - community based - whitelisted - vanilla survival
    - Why are you interested in Snailblazer? Just looking for a server to call home and that will be up for a long time :).
    - What is your IGN? DarkAbyssal
    - What is your age? 24
    - Which timezone are you in? PDT
    - What hours do you usually play Minecraft? Varies a lot based on my sleeping pattern which changes xD. I am a nocturnal person in terms of sleeping pattern. While I try to be awake during the day sometimes I slip back into it. Generally I should have a few hours a day on average.
    - How do you describe yourself as a minecraft player? I like to go off in a direction to find a great spot which usually ends up around 10k by 10k out. After I find my spot, I setup my base(rough outpost+farms, mine, and nether). My current goal is to big a large castle in the mountains, so i'll prob terraform a decent sized area around my base and enclose it with walls and filling it with torches to make a safe area before I start any building of said project. As for helping the community I don't mind trading or donating although it will take awhile before i setup a trade route to spawn in the nether ^^.
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    posted a message on PureVanilla Mature Vanilla Server [Whitelsieted SMP]
    IGN: DarkAbyssal
    skype (required): Yes I have one but would rather not add people until I get to know them more.
    Name/Nickname: Karl, Dark, or Itachi I answer to.
    Age: 24
    TimeZone: PDT
    Country (optional): California, US.
    Why should we allow you on to the server: *shrug* I tend to be a quiet person until I get to know people better. I don't cause trouble for the most part.
    Have you ever played on a vanilla server: Yes
    What do you belive you will bring to the server: Well... I tend to like to build off on my own although I do like to trade occasionally. I also don't mind giving out coords for spots of a special resource I find in my travels as long as it is not too close to my home base.
    do you meet the requirements closely, which ones do you not meet: Aside from if I need to join a skype group right away, seems fine as far as requriements.
    Will you be family friendly if asked: I treat others as I would want to be treated *shrug*.
    Do you agree with all the rules: Yes
    Just a little about how I tend to build. For the most part I like to go off in a direction until I find a nice spot to build, which is usually around 10k by 10k out. After that I setup base and start doing the groundwork for a big project (currently want to build a castle in the mountains). I also tend to make a trade route through the nether to near the spawn. All this can take time of course though ^^.
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    posted a message on ***********IGNORE
    1. Age - 24
    2.Skype? - Yes I have one but would rather not add people until I get to know them better.
    3. IGN (In game name) - DarkAbyssal
    4. Why should you be accepted? - *shrug* I don't cause drama or annoying things like that, although I can be a bit quiet.
    5. Have you ever been banned from a server? If so why? - No
    6. What are your "specialties"? - Building, preferably in the mountains.
    7. Have you ever griefed before? - No
    8. Tell me alittle about yourself - I like to go off in a direction for awhile to find a nice spot to build in. Sometimes this can take awhile and I end up around 10k by 10k out. As for what I like to build, castles are a personal favorite of mine. I also like to collect all the farmable plants in the game and am a hoarder in general. I still do trade though.
    9. Do you stream/ record gameplay? - No
    10. If so what is your youtube/ twitch channel? Also no.
    11. Extra Info you would like to share - At the start what I do isn't very noticeably, mostly just setting up my mine, a temporary base of operations, and terraforming the area around said base before enclosing it. Oh and I do tend to make a trade route in the nether from where I am to near the spawn.
    12. Time Zone - PDT
    13. Where are you from - California, US.
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    posted a message on Friendly 1.7.9 Whitelisted Server Accepting Now!
    1. What is your in-game-name? DarkAbyssal

    2. Age? 23

    3. Why do you want to join the server? Looking for a place to call home and work on building a large castle.

    4. What is something you could bring to the server community? Trade? More of a loner by nature however I don't mind trading as long as I don't get killed in the attempt to. Just a side note but I tend to go in a direction for a ways until i find a suitable spot to settle in. Farthest I have gone is around 25k by 25k. Any trade I do tends to be by making a tunnel in the nether to near the spawn.
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    posted a message on GazerCraft:Close-knit, Mature Community - Towns - Active Players - Small
    In game name: DarkSanity
    Age: 23
    Timezone: UTC+7
    Preferred gender pronoun (optional):

    About You
    Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: Been playing on and off for the past five or so years.
    Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened: No
    Would you be interested in participating in our Community Projects (villages, towns, cities)? Not directly but if I have extra resources I don't need and could be used, I wouldn't mind donating.
    Would you be interested in participating in joining a Skype group to keep in touch (either through text or voice calls)? Once i get to know people better, I wouldn't mind text Skype groups.
    What attracted you to this particular server? That I can be a nomad, it is vanilla and it seems to have a good atmosphere.

    Reading Check!
    When is PvP allowed? A chat agreement from both parties.
    What is z2liion's title? Z
    Finish the sentence: "Act your age, not your _____________________." Shoe size

    Anything Else? Optional.
    Is there anything you'd like to ask us or you'd like to share? Is there anything important for the staff to know? What I like to do personally is find a nice uninhabited area that suits my needs to build in. Sometimes this can take awhile and I could go pretty far out, farthest I've gone before is around 25k by 25k in a direction(the ocean really hated me that time). Planning to build a good size castle and try to gather/hoard as much emeralds as possible to use in the fancier parts :). Pretty much an explorer/builder at heart.
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    posted a message on [Updated 1.2.5] Edencraft ✦Survival & Creative Server ▬ Friendly ▬ Greylist ▬ 24/7✦
    IGN (In Game Name): DarkAbyssal
    Why do you want to become a Member on Edencraft?: Looking for a good server to call home :x.
    Real Age: 22
    Do you Enjoy this server?: Hope to
    Whats your favorite block in Minecraft?: Obsidian
    Tell us something about yourself: Love building unique castles, not the generic kinds thoough.
    Where did you hear about the server?: Looking through forums.
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    posted a message on Brand new vanilla MC server! SimpleCraft 24/7 MC server!
    IGN: DarkAbyssal
    Age: 22
    Location: USA, Hawaii
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    posted a message on TreeCrafters SMP - [1.0] [24/7] [Survival] [RP Allowed] [Whitelist] [No-PVP]
    IGN (In Game Name): DarkAbyssal
    How long have you been playing Minecraft? About a month.
    How old are you? 21
    Have you ever been banned or kicked from another server? Why? No
    Do you agree to follow The Tree Challenge rules? Yes
    Do you agree to NEVER GRIEF or PVP EVER AT ALL? Yes, i do not like pvp and hate being greifed so i dislike doing so to others.
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