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    Am I that user soon to be joining the skype calls (god help you all), or are you talking about someone else?

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    I've been trying to find a good 24/7 server without all of that PVP and currency nonsense for the last week, and every single one I've tried to play on ends up being some dirtbag that barely even plays Minecraft and isn't anywhere near being a 24/7 despite advertising as such.

    If anyone is hosting or knows about a server with a lot of uptime (doesn't even need to be 24/7), isn't Map-Covering City Build #10,000,000, and doesn't have currency systems or PVP permitted, please let me know.

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    That grammar and spelling is actually making my eyes hurt.

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    I have my own server world if anyone wants to see? Rubberdinghy911


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    How often is this world up, and what texture pack? I absolutely can't play on the god awful default.

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    Quote from greenberg4»

    I am a mom trying to help my 8 year old twins have more fun with minecraft. They heard of servers and want to play minigames. However, I don't understand this very well. You said that you accept younger players and that your game is still open. Are they old enough and is all of this appropriate for kids this young? Thank you for any information you can provide!!

    No, they are too young. I was willing to accept players in their low teens, but anyone younger than that would be glorified babysitting on my part, and I actually REALLY don't like kids. Long story short, almost everything about them annoys me, nothing personal to you or your kids.

    Servers in Minecraft are hosted by a particular person that your children need to have on their Friends List, or they will not be able to access the server. Using the search bar, you should be able to find some servers specifically built for younger players, I know I saw at least two at some point before.

    Minecraft as a whole is definitely one of the safest games you could have your kids playing. There is no blood and the only violence is between players (if PVP, Player Versus Player, is even enabled, which in child-friendly servers probably won't be) and players VS. Passive or Hostile mobs like zombies and skeletons. There is no blood, and hitting something only makes the target flash red.

    Typical minigames in Minecraft are Spleef, which is where the players punch snow blocks out from under other players to make them fall first, and Hunger Games, which is probably a bit too complex for small children to get into.

    As for my Volcano world, I've pretty much given up on getting any games going in it, the interest level has been pretty much zero since the date of this topic's creation. Anyone that might want to see it can send me a message and friend request on their own initiative, but I am otherwise no longer actively seeking people out. If someone and a group of their friends wants to play on the world, they can contact me and I'll see what I can do.
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    I have just created a world that will (I think) always be played on the Skyrim Mash-up pack. I call it Advanced Hardcore because I have turned off the daylight cycle (and thus turning off leaderboards/achievements since Host Privileges have to be on to do this) in the dead of night. The world will always be night and sleeping won't be allowed, which means a lot more mobs and a lot more danger. In typical Hardcore fashion, this world works on a perma-death basis. You die once, no matter what kind of fluke it is, and you're done. Survival of the fittest, the weaker Minecraft players will be destroyed in a timely fashion!

    How long can you last?

    The Rules:

    Do not actively seek out other players' areas and make a beeline for them hoping for handouts. All players are authorized to protect their belongings and property as they see fit. This includes cave networks. Don't jump into someone else's cave system and start taking things, or you will be swiftly dealt with.

    PVP enabled ONLY if you find someone unauthorized in your house/mine/chest/zone. If I find out someone is trying to kill other players just to get them out of the world without just cause, the killed player will be allowed to come back in and the killer will be removed.

    Mics are required. Having a mic and never using it does not count. Do not join if you are not at least 18.

    Add Logic Lizard and send me a message to join.
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    posted a message on Volcano: Now accepting younger players.
    This game/map is still available for anyone that wants to play it. Even if you don't want to play it, you can let me know if you just want to see it.
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    posted a message on Volcano: Now accepting younger players.
    This gametype is best-suited for advanced Minecraft players, as the entire game will take place in the most dangerous cave system you will ever explore: The interior and connecting cave networks of a giant hand-made volcano, including around a dozen ravines. I hope you like lava, because you're never going to stop seeing it. The objective? Points. Lots of points. How do you get these points? By doing what you do in Minecraft best: Collect all the things!

    In my solo playtest of the network, I came out with a couple of minutes to spare and 1,861 points. Think you can beat me?

    This map is still being built, but I'd like to guess that it's nearing completion. Those who would like to get in on beta-testing this can send my gamertag, Logic Lizard, a friend request, but MAKE SURE TO TELL ME YOU'RE FROM THE FORUMS. I am willing to allow people below 17 at this point, but if I have to explain the rules 3 times to you, you will be removed, they are NOT difficult. This map will be played on the Halo mash-up pack. Turn in-game music on for the full VOLCANO experience.


    Rest Area: Rare, secure room to idle in for any reason. Players cannot kill other players inside rest areas.

    Exit Station: Naturally-generated, nearly symmetrical rooms that have been adapted to provide an exit route from the cave network. Using this exit signals a player's game ending, and they will be scored upon returning to the scoring zone. Each station is numbered and contains a map.

    Scoring Zone: Players go here after exiting the network to be scored.

    Time limit: 1 hour.

    Difficulty: Hard

    Starting inventory:

    Crafting Table
    64 wood block
    Diamond Pickaxe
    Iron Sword
    32 Arrows
    64 Steak
    Full set of Iron armor


    Grace Period: Players are not permitted to attack or purposefully interfere with eachother for 5 minutes after the game begins.

    If you find a way out of the network that is not an Exit Station, tell me the coordinates, turn around, and go back into the cave. Touching the ground outside the cave will result in DQ if I see you outside.

    Mining: Unrestricted (exceptions: no strip-mining, quarry-mining, or "pillaring" to exit the network)

    Placing Blocks: Permitted (exception: Blocking/erasing lava flows is not allowed, nor is hiding/obscuring a cave route)

    PVP: Attacking enabled (and encouraged), gamertags/map locations off

    Stealing: Allowed. Any items belonging to a player killed inside the network are fair game for other players, including the killer, to pick up.

    Trap Creation: Allowed

    Lives: 1

    NO BUCKETS PERMITTED. I removed all of the water I could find from the cave networks that I found, but with how vast the system is, I could have easily missed some. Do not make a bucket and take the water with you, or build blocks in such a way as to redirect the water into a lava pool to erase a hazard. There is water in at least one Exit Station, but the rule still applies: You cannot make a bucket and take this water with you. Using buckets to collect lava for later use/traps is also prohibited.

    Griefing the map will result in a permanent ban. This includes but is not limited to: removing or destroying any items inside an Exit Station or Rest Area, personally or through reckless allowance of a creeper explosion, spinning the maps inside Exit Stations to make them misleading, and breaking any other aforementioned rules.

    Once you exit the volcanic network, your game is over and you will be required to cash in your score immediately. Follow the glowstone arrow back to the volcano to be scored. An Ender Chest is located at the top of every Exit Station. Before leaving, empty all contents of your inventory into the chest to lock in your points. Do not collect more points from mobs or mushrooms on your way back to the scoring zone.
    Point system (per piece):

    Coal: 1
    Iron: 3 (smelted or not)
    Gold: 4 (smelted or not)
    Lapis: 2
    Redstone: 2
    Emerald: 12
    Diamond: 10
    Common Mob drops (rotten flesh, bones, string, gunpowder, etc): 1
    Mushroom: 2
    Ender Pearl: 8

    Collapsing resources into blocks, such as block of iron, is permitted. Only resource blocks count, no rails/dyes/etc.

    Remaining arrows in inventory, including those obtained from skeletons, are worth 1 point each, meaning each player actually begins the game with 32 points, and lose one each time they use an arrow. Think carefully about your shots! All other items including those crafted using materials, such as swords and pickaxes, will not be counted as score.
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    posted a message on Join my minecraft world
    Logic Lizard. I don't typically tend to build near other people, I like not having to worry about my house every time I'm away.
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    posted a message on Xbox One Survival Builders Wanted! Server Like You Have Never Seen!
    What texture pack do you play on?
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