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    Hey everyone!

    We just launched TriumphPvP, a brand new clans PvP server. TriumphPvP is a fully custom Minecraft Java Edition server that is precisely designed to offer you the highest quality hybrid style (Oldschool & 1.16.1) PvP experience. The best part of it all? There is NO Pay-To-Win on TriumphPvP!

    We created TriumphPvP because we want to provide Minecraft PvPers with a skill challenging, balanced, and overall rewarding PvP environment that is not riddled with any game-breaking pay-to-win elements. Your success on TriumphPvP will be purely dictated by your PvP, raiding, and overall Minecraft skills.

    IP: play.triumphpvp.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/tUD6Hxz | Website: www.triumphpvp.com


    What We Offer:

    • An enormous 300 x 300 blocks spawn arena built precisely to offer the most entertaining and skill challenging PvP experience.
    • A dynamic clans system that offers base raiding, a clan levelling system, inter-clan PvP control, and much more!
    • Land protection
    • Raiding
    • Oldschool PvP mechanics
    • McMMO (Updated with brand new skills and abilities)
    • Player-owned shops
    • Vote Crate
    • Custom Plugins
    • No Lag
    • Nice & Friendly Community
    • And much more!


    Our staff actively updates TriumphPvP with new premium plugins to ensure we offer you the best possible Minecraft experience and consistently add to your adventure!

    Are you ready to put your skills to the test? Do you think you have what it takes to form the most powerful clan on the server? Then join us at play.triumphpvp.com and start your adventure!

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