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    posted a message on Minecraft Old School Anarchy! old_beta b1.6.6 32p0r.mcserv.fun

    Want to relive the old days of Minecraft, while also not having to listen to the admins about any rules? Come join this newly made Anarchy Server on 1.6.6 beta!

    Any player can join and say and do what ever they want.

    No plugins, no queue, just join and go!

    IP: 32p0r.mcserv.fun

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    posted a message on Server Dead Because Cheaters and Hackers - Lasted 3 Days

    The server lasted a whole three days before the Admin became fed up with the cheaters and hackers. Even with anti-cheat plugins and giving pardons to people, little kids who play too much 2b2t use easy to get hacked clients and just abuse the server. No more! Wanna join the discord where it all unfolds? Link below!


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    posted a message on new alpha server - no rules/bans b1.6.6

    new beta server b1.6.6

    google how to change your version

    no rules

    come join us and build some epic stuff

    ip: timewarp.mcserver.us

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    posted a message on 60pas - 1.12.2 - Spigot/Bukkit - Economy - Factions

    ~ 1.12.2 ~ Spigot/Bukkit ~ Economy ~ Factions ~ Wilderness ~
    Welcome to 60pas! This server is a vanilla plugin server on 1.12.2 where players can build epic structures, form powerful factions, create businesses, and more!

    IP: 60pas.mcserver.us

    This server comes equipped with WorldBorder (nearly 25,000 blocks), WildernessTP (use /wilderness to get teleported elsewhere in the world), UberEnchant (to add custom lore and names to your items - make a special item for your faction), SilkSpawners (use a silk touch pick to collect spawners for farms or trolling), PvPManager (no PvP logging), PlayerHeads (slay your enemies and place their heads on a spike), Anti-X-Ray (nice try), Anti-Cheat/Hacks (again, nice try), Factions, Essentials (/home, /tpa, /balance, /etc.), Dynmap, ChestShop (make shops from chests), and ClearLag (removes ground items every few minutes to reduce lag).

    1. No hacking or cheating.
    2. No hate towards others - no edgey behavior.
    3. No racism, sexism, or other offensive stuff.
    4. Try to keep things PG-13 in chat.

    Other than that, welcome to the server! :-)

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    posted a message on Server Fail

    Epic Fail Server

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    posted a message on scary man party anarchy server open

    - no rules

    - no addons

    - vanilla

    - open pvp

    - fun fun fun

    ip: anarchyofscare.mcserver.us

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