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    posted a message on Thrival: Why survive, when you can thrive?(UK) [Towny/Eco/Auctions/McMMO]
    A really god server to play own! :D
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    posted a message on Looking for a professional staff team for a survival server. (1 Admin role left only)
    By Help What do you mean. Can you explain what do you request from the person you would like to recruit?

    for example hire staff, ste up the plugins , Etc etc
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    posted a message on Beautiful Sights. A modded Survival journal!
    Hello People. :D

    Looking around the forum shows the people love Survival journals. so I'm trying mine but modded, which few people do.

    I'm using 1.7.10 with those mods

    Applied Energetics 2

    Biblio Craft

    Build Craft

    Damage indicators mod

    Extended Workbench mod


    Familiars mod

    Ic-2 (Industrial Craft 2)

    Inventory Tweeks



    Shaders mods (with Sonic's shaders)

    Spices of Life


    And voxel map with no radar/cave

    I hope you people like it :D

    Ill post Daily Hopefully

    Day 1# (Minecraft Days)

    First thing First.. The spawn :D

    Got my Wood and stuff. And started to mine down to get some cobble

    Got my Stone tools :D (In the next day ill work on Extended tools

    Found some piggies and got their delicious pork

    Found a strange VERY deep water filled hole.. Lets never go down there :D

    Found sheeps.. Bed time!

    Found Chickens.. Horses and cows.. Food for the masses (also shame for no saddle for the horses...)

    Got around 20 chickens and 7 steaks ready for cooking.

    Found my First Coal patch :) got 27 so I'm happy

    Just look at the fantastic shaders <3 never get enough..

    Welp end of the day.. The sunset is upon us..

    Day 2# Cave Exploration And Slimes

    Ahh Sun Rise every minecrafter's hope

    Food cooking

    After mining a few blocks to get cobble i change my tools to extended stone tools much better :D

    Found some Copper/Iron but i only took the iron.. since IC2 ores for now are useless for me :)

    Ill later dig in to it.. Also i heard a slime when mining

    I found the noisy bugger

    Look at them :3 so cute.. shame i must kill them for the slime balls

    They thought i wouldnt see them.. little buggers almost killed me

    Had to barricade my self.. almost died (i know i have almost full HP thats after i recovered some HP

    Ore berry cave galore with some essence so free infinite XP :)

    More IC2 ores.. and Certues quartz i took them for tools :) (and AE2 stuff later on)

    Well again its the end of the day.. (in the mini map you see its night time)

    Ill see you on Day 3 :) hopefully ill do good and find some more iron.

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    posted a message on Gebis A New Hostile Nether mob Idea
    Hey guys I have a suggestion.. :) (made a few changes)
    For me while playing in the nether i find it empty there is only 5 (excluding normal skeleton) mobs. I find that a little :/ (I know the end have 2 but I visit the nether more then the End)

    I find that We need a New mob that isn't bound to nether fortresses and is hostile or maybe neutral (depends on your feedback)

    I present You Gebis (Insert Picture/texture/3Dmodel here)

    A smaller then human mob around 70% its size.. with a rather bigger head then his body with small horns on it, 2 Arms which are a bit thin and small

    and 3 Legs (tripod style) but the legs looks like Ant's Legs so it can support his body.

    the textures should be looking around a combination of a Goat Pig that fits the nether theme for example the legs will have a goat like textures and hair coming up his belly button area and his body will have a pig like texture with normal pig arms and the head will be a combo of the both but still nothing too horrific.

    For stats i think I have a good idea for what:

    Health: 15 or 7.5 hearts
    Armor: a point of armor or 2/20
    Speed 115% then your walking speed so when you walk they can over run you but sprinting will get them off you
    Xp: they would drop around 8 XP per kill
    They Are 100% hostile. Kill on sight
    They should spawn only as 1 or 2 at the rarery of Ghasts or a bit more common.
    Drop wise: I thought about the legs and they should be used for brewing resistance potions from awkward potions ( only Rank 1 and extended potions so no resistance 2)
    they would drop 0-1 or 0-2 but more commonly 0 so it will be decent
    They can also have a change to spawn in with axes (up to iron tiered) for extra damage boost

    If I forgot anything please state it here.. or if you have feedback please tell me
    If you do not support please tell why :D
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    posted a message on Creepy things going on my world
    Everything here is completely normal Its minecraft.. stuff happens.

    the gravel "pool" thing.. its just a rar sight of the game world generaton

    skeleton shoots very fast when you go near him .. so shooting 100 arrows at you is 100% legit and normal.. wolf disappearing .. its a bug. happens some times..

    "Cave" noises occurs when your near very low light level / maybe near a small hole with 0 light in it. or something like that.
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    posted a message on Mianite Type Game Server.
    God app
    IGN: Darkflashz

    Skype: Darkflashz

    Age (14+): 18

    Why I should pick you: I would do my best to act as a god.

    I would be on the server hearing prayers helping my subjects, doing some help to my people to help them build my temple.

    and also help them fight the other "god's army"

    What exactly do you want to be? (Evil, Good, or Neutral): I wont mind which. but Neutral is more preferred

    What do you want to be called (Please don't steal names from the existing youtube series): Gymmos

    Memeber app
    IGN: Darkflashz

    Skype: Darkflashz

    Age (13+): 18

    Why should I pick you: To play Mainite typed server. it looks and sounds fun :D I watch mianite a lot
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    posted a message on My Minecraft Exploration Pictures
    Hey Guys I thought about making a thread where I will post Pictures of my Adventures on Minecraft as I go

    Not like a diary sort of thing, but just scenery / building stuff pictures as I explore the world, build my Base Etc

    while keeping the feel of survival and Beauty.
    Please Note: That this is a Modded survival At 1.7.10,
    You might see modded stuff in the pictures :)

    so those who are interested feel free to follow :D

    Here Is a New one. I will Try to Post Daily here With pictures :D This is my Start of the Base Where the light is in the previous Photo This is a picture when I went up to a Slime Island Of Tconstruct to get some slime balls and i saw this amazing View Part of my Base. I am proud of its interior (no exterior as its built in a mountain) thats me with Part Tinker Construct's Armor and IC2 Armor for those who are wondering, I am looking for an Ice biome, Specifically Spiked Ice biome.
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    posted a message on My Minecraft Exploration Pictures
    Sonic's Shaders On Ultra 10.1V

    And the Seed is 281889881 I doubt It will make the world Since I use mods, But It may make it, ( i am Quite far from spawn tho If you need coordinates I can give them)

    And thank you for the Replay, If you want you can check daily to see if post any new pictures,
    Its hard to find nicely generated terrain out here :)
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    posted a message on -= Majestic Creative =- <Build Team Needed> <5-10 Members>
    Just a side not
    "We are glad to say on June 17 we with be releasing a HUGE creative server called Majestic Creative"

    Today is the 26th of June
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    posted a message on ★★ SurvivalCraft [24/7] [Economy] [Ranks] [Survival] [Parkour] ★★
    IGN: Darkflashz
    Real First Name: Flash
    Age: 16
    Experience Include IP'S: this means what?
    Supportive Helpful respetful creative love to help anyone in need
    Fast learner
    Can you hand being staff?: sure i was quite a few times as one
    Rank your applying for: For now its a helper as you said but maybe when i can maybe an admin, a mod can be ok too
    if there is no slots open
    How long have you been playing minecraft?: since beta 1.3
    Do you have Skype?: Yes i will give it If accepted
    Do you agree that modding is not allowed?: If you mean hack/modded clients then yes your right.
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