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I'm a student who currently works as a computer technician. I dabble in programming and have experience working in HTML, Javascript, Actionscript (Adobe Flash CS4), and C++. My studies include various topics such as mathematics, computer science, biology, and physics; and some things I do in my space time include reading, practicing martial arts, playing classical guitar, jogging, and of course various computer related activities.

...well, that gets the basics out of the way.

Within the Minecraft community, I worked as a moderator for the first RingsCraft server and an admin for RingsCraft 2.0. In addition, I am currently involved in the production of a new server run by the same team.

Outside of Minecraft (but still online), I am casual MMO player and am a member of guilds in games such as LotRO. I also play several single player games and engage in the occasional bout of tabletop RPGs with friends.
Interests LotR, Javascript, C++, Adobe Flash Animation, Classical Guitar, Hung Gar, Wing Chun, and Pamplemousse.

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