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    posted a message on [16x][1.8.1-RC2]Pebble Paste[Updated 11/16]
    This particular thread was not loved or cared for like the other ones, and died a horrible death when it was young. And now I would like to raise the zombie up out of it's grave :tongue.gif:

    If you're reading this and hadn't known yet, I've been working on it privately ever since it died.

    It's updated to 1.8.1, 1.9 pre, and RC2.
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    posted a message on [CTM][1.8-1.9pre] Guude's 404 Throwback Adventure Map
    Woah, this is out! Great, I've been waiting for this :happy.gif:! Instant download

    EDIT: Needs more spawners
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    posted a message on I just LOVE the new lighting!!!
    thing is, right now it's only orange and blue.

    inevitably, aperture science is beginning to take over other games aswell.
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    posted a message on 1.8 unbalanced the game for me!
    If something like a Zelda game were open beta, the game would be a lot simpler in the early stages, and people would complain that arrows became too op later, saying that no-one ever used arrows at all earlier in the first place.
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    posted a message on [Texture Creating]Creating a panorama for the main menu in 1.8
    Quote from SweeperMeep

    Wowzorz, thank you for posting this, now texture pack makers can even update that :biggrin.gif:

    I found it out the tedious way. Took a while for me to figure out the FOV thing. About two hours of my time wasted, as well as a half hour to make this topic :/
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    posted a message on [Texture Creating]Creating a panorama for the main menu in 1.8
    When 1.8 comes out, and even now with the pre-release, you might want to make a custom background for the main menu with the panoramic skybox added.

    There are six textures, each with the sides/top/bottom textures. That is formed into a cube, in the main menu, and the camera is inside it spinning around slowly.

    Creating a panorama of a minecraft scene

    1) Go into a world and find a place on the landscape where you want the main menu background to be. Underwater = unadvised.

    2) Go into your options and change FOV to 90. This ensures the images are none too big or small for a skybox.

    3) Change your screen size resultion to a square.

    4) Take a screenshot anywhere, doesn't matter, this isn't going into the final piece.

    5) Look at the dimensions of the image. They should be something like 512x512 or 896x897.(the small change in that makes barely a difference). If those are not the dimensions, go back to step 3.

    6) Now you're ready for the screenshots incorporated into the panorama. Look straight forward, like your head's rotation is snapped to the grid of the rest of the cubes. Again, this doesn't have to be perfect. Take a screenshot.

    7) Repeat step 6 for north, west, east, south, up and down(respectively with the top of the image north for down and south for up). This should be six screenshots.

    8) Open each screenshot in an image editor and resize them to 256x256.

    9) Rename each image to the name:
    North : panorama0
    West : panorama1
    South : panorama2
    East : panorama3
    Up : panorama4
    Down : panorama5

    10) Once you have these six images in their final form, put them in your texture pack, under the directory:

    Creating a panorama from a skybox in another game

    1) Find the six skybox images from another game which you would like to use

    2) Go to step 8 in the above tutorial

    Creating a panorama from a scene in another program

    Look up "cube mapping" in google and see what results you get.


    - panorama0 and panorama1 have terrain higher than in panorama2 and panorama3. This means the camera will tilt upward when passing through those images.

    - If you are flying in creative mode, the FOV raises 20, so if you are trying to fly when you're taking the screenshots you need to set FOV to the lowest setting(70).

    - You can press F1 to hide the GUI. Ain't it amazing.

    - If you are in a scene that has clouds, time is not on your side because the clouds will move.


    panorama1-6.png of the default texture pack

    My WIP texture pack now has a scene of the Nether in the background. Nice!

    Please post feedback below, it is much appreciated :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Flat Seed
    This is not true.

    Minecraft actually converts what you type into the chat box into numbers and adds it together(turn letters into numbers)

    For example you type ABCD as the seed.

    A = 65
    B = 66
    C = 67
    D = 68


    65 + 66 + 67 + 68 = 266
    So Minecraft will base the generation off of the number 266.

    The underscore character translates into 95. Does that resemble something flat?

    No, it's simple chance that a seed will be mountainous or flat.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Batte steve vs steve - Blender animation
    it looks like their swords are inside their arms

    also the landing and getting back up at 0:14 is very highly improbably to be possible to do... just saying.
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    posted a message on When 1.8 comes out what are you doing first?
    I'll roflcopter in my pants.
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    posted a message on How Would YOU Survive Your First Minecraft Day of 1.8
    Play in Creative so I can't die...
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    posted a message on Healing Potions for 1.8?
    Quote from Gameboy1100

    You need to read the first post more carefully instead of being a wannabe mod =/

    There might be a need for healing potions if you don't heal fast enough on your own.

    It still counts as a suggestion, even if it only comes as one because of the update.
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    posted a message on How do you think the 1.8 gameplay looks??
    I'm very excited for it, but just like most of the other Beta updates, people will forget about it after about a week.

    I will be playing a bit more because of creative, I didn't much like gathering my own materials and using dirt pillars in order to build neat buildings.
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    posted a message on FOV in "Options" menu?
    Quote from BOX MAAAN

    Field of View. Look in other info topics for more details.

    The main info topic didn't include any details as far as I'm aware. Unless you can link me to it?
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