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    What is BioMod 2.0?
    BioMod is a Biome Configuration Mod, it started with Minecraft 1.1 and has been updated to work with 1.2

    Does it work in multiplayer?
    Version 1.0 didn't work with multiplayer, the 2.0 version works in both singleplayer and multiplayer (if the server has the mod installed)

    What can I do with BioMod?

    As of the latest version BioMod allows you to:

    - Replace each Biome with another
    - Replace all Biomes with a single Biome
    - Configure terrain formations
    - Change the ocean level
    - Force thundering and raining
    - Force seed, spawn position, generation of structures and hardcore mode
    - Freeze the world time (always night, always day, etc)
    - Enable/Disable the sky
    - Change fog, cloud and sky colors as well as Biome specific water colour
    - Configure the minimum and maximum height of each Biome
    - Configure the temperature and rainfall of each Biome
    - Configure how Biomes are decorated (how many trees per chunk, grass, flowers, etc)
    - Enable/Disable lake generation per Biome
    - Enable/Disable rain and snow per Biome
    - On some Biome the probability of certain trees, etc being created can be changed
    - Change the radius of caves and big caves, as well as their probability of being created
    - Change the radius and depth of ravines, as well as their probability of being created
    - Change the probability of Mineshafts
    - Change the number of Strongholds per World and the probability of them being created
    - Enable additional Villages and the probability of them being created (Village Worlds)

    Does it come with pre-made worlds I can try without bothering to configure something?
    As of version 2.0 it comes with 5 custom made worlds and all the biome types as a single world each (all forest, all jungle, etc) with all Jungle being new.

    What are the 6 new worlds and what do they look like?
    Dense Forest Paradise - A dense and beautiful forest all over the world
    Dense Jungle Paradise - A jungle world with appropriate colours
    Fallout - A desert world with appropriate colours and the occasional tree to allow players to survive
    Frozen World - A frozen world with appropriate colours
    All Jungle - The whole world is a Jungle
    Caverns - The default configuration with increased cave and ravine sizes and probabilities

    You can see the others (all something) at the previous thread

    Are there any guidelines when configuring the worlds?
    The configuration reader is very picky when it comes to data formats, so keep this in mind:
    - If you see a value like 0.4, that is either a double or float, keep the floating point when changing it, if you want to change it to 4, use 4.0
    - true/false values are booleans, don't try to change them to anything else other than true/false
    - Values without a floating point (eg. 5) are integers or long values, keep them like that (don't change them to 3.2 for example)
    - Properties with Block on the name need a decimal Block ID, use the list provided HERE
    - All the Biome names that can be changed can be found under BIOME GENERAL on the configurations file
    - Don't try to replace any Biome with extremeHillsEdge or jungleHills, it will crash Minecraft, you can replace those 2 with other Biomes though
    - The Probability properties work in a "reverse" way, meanining that a probability of 1000 means 1 in a thousand

    How do I switch Biome configurations?
    Inside the "./minecraft/worlds" folder there's a bunch of other folders, each holding a specific Biome, you can either edit the "worldconfig.ini" file or replace it with one of the others.
    If you want to use the default settings and already changed the "worldconfig.ini" just replace it with the file inside the "original" folder

    How do I install it? (Singleplayer)
    - Copy the "worlds" folder to your "/AppData/.minecraft/" directory
    - Go over to the "/AppData/.minecraft/bin/" directory and open "minecraft.jar" with WinZip/WinRAR/7zip, whatever you use and move the contents of the "singleplayer" folder over there, replacing the originals.

    - Alternative: Download MagicLauncher and copy the "mods" folder to your "AppData/.minecraft/" directory.

    How do I install it? (Multiplayer)
    - Copy the "worlds" folder to your server directory, it should be next to your "minecraft_server.jar" file
    - Open "minecraft_server.jar" with WinZip/WinRAR/7zip, whatever you use and move the contents of the "multiplayer" folder over there, replacing the originals.

    Incompatible with?
    Any mod that changes how Biomes and the World are generated.

    Don't load any of your already existant worlds with a custom configuration other than "original" or the new "way of generating" will be used and they will look ugly where it crosses over, same applies for different configurations, always make sure you have the right one before loading the map.

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    Quote from pachikira

    Do you even need the client mod installed too for the server or the server stands on it's own?
    (Like letting the other players NOT download the client mod even the server mod is installed)

    The server version is server-side only, you don't need the singleplayer version installed for it to work, basically people who join a server with BioMod will get the custom world "sent" to them so there's no need for the client to have it too.


    Decided to make everybodys life easier by making an idiot proof version (no offense), this one will allow you to configure the world generation from within the game, restore all values to default, restrict the input formats so you don't accidentally break stuff and you'll be able to save/load each individual configuration, I also plan on making a "saving addon" that keeps the information of what world type is being used for each save, saving you the trouble of loading the specified world config for the world you want to play in.

    About an hour of work (inputs are restricted to their number format, loading and saving is just cosmetic for now)
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    What is BioMod you say?
    The name should be self explanatory, it's a Biome editing mod!

    What can it do?
    It consists of a single ini file divided into various sections where you can control what biomes are loaded, replace some biomes (or all of them) for another biome, configure the minimum and maximum height of each biome, how it's decorated, the sea level, the frequency of ravines and caves, their size, etc...

    That's pretty kickin rad, how do I install it?
    You'll need MagicLauncher, just read the readme.txt included in the zip file.

    But wait, does it work in multiplayer?
    I haven't made a multiplayer version yet, I might release it next week if I have the time to work on it.

    Will you update this further?
    There are plenty of values that are obfuscated and I haven't quite figured out what they do yet, so the answer is yes, I'll update it further even if only to support new biomes like the upcoming Jungle biome and the increased world height (that one is gonna be fun to mess around with).

    Why do I need this?
    You don't, but if you want to set yourself a challenge, build something in a certain theme or just have pretty terrain to look at, you will.

    Does it come with pre-made custom worlds that I can try?
    Yes it does, have a look at the end of this post!


    Pre-made world config previews:
    Customized - Island World

    Customized - Frozen Beauty

    Customized - Friendly Desert

    Customized - Desert Xtreme

    Customized - Dense Jungle Paradise

    Customized - Caverns

    Replace All - Taiga Hills

    Replace All - Taiga

    Replace All - Swampland

    Replace All - Sky

    Replace All - River

    Replace All - Plains

    Replace All - Ocean

    Replace All - Mushroom Island Shore

    Replace All - Mushroom Island

    Replace All - Ice Plains

    Replace All - Ice Mountains

    Replace All - Hell

    Replace All - Frozen River

    Replace All - Frozen Ocean

    Replace All - Forest Hills

    Replace All - Forest

    Replace All - Extreme Hills

    Replace All - Desert Hills

    Replace All - Desert

    Replace All - Beach

    Replace All - Base
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    Stronghold Explorer indicates the position of all 3 Strongholds when you press F3. It works on both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, it used to be a tool but is now its own mod. It works with 1.8.1, forgot to put that in the title.
    (these locations will be perfect, you'll always find a Stronghold at the indicated positions, sometimes the game calculates them wrongly for a second so just press F3 a few times to make sure the values don't change, they usually only do if you press F3 while moving)

    1. Delete the META-INF folder in the file minecraft.jar
    2. Copy the files to the same jar.


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    You can stop worrying about getting Java to run it, I'm making a mod for it now :biggrin.gif:
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    Being obsessed with Strongholds, I decompiled the Minecraft jar and found the code that determines where they will be located.

    Keep in mind that there are some reasons you will not find a stronghold at the optimal position:
    1. If the game tries to place it in an invalid Biome (Ocean, River, Taiga, Sky and Hell) the Stronghold will not be created (meaning that not every map has 3 strongholds, they can have from none up to 3 maximum)
    2. If there isn't a Mineshaft right below the optimal position, the game will place the Stronghold in the nearest Mineshaft (which, from what I can see in the code, within + or - 112 blocks in both the X and the Z axis, there will be at least one block belonging to the Stronghold, most likely a lot more)

    The Stronghold Explorer will warn you about these special cases, it will then indicate the general area where the Stronghold will be located if it is in a valid Biome and the Optimal position for it (if there's a mineshaft at that position).

    You can always go to the optimal position and then use a Cartographer application to render the underground, you'll see the Stronghold at that position or nearby. That is if you can't bother to search for it the old fashioned way, by exploring the nearby mineshafts.

    As an example I used the seed: 666, which spawns you in front of a village.

    Stronghold Explorer v1.0 - by DeanWinchester (Facepunch) a.k.a. DarkDragon (Minecraft Forums)

    WARNING: Biomes do not exist in the following Biomes: Ocean, River, Sky, Hell and Taiga.
    If the coordinates provided are in one of these Biomes do not bother searching for
    the Stronghold, it doesn't exist.
    When you can't find the Stronghold at the Optimal position, it is because the Strongholds
    must be connected to an Abandoned Mineshaft, search for them within the coordinates

    Please insert your seed: 666

    X is Somewhere between: -424.0 and -200.0 (Optimal position: X = -312.0)
    Z is somewhere between: -1032.0 and -808.0 (Optimal position: Z = -920.0)

    X is Somewhere between: 984.0 and 1208.0 (Optimal position: X = 1096.0)
    Z is somewhere between: 104.0 and 328.0 (Optimal position: Z = 216.0)

    X is Somewhere between: -568.0 and -344.0 (Optimal position: X = -456.0)
    Z is somewhere between: 424.0 and 648.0 (Optimal position: Z = 536.0)

    I then opened up Minecraft, created a map in Creative and started going to those locations and searching around:

    Found Stronghold 1 at:
    X = -385
    Z = -822

    Found Stronghold 2 at:
    X = 997
    Z = 324

    Found Stronghold 3 at:
    X = -352
    Z = 632

    All within the calculated areas and within chunk loading distance from the optimal positions.
    There's nothing more accurate I can make until MCP for 1.8 comes out.

    This is a command line application, after MCP comes out I'll probably update this to be in-game (the coordinates will be more accurate and they'll appear below the seed after pressing F3), here's a screenshot of the current version (1.0):

    Download here
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    Quote from Dugatee

    Sadly, I lack the skill to do that, but I know I would be taking all my free time to update it if I could.

    Well you must be able to deduce then that for people to have the required skills, they probably aren't kids who spend all their day playing Minecraft, even if they're still in school or in college, I know that in most countries, Summer Holidays are now over so they probably have to go to school/college. Some of them might even have jobs.

    As you can see, life isn't as simple as just doing what we want, otherwise I'm pretty sure they would be working on MCP full time. Even then, you should be grateful they work on it at all instead of sounding like you're their boss.
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