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    posted a message on Kicking Kids Out of Multi-player = Bullying
    I skimmed through the topic a bit but after 13 pages I am sure most things haven been covered. Thought I might put my opionion in here too. From what I am understanding:
    Your 12 year old son plays Minecraft on the xbox360
    He was forcibly kicked from the server.
    You believe you son was hosting the server
    He was playing with 'friends' he knows that turned into some bullies.

    There is nothing wrong with younger kids playing Minecraft and I am learning alot of kids do. It seems like your sons friends were just playing around or picking on him. I hosted my own server for friends and friends of friends on the xbox sense the game was released and I urge you to have your son do the same.
    Its Peer-to-Peer so everything revolves around the host. If he is not on the game, noone else can get on that world. If someone is being a bully, thief or destroying thing then your son he can kick them (only the host can kick others). He can set the game to public (meaning others can click 'join in progress' to join but they still have to know somone currently in the lobby), Invite only, or he can appear offline so noone is able to join.
    He also has options to disallow others from placing, removing, or using blocks and items. So for enstance if two or more players would keep fighting or griefing I would remove there privliges and they would be stuck in whatever room they were in. Like a instant jail. After some time I would give them back the ablilty to place, destroy, and use blocks.

    Id add him and invite him to come play with me but I havent been on MC in a few weeks. I been moving more toward the PC.
    He could also go online and look for other player hosted servers. Some of them take there server and community very serious with rules although I cannont recommend it because if he gets into a bad server then this could happen all over again in a week.
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    posted a message on Base Lighting Methods
    Dont derp my lava! lol
    Its one of my favorite (and kinda tacky) lighting sources.

    I try to keep 3 block high walking space, glass block ceiling, and lava pouring down in multiple spots to cover the entire glass. It lights the entire space so nothing spawns in and gets rid of nasty and uneven torches scattered everywhere.
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    posted a message on why are spider jockey's so rare?
    I forget the exact numbers but I believe its something like... whenever a spider or skelly is spawned, and theres enough room for a Spider Jokey, there is a 1% chance that the spider/skelly will spawn as a Spider Jokey.

    I have never seen a spider and skelly conjoining after they have spawned nor have I ever seen proof of this. (proof would be a video of the occurrence.. not a few pictures).

    But I believe they are so rare because they are a tad bit strong. The agility of a spider, range of a skelly, and damage of both of them. That and just to have one of them "HOLY SHTT! ITS A SPIDER JOKEY! :D " moments when you do see one.

    The post below me made me want to get a refresher on spider jokeys so I looked them up a bit.

    SPIDERS have a 1% chance of spawning with a skelly riding it creating the Spider Jokey. That makes it rare in itself but on top of that, the skelly may dismount the spider after a random amount of time or die of suffocation (more so in caves) because of the spider scaling walls and running into the ceiling.
    Skellys and Mob Spawners will never spawn a Jokey either.
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    posted a message on Worst Seeds
    Quote from SMSleader

    Try,= this, ThisInTheWrongTopicSectionItBelongsInTheSeedsSectionNowHaveAGoodDay

    Nice call! I tossed in your seed (only could fit "ThisInTheWrongTopicSectionItBelo") and it spawned me on a small island in the middle of the ocean with only dirt and a few flowers, no trees.
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    posted a message on Server Browser
    I have an idea for a Browser.
    Not to worry about it. There seems to be enough people banning together on the forums to make decent worlds and people attempting to make 'servers' for the xbox.
    Id rather the time and effort be spent on other things... such as bugs, glitches. and bringing the xbox version up to speed a little faster.

    Also the polls a little broken. You cant vote 'No' without also voting for what you would like to see on the browser.
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    posted a message on Still no clay in the update?
    Not many people like to follow up on there games now a days. Always complaints on one thing or another and 'better fix this! better fix that!'.
    It was known long before this update even came out that clay would not generate in previously generated chunks of the world and very few people seemed to complain about it. Im going to hate to see these forums when new Biomes and structures come in.

    To me personally, clay is not a big deal. Not worth starting a new world for on its own. I am going to continue expanding the creations in my world until the Adventure Update. It should bring in villages, mineshafts, a new biome (and some technical biomes), and rework the current biomes to make it a cleaner/better flowing map.

    My advise... if you care about your current world then dont worry about the clay too much. All it really adds is brick blocks that has the same properties as a stone block. Continue your world until a major update comes and when it does lace your current world with tons of tnt, invite your friends over, and enjoy the fireworks. Dont forget to save! :D`
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    posted a message on Spider jockey?
    I have seen 1 in the xbox version but sorry no video proof. I didnt even get a learderboard kill :(

    I walked outside just as the sun started catching Mobs on fire to collect there drops and a spider jockey fell off the mountain above me and started tearing me apart and killed me. I respawned in my house, picked up the first thing I found laying around (pickaxe) and took off to beat it to death but it died in front of my windows just before I could kill it.
    So upset I shut it off without saving... lost hours and hours of building and mining.... that will show that spider jockey to not die by my hand!
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    posted a message on What do you want to be added into minecraft xbox
    I was under the assumption that they were going to attempt to add all of that stuff into the xbox version anyways. Might take a few months (years >.<) but if they wanted to keep the two games equal like they say then them updates will come sooner or later.

    Im just curious to see what there 'xbox exclusive' content will be.
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    posted a message on Your Difficulty?
    Hard. I never played Minecraft on anything else unless on other servers/xboxs. I love the first night scramble on hard trying to find a decent hidey hole... or losing track of time and relizing your out of wood and coal.
    I still try to do everything I can to avoid Mobs (Barricade my 'city', light every inch of my playing field, compleatly light caves first before resource hunting, sleep as soon as possible).

    The only downside - All my friends played in my world for about 15 mins until nightfall and when the ground looked like swiss cheese they left and never returned :(
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    posted a message on Hey guys, new to minecraft hoping for some beginners tips
    Ehh most of its been said but...

    -Sneak(R3) when near ledges
    -Save often
    -If you go to sleep as soon as you can no Mobs will get a chance to spawn in
    -2 blocks deep of water will cushion your fall. Its always nice to have a quick exit from a tall building.
    -placing a ladder on a wall will prevent water from moving across that block, creating a water barrier.
    -Keep your main storage warehouse very secure, well lit, and isolated away from other items and creations. You dont wanna play 5,200 item pickup when a creeper crawls out of the woodwork.
    -My preferred food before 1.8 is Pork because of the many spawns of pigs and how much it heals. Mushroom stew is nice also but mushroom farms can be dangerous if not automated. After 1.8 update bread is nice due to the ease of creating farms and ability to stack food.
    -I also always liked to create a large homemade wall keeping Mobs out of my main playing/building area or city. Keeping the grounds well lit inside the wall will keep your area pretty safe no matter what difficulty your playing on.

    -Create large, tall structures that overlook your lands. The views you get at nighttime and thunderstorms is compleatly worth it! :]
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    posted a message on Spawn errors are the most exciting moments of the game for me
    I think this happened to me once. I left when I was in the middle of the bottom of my diamond mine and when I came back I was in a new cave with the glow of lava in the background. I thought mabey I just wondered off the path while daydreaming before I saved (daydreaming while playing a game, short attention span much :P).

    Solution: Dig a spiral staircase stright up and climb my way out. Get sidetracked from mineing. Go make a lave/glass roof across my entire house. forget to save and redo the next day.
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    posted a message on Should they reset leaderboard; Yes or No?
    Your going to hate me but im with the other guys. Id say I dont care but sense thats not an option, Its a No. World leaderboards on minecraft are pointless.
    Its fun to compare with friends but if anyone is taking the world leaderboards seriously we need to have a talk.

    Anyone can 'boost' the rail riding leaderboards by putting a few rails in a line or circle and riding it back and forth. I have a friend that created a rail system shooting 500+ meters in a stright line in a few seconds near the bottom layers of the map then your able to press a single button and shoot back. It took him less than a day to make it all legit.

    Mining blocks:
    That same friend that made the mine got a ton of diamonds (an easy 30+). He could turn them diamonds into pickaxes and get just as many just as fast. Dupt glitch doesnt really seem to affect it much

    Farming: "Planting in a single long line and torturing poor cows by milking them continuously"
    Thats a basic farm. Easy to make legit just as it is dupted. A single bucket can milk and empty over and over.

    Arrows - True.. that could be very helpful but they would still have to manually kill each mob. Id be more concerened with the people with 32,233,553 kills than the guy with 1,200.
    Armour - Armour in 1.2.5 is near useless. It helps but a invo full of cooked pork is better and easier.

    TnT - "Blowing all big holes to show tunnels/minerals you need?" If you use TnT to blow up resources I dont beleive it will count will it? Otherwise it would destory more resources than it would uncover for you to mine. It would be easier to dig a spiral down or start a diamond mine and run into a cave that way.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    Im thinking this thread needs FAQ at the front page to clear up 90% of the posts. The same questions are being answered and reanswered to death!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    Quote from sor1n

    I don't think it's a bug, maybe you are simply not lucky. Some things have a rare chance to spawn.... idk.. It's weird though...

    I had the same thing happening to me a few times also. I suddenly had no hostile mobs spawn for 3+days stright so I decided to go splunking in the dark. A few hundred feet from my village I could see 8+ Ice wraths clumped together on a hillside. Someone mentioned something about the hostile ice wraths in the area maxed out the spawn limit.

    Never knew there was a 'max mob spawn' limit but its the only thing that made sense to me. After getting far enough away and underground a few creepers popped up.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    I have been playing MC for some time now but I am new to the whole MP, community, and 'modding' portions of Minecraft. I used to get around 5-10 FPS (5+ year old, low-end laptop... yay) but with OptiFine im pushing 30+.

    I know many may laugh at me and toss your PC in the trash if it got 30 fps but it has brought Minecraft back to life for me. I thank you :)
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