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    Hey rollph! The server looks interesting. I just came to thank you for your help. Thank you for helping those in need <3 I really appreciate it my man. :)

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    posted a message on ★ ⚔️ MayhemPvP ⚔️ ★ 🗡️ CUSTOM KIT PVP 🗡️ 🛡️ NEW ABILITIES🛡️ 🛠️ FRIENDLY STAFF ⚒️ ✔️Join our Discord Today! ✔️
    ⚔️ Welcome to VoltraPvP! ⚔️

    You're expecting a new, basic server with nothing unique, hosted by someone who has no experience, run on a free server hosting. This server is the exact opposite. VoltraPvP is a pristine, upcoming server. Although we are a KitPvP server, we incorporate custom kits with abilities to help improve your game! All your opinions matter! You can interact, discuss, and chat with the Owner and Managers, so that your suggestions may come to life! Our Minecraft server promises an interactive space. We are currently hiring MAINLY developers and administrators, but we are looking for more, who are dedicated and can work for about one to two hours a day to help get this server up and running. Many servers today are just normal gamemodes that you can get bored of easily. At VoltraPvP, our goal is for everyone to have fun. Whether it means recreating kits or thinking of a brand new kit to implement, we will do it. We think every server should make decisions based around the community. After all, it is a community that drives a server, not the owners.

    🔱Our Gamemode🔱

    Our gamemode will be KitPvP, but reimagined in every way possible. This means that our spin on KitPvP will be something new, compared to the plain old kitpvp. Our version will have custom abilities, quests, daily rewards, etc. This way, you will never be bored on the our server!


    - Can Provide us with funds
    - Has extensive experience in creating servers
    - 14 years +

    ✅Available Staff Positions✅


    A developer is someone who is proficient/advanced at Java/Python, etc Development. You will be recreating and constructing custom core plugins to fit our needs and creating our custom classes! You might also help develop our custom abilities, perks, and kitpvp core! You should be able to dedicate at least one hour a day to development.


    A builder is someone who is proficient at World Edit, Terraforming, and Custom Detailing. You will help create our custom arena, our spawn, and other important teleport points!

    Graphics Artist

    A graphics artist is someone who is proficient with image editing tools such as photoshop or GIMP. You will be tasked with creating our logo/icon. You might also help create a server trailer.


    A helper is someone who is learning the ropes of the server, and is someone with no experience in moderation and is learning to be professional. This is also a “probationary” role. Most people will start off here, and will be promoted accordingly.


    A moderator is someone who is in charge of moderating the in-game and discord chat. Moderators are people who have shown that they are capable of.

    Senior Moderator

    A Senior Moderator is in charge of all the moderators, and works with admins to decide helper to moderator promotions.


    An Admin is in charge of forums moderation, in game moderation, and discord moderation. They work with Senior Moderators, and have the power to demote Moderators and Helpers.

    Senior Admin/Head Admin

    Senior Admins and Head Admins are trusted members of the community. They are in charge of promotions/demotions of Admins and lower staff. They work closely with the Managers to help direct and streamline the server’s vision.

    Staff Manager

    Staff Managers are in charge of all staff members. They can appoint, promote, or demote fellow staff members.

    Server Manager

    Server Managers are in charge of the server itself, discord and the actual server. Managers work closely with the owners to streamline the server's vision.

    Staff Application Format

    IGN (in-game name):


    Discord Username:

    Country and Timezone:

    What has motivated you to apply for staff?

    Why should we choose you to become staff?

    In what ways can you positively contribute to our discord and server?

    Do you have any experience with moderating a community or game?

    How many hours in a week will you be on our server for?

    Developer Application Format



    Discord Username:

    Country and Timezone:

    What has motivated you to apply for developer?

    What coding languages do you know?

    What kinds of plugins have you made in the past?

    How much time in a week will you spend coding for our server?

    Interested In Applying For Staff?
    Reply to this thread and be sure to join our discord here: (https://discord.gg/ABmWj35) {Note: PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SERVER HAS NOT BEEN REALEASED YET!}

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