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    [b]Welcome to the messed up wastelands of[/b]
    [b]Ruined World[/b]
    [b]Server Forum
    Server Status[/b]
    [b]Server Version: 1.2.5 (Old Version)[/b]
    [b]Bukkit Version: 1.2.5-R3.0 (Old Version)[/b]
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    [b]The year is 2219.
    We are the children of the damned and the lost.
    The last two hundred years have taught us much. There is no God; there is no heaven or hell.
    Just earth.
    We used to fight for freedom. Now we just fight for survival.
    We abandoned nature long ago, and now we pay for it dearly. The planet is barren; most natural species exist purely by genetic modification.
    Let me tell you how we came to be this way... from the beginning.

    [b]North Korea's aged leader dies of old age, and is almost immediately replaced by his son.[/b]

    Oil levels run low worldwide, a desperate struggle to find more sparks tensions between the world superpowers.

    Britain's already strained economy collapses, sending several other countries into another economic downturn.[/b]

    The US president is voted out of office. The new Republican candidate sparks tensions between US and Asia, by claiming its leaders are "Self-obsessed thugs" and refuses to apologize.

    Britain breaks into civil war after nomerous riots and attemps to coup the British government.

    The world’s first fully self-aware robot was created in Japan, and immediately picked up by the US army.
    The US begins training and preparing these as soldiers, but the project was shut down a few months later due to the huge costs of money and recourses.

    The last of the US Oil runs out. Russia and China hold reserves but refuse to part with it unless countries pay ten times the value.
    United Nations demands they part with the oil, and help suffering countries develop alternate energy sources. China and Russia leave the UN, and form the people's republic of Asia.

    PROA urges other major countries in Asia to join them to create the biggest empire ever in human history. Their being promised full oil deposits and great amounts of credit. Many refuse, but North Korea, Syria and Iran picks up on it due to lack of oil and money they have.[/b]

    Tensions continue to rise between the US and PROA.

    An US Naval carrier is sunk down in the Pacific Ocean. A missile is later recovered and identified as belonging to North Korea.
    North Korea claims the ship was attempting to steal oil reserves travelling through the pacific islands.
    The US president declares war on North Korea. Even though the war declaration was not meant for the rest of the PROA, they took it like it. When the US finally realized that they had declared war against the whole PROA. Instead of taking it back and say it was all just a big misunderstanding and miss communication, the pure ignorance and stupidity led the US president to urge the rest of the western world to join in.
    European Allies, NATO, make a concentrated attack on Russian supplies. Russia responds by expanding into parts of Eastern Europe, previously neutral.

    Parts of Scandinavia ally with the PROA, partly from fear of attack.
    The US promises to rebuild and fund several African nations when the war is over, in return for assistance against the PROA. Many accept, believing this to be the start of the United Nations of Africa.

    The PROA now controls most of Eastern Asia, including Japan, which they use to help produce the same robotic technology as the US did in 2019.
    The US abuses the control over many African nations, using the people as fodder. African nations that did not join the union, such as Egypt, rebel against the US rule, but refuse help from the PROA.

    NATO forces capture Moscow. PROA retaliates by nuking Britain, viewing it as the only option out of utter government take over and loss of the war. PROA thought the nuke would scare of the westerns, but it didn't. In fact in made the British civil war halts and the people unite to return fire.
    The US nukes the PROA heavily, murdering billions.
    PROA Nukes several major American, African, European and even Australian Cities. Australia capilitates and bow their heads down to the "mighty" PROA. In hopes of sparring millions of lifes.

    NATO wants payback. They reply with a huge nuclear bomb that was supposed to hit the Korean capital Daehan Minguk, but the nuke was heavily miss calculated, or the NATO at least thought so, but in reality some highly skilled and valued spies from the PROA sabotaged the whole operation. Sadly they only managed to get the horizontal data out without getting caught. That meant that the nuke had only the data to go upwards, and so it did. Several days later the nuke hits the moon without anyone having the power to stop it. At impact the nuke slashes out a extremely massive explosion. A huge portion of the moon splits out of the ground and sets course to outer space, but for some odd reason the dense atmosphere of the moon manages to stop it and balance it so that it neither descend or ascends. Though some smaller parts of it set straight course to earth. This is a huge loss for both parties of the war.[/b]

    PROA captures Germany, using only robotic soldiers.
    America develops a highly experimental "Super soldier project", combining genetic manipulation, mutation and the same robotic technology they stopped manifacturing in 2015.

    A scientist predicts quarter of the world's population have been killed or mortally wounded since the war began. And the numbers are only going to rise if the war is contiuned. They premuse the half of worlds population will die out if the war goes on for the next coming years.

    Super soldier project condemned by NATO, after an entire town is found mutilated and mutated, attempts to bring medical aid to the mutated people fails, as PROA raids the support, and the mutants kill the rest.

    PROA sends their last robots to the NATO headquarter located in France, hoping they will win the war. NATO finds out about the attack and evacuates the whole sector and retreats to the US. When the robots arrive they detonate NATO's trap. The trap activates a huge EMP that was mainly supposed to only destroy the robots in the area, but the EMP goes out of control and stretches around the whole world. The world is now officially without any electricity or energy above 200 metters of ground. NATO breaks up, and EU fallows, to many heated discussions, bralws and disagreements. The temeprature finally rises to the point where nobody want to do anything with the other. Only two thing is in their mind, their own survival and opinion on what they should do.

    Since the moon got hit by NATO's nuke the water have been shifting constantly. Making huge portions of all sea life die out. The leftover is either fished up and eaten instantly or left behind due to it being uneatable. This gives a huge impact on countries who where never involved in the war in the first place. This affects everybody globally.[/b]

    [b]Vast starvation wipes out whole countries. The people left in these countries get deprived and start getting cannibalistic thoughts. A huge paranoia breaks out that make the left think that others want to eat you, and the only way to get away from that is to eat them. Eventually people started eating each other. The people who survived this got a disorder to eat human flesh rather then anything else.[/b]

    [b]The EMP effect starts slowly to decay.[/b]

    [b]Fighting slows completely down. The only thing people have in mind is their own survival. Most people are either mutated or dead.[/b]

    The last government remaining crumbles. The leader gives his last wishes to his elite guards to kill the rest of his personnel, or traitors as he deamed them. He then went of and put a bullet in his head.

    [b]The EMP effect is fully gone and all electricity and energy is back, but few are aware of this.[/b]

    Survivors band together for survival, but a special group of them on Iceland come across a weird looking cave. When they enter the cave they find a rusty metal door that is locked. They manage to get their way in by crushing the door on the sides with some tools they have with them. When they finally enter they go through a tight and long tunnel that leads to a huge hall. In the hall they find reserved species of all sorts archived before the war began. Both animal and plant life is found. They find documents, papers and information about where they are and what what they can do with it. It was a bunker to keep species DNA in case they died out. These where very old, but still usable. So they began reading and learning about the species and the bunker while they where there. They figured out that the bunker also had huge amounts of food stored in it. They took the full advantage of that. They later began work on preserving species using advanced cloning and genetic manipulation machines that the bunker had. They spread the word to other bands on Iceland.

    The first new city is established.

    "The survivor project" flourishes. With the aid of advanced robotics, genetic manipulation, twenty new cities are built and quickly populated. The war is referred only as "The Great Ruining"

    Advanced "Diamond Cities" form, the government and services ran entirely by Robots, but still controlled by people, who now live in almost paradise.

    A Robot refuses to clean up, after its owner deliberately knocked his food on the floor. The owner then demands the Robot "take itself apart", and threatens him with a hammer. The Robot snatches the hammer from the owner and kills him with it.
    A Robotic revolution ensues, striking disaster everywhere. Cities break apart as Robots everywhere turn against Humankind.

    The last city falls to Robot command, having expelled all Humans. The Robots have won.

    The Robot cities quickly advance, and launch a large portion of Robots into space, intent on harversting all intelligent biological life.

    Advanced mutants herded by Human resistance break into the Robot Capital, and destroy the central computer, breaking the communication link between the Robotic cities.

    Large mutated giants have been spotted in some parts of the world, capable of surviving in even the harshest terrain.
    Most Robot cities now heavily overrun with mutants.

    In a desperate act to regain control, the robots launch an atmospheric bomb, with the intention of eliminating the atmosphere, thus destroying all life.
    The bomb is sabotaged by Human forces, but still launched, causing catastrophic damage to the earth, in ways that we still don't understand.

    Strange storms of various types appear. Robotic scientists work to fix the damage, but fail to succeed in time.
    Electromagnet storms break down the Robot circuitry, and the last of them power down in storage, deep below the earth's crust.

    Very little is known about the Human race during this time. Little or nothing is documented or known about what happened. Most people die young, fighting mutants or from radiation poisoning, while seeking areas to live.

    A sub-dimensional radio known as "the great link" is established. Human survivors pick up the signal and begin collaborating to work together and survive.

    An undetonated atomic bomb that was found by some roaming survivors. After inspecting the device, they decided to try and disarm it. At first they had very little idea of how to do this. Looking around they found several Tech books and mappings of the bombs workings. Still unsure of whether it was a good idea, they didn't have the slightest idea of what kind of bomb it was, one of them murdered his friend with a accident in a heated argument about how to defuse the bomb and if it was wise at all to touch it. The other two restrained him until he agreed to help. Together the remaining three buried their accomplice in the ground and finished the preparations they deemed necessary. The Second man found the name of the Captain in charge of the launch site. General Cirix Morgan. Having no knowledge of the pre-war events, he disregarded the name and attempted to dismantle the bomb from it's place. Then one of them noticed the bomb wouldn't detach from the tower. Knowing full well the repercussions of such a mistake he hurried out to try and fix it. When one of them tried to tinker with some wires, a timer was initiated. The last guy watched in horror as the count-down hit zero. Being completely de-assimilated, he wasn't even aware of his death. The people in a 200 mile radius were killed or hurt bad enough to die. Those who were outside the 200-mile range survived, ensuring humanities continuous life despite the mistakes of others. The land around the bomb was so radiated and scarred that it was almost impossible to live around it. The Second Bi-Uranium Bomb shifted the Northern Pacific Plate and all of British Columbia was changed. Those left over spread out to repopulate and rebuild.

    Modern day. Every night, the Human race fight both mutants and robots for survival. Some are successful, many not. Rumors grow of possible faction leaders emerging. Massive amounts of deactivated and old robots are being re-activated by the electronic waves, and pulses given out by the Nuclear Explosion that took place in 2216. Will the Human race finally be wiped out? Will the Mutants ever be eradicated? And will the robots finally crumble, and let nature take over earth once again?
    That's up to you.[/b]

    [b][b]Duck - D2
    During the war, food became harder and harder to get to armies, so the military decided to use this small robot to get it to them. They would mass air drop them and they would hold an amount of food equivalent to a large lunch box. These robots could self-refrigerate and they could move on their own. These turned out to be very useful during the war, and somehow managed to make it through the mass bombing of the planet. Now they just drive around without a purpose, except for maybe if you need a small fan. They can drop a small thing called reborner they basically work like an egg. Reborners were usually added to all D2's. So if the D2 got broken/destroyed they could use the roborner to make a new D2. Sadly some of the reborners don't work because of the EMP trap NATO set up on PROAs robots in 2043.

    [b]Cow - Mutated Cow[/b]
    [b]A mutated form of the cow, still gives delicious milk. It has hard skin, which can be good for armor and clothing. There's a rare disease that infects some of them with fungus and turns them red. These are usually reffered to Red Cows.[/b]

    [b]Pig - Mutated Pig
    Previously a pig, this is a mutated version. It drops delicious meat.

    [b]Sheep - SP2
    Previously a sheep, when the hard radiation stroke upon the world all sheep died out. The humans needed the wool for clothes and other things so they made a self-aware robot that they called SP2. The SP2 produced clothing fabric from within its body and then was stored as a coat until it was removed. After suffering some radiation the fabric around its body is a bit rotten, but it still useful for a few things. These robots were easy to make and produce and it didn’t need food or liquid to survive, so they were a good replacement for the so called sheep.

    [b][b]Squid - Collector Bot[/b][/b]
    [b][b]Resources after the great ruining were scarce. The Earth had been nearly picked clean, and some people thought of an alternate to trying to grow food in the harsh climate. Through the scrappy teamwork of metalworkers, programmers, and tinkerers, aquatic collector bots were invented. The idea behind this was that if the landmasses had run out of resources, perhaps there were still some to be had in the oceans. This idea proved to be correct, to a certain extent. There were still meager amounts of fish in the oceans, and even some valuables that had washed into the water from some event or another. A problem soon arose, however. The collector bots had to stay within a few miles of their radio remote, or else they'd lose the connection and start to drift randomly. This meant that only the coasts could effectively be scavenged. Once those were picked just as clean as the land, the bots were forgotten about. They tend to drift toward each other's radio signals, which means they can still be found in small groups, but they are rare and server no further practical purpose.[/b][/b]

    [b][b]Wolf - Wolf
    Most part of all wolves on earth were dead after the first nuclear bombs went off. Some managed to hide in caves and under huge layers of snow. The wolves that survived were highly changed by the huge amount of radiation they got on themselves. They are much faster and allot of smarter then the previous generation of wolves.

    [b]ZombiePigMan - Mutant - Mutated Scientist
    Scientist's that have been mutated in the horrible dimension called Nether.

    [b]Zombie - Mutant
    Once a human, now mutated into a flesh eating monster, it will kill you easily.

    Skeleton - Raider
    A previous prisoner of Robo. Co, many of his friends escaped and wanders the world with a ranged weapon to kill people, and take there items.

    Spider - Securo Drone
    Securo drones these were effective assault droids during the war, and was very popular with armies because when the Great War started the human population went down. So they made securo drones to fight for them. This made the human population be stable for a while. However after its production rate caught up with them they began to have trouble registering the difference between friends and foes, so it was discontinued, but a few somehow managed to survive. Now at night they attack any human they find, however for some reason register humans as allies during the day.
    In the shape of a spider, this deadly thing has sharp legs, it will cut you easily. If not that, it will spray gas on you which are poisonous![/b]

    [b]Cave Spider - Malfunctioned Securo Drone[/b]
    [b]Not all Securo Drones malfunctioned just in their behaviour. Some smaller, experimental ones were even more greatly affected by the environment. They started to rust and decay. Instead of only functioning in the day, like the other Securo Drones, they took the option to stay out of daylight permanently, becoming constantly hostile. After living fifty or so years like this, their power sources started to leak out acid onto their bodies. This added to the decay, but was a huge danger for anyone who encountered one. Some decayed completely, leaving nothing but husks, but a rare few are still left in the depths of cave systems.[/b]

    [b]Creeper - Fuelbot
    In the great war of 2023, vehicles were needed constantly, once the year 2029 hit, Fuelbots were created, as weapons, and storage. If an assigned hostile is seen, the fuelbot will stop supplying its fuel, and light itself on fire, releasing a "Ssssssssssssss..." before it explodes. After the war, all fuelbots were assigned to kill all humans.

    Ghast - Scanning Drone
    Drones were sent to the Nether to scout and gather information about it. When the war started the robots found the main server that they were controlled by, and reprogrammed themselves to go against humans. The drones were added cannons to protect themselves if they got attacked, and where only supposed to activate when they got attacked, but when the robots reprogrammed themselves. They made them automatically attack all humans in sight.[/b]

    [b]Silverfish - Roach
    As soon as the very first bombs hit, the roaches started to profit. Where there used to be kitchens full of angry men with pesticide, now there was irradiated food staches with no resistance. Over the course of two hundred years, the roaches grew larger not just from the extra nutrition, but as a side effect of the radiation. Cockroaches abstained for human contact for so long that when the two species finally did re-encounter each other, the roaches treated humans as they would any other threat. Roaches as large as rats started to attack humans rabidly, making wild hissing noises as they did so. There were stories of people getting swarmed with roaches, and the roaches supposedly bit out people's eyes, gnawed on their noses, and chewed fingers off. However much of that is true, the roaches still remain a large threat in this world.[/b]

    [b]Slime - Sludge
    Sludge, its a moving pile of radiated toxins and waste.[/b]

    [b]Snow Golem - Christmas Bots
    Manufactured before the war by many robotics companies around holiday times, these odd robots were designed to spread the christmas joy, mostly by spreading their artificial snow anywhere they walk, and chucking snowballs “playfully” at people. Their television-like heads would also spew music, but the speakers they used were notorious for their fragility, and few of the speakers survive more than a few hours. Later, the company decided to make a “create your own” kit, which included an odd, television-like top that you’d place on top of the traditional snowman’s body. Once the box had detected that its bottom was cold enough, the body of the robot would telescope out of the headpiece, typically blowing the snow below it away in a comical fashion, sure to please any child.
    The things have found their use post war, as well. Although not deadly, the robots seem to target hostiles rather than those who created them, and thus are used as rudimentary defense turrets, bothering targets more than anything else.[/b]

    [b]Iron Golem - Bouncer Bots[/b]
    [b]These iron monstrosities were robots manufactured for the purpose of being bouncers for various places and reasons. They were particularly valued in bars, where they’d toss out anyone who attacked another person. Most were also programmed to stomp out hostile wildlife, for use on farms, and for extermination purposes outside of farms. Now they just seem to defend people whenever they can, and attack any hostiles they happen upon.[/b]

    [b]Giant - Giant
    There is no global data about these massive creatures. It seems every living thing that has come near one has been killed in a mater of seconds at the spot. There are no knowledge of how they came to this world. Rumors say they are just normal mutants that have evolved into these huge giants because of the massive radiation blow that was made by the Bi-Uranium Bomb.[/b]
    [b]The PIABIAM [/b]
    [b]Personal item and build items assistant machine.
    Once the year 2074 hit and technology advanced, everyone who was born was given the PIA. It shrinks in some items as it stores it out, ready easily to be put in your hand. Amazingly light and secure. It also helps you manage your heart rate, and clothing durability.[/b]
    [b]Coal - Batteries
    These batteries are great for creating a light source, or powering a oven.

    Iron - Gear
    Gear is used to make useful tools and weapons.

    Gold - Gold
    Used in ancient times for adornment, but soft enough to mold into workable items and devices.

    Diamond - Power Cells
    These are futuristic long lasting power cells, they are rare and make powerful and long lasting tools.

    Lapis Lazuli - "Ancient" Unknown Technolagy
    Unknown technology for the humans. Scientist believe it’s from outer space or custom made by other humans. Used as personal thropies. Very rare. Some are dangerous due to the high radiation level they have. It has also been said to be a very powerful energy source, some say they have heard someone even test it on their own eletricaty circuts.[/b]
    [b]When the year 2074 hit, crafting needed to become easier, it was needed for this destroyed and ravaged world.
    So they invented the advanced electronic engineering work bench, most people prefer to call it a workbench. When children hit 13 year's old, they would receive a crafting node, allowing them to connect the PIA to the bench to bend, take apart, and connect resources to make tools, items, resources, and more.[/b]
    [b]Beware Of The Deadly World[/b]
    [b]When night hits, raiders come out along with robots and mutants, you must fight them off or stay in shelter, but you will need to come out sometime, or else you will starve to death.

    After the war hit, the nuclear bombs caused strange events to happen to the world.

    Under the hidden Robo. Co facilities contains Robo Fuel. This is used in torture for their prisoners, it is amazingly hot and poisonous. If a person takes even a 2 second bath in this they can be burnt to death.

    Of course, the water is sludgy and has occasionally radiation in it.

    The least deadly is the ApocaStorm. It creates a red tint, causing a large earthquake and massive heat, it is said lava brews underground as the world’s water combines with it, as the radiation blows in together to create a deadly storm which can kill a man quickly. Underground shelters tend to survive this. This is common.

    Radiation Sweep
    Radiation Sweep. The water will become contaminated as slowly radiation blows throughout the world. This is heavily dangerous, and needs intense shelter to survive. You are most likely safer underground. This happens time to time.

    Tsu Storm
    The most deadly and rare is the Tsu Storm. This will create a massive blow of radiation, a intense earthquake capable of ruining the most sturdy of buildings. Should this ever happen, you have almost no time to run. This storm is capable of murdering you within' Nano seconds, and no buildings or shelters are safe. The only thing you can do is pray that the intense wind combined with radiation doesn't slaughter you.

    Acid Rain
    What used to be a welcome sight to farmers and average people alike during a hot summer day, has since become a nuisance to anyone who encounters the phenomenon. The nuclear explosions of the past have not only ravaged the terrain, but the water as well. Due to the radioactivity and acidic nature of the current natural water basins, any water evaporated into the sky, eventually falls almost exactly as it went up, as acid. This water no longer gives life-giving hydration to whomever or whatever it happens upon. It is now destructive, burning and erodes away at anything that touches the unforgiving acid rainfall.

    Acidic Lighting Storm
    The acid rain that falls throughout the world, has now been coupled with white-hot strikes of pure energy. These strikes, formerly and currently referred to as "Lightning," have added to the destruction that acid rain brings. The lightning will hit random objects, areas, or even creatures, causing a small, shortly-lived flame. Although rare, reports of Fuelbots being struck by lightning, have been "super-charged," giving them a much larger devastation radius. It is advised that you stay away from any glowing fuelbots in your current vicinity. Mutants have also been reported to rarely be struck by lightning, converting them into strange scientist-like entities. No huge change has been observed from this rare occurrence, other than the flesh of the mutant, is usually transformed into edible meat. Extreme caution is emphasized during these storms, as it becomes dark enough for hostiles to emerge without being noticed.[/b]
    [b]The currency works like this! No currency outside walls/tows/groups/cities...
    Each town has their own leader to choose what type of currency they will have and how much it's worth, if they will have one of course. In apocalyptic lands you don't want to have money when it's not worth a damn thing anymore, you want things that you can bribe with so you can get the thing you really want! You want useful things that can help you survive![/b]

    [b]1. It's a roleplay server, you roleplay, or you don't play!

    2. Act with a reasonable level of maturity. This means no spamming or trolling and the like.

    3. When your character is dead, they are dead. No coming back, no ghosts, just dead. Make a new character and start over. This is a bannable offence.
    (NOTE: If you die alone, you can act as if the death never happened, HOWEVER, if you die with a group of people, via them killing you OR as a re[/b]
    [b]sult of roleplay, you are dead, create a new character.)

    4. No Metagaming. This is using OOC (Out of character) information in-game, such as reading someone's backstory on the application and saying they are a lying etc without knowning in-character. (NOTE: On the radio or on local. This is not needed on global.) Add this at the end of your application: I will use ((*)) or brackets to speak in OOC in the local chat if needed or I will get banned!

    5. No powergaming. This is the forced roleplay of others, or unrealistic roleplay. For example; *Me hits bob and kills him*. You need to give the other player a chance to react, so do *Attempts to hit bob.* Powergaming also includes forcing someone elses character to do something, I.E sexual intercourse. Do not play god.

    6. No use of hacked or modified clients.

    7. Stick to the time era. The server is based in a futuristic post-apocalyptic environment. This means, have an appropriate skin which goes along with the era and theme.
    (NOTE: Use skins which are relevant to your character. This means don't roleplayer a survivor and use a spiderman skin.
    ALSO have realistic skins. Don't have a creeper skin or a lava man, unless you have a good and valid reason for it. Oh and if you have a armor skin you can't use armor in game, because you already have one on yourself) (Setting the picture below as a example)
    1. Is just too, bright, colorful and happy. You're i a damn wasteland trying to survive, not tell stars and jump on rainbows.
    2. Is just completely innapropriate and doesn't even have anything to do with the theme.
    3. Having a skin like this won't make you able to use in game armor among others!
    4. Good looking skin that might fit the "vampire" role. (Only hardcore long players understands this term)
    5. A very good example of a scavenger
    6. The best type of skin you can get for a miner or a cave roamer.

    [b]8. If you make signs, make sure they're roleplay-related and believable. DO NOT have OOC or non-roleplay signs. Examples of unallowed signs are ones including smilies, "MY HOUSE LOL", etc.[/b]

    [b]9. No buildings that are physically impossible to build, i.e. floating buildings, buildings raised high on a single, tiny support column, etc. (NOTE: Any buildings which don't abide by this rule will be removed. Also, be organised -- don't leave random furnaces and furniture in the middle of the wasteland. Also don't build huge estates, castles or forts and the like -- stick to the setting!)

    10. Do not read or write, mine, build etc when in your application you stated your character cannot. That is also powergaming. Following this rule creates great town roleplay, so you can start trade circles and pay people to mine for you etcetera.

    11. This is a survival roleplay server. It should be very intense, and very dangerous. There is no law in the wastes, so danger can be lurking in any corner! So if your shelter gets TNT'ed, you can't do a damn thing with it.

    12. Try to put yourself in your characters shoes. Imagine what you would do in his/her situation. Would you talk to that stranger in a lawless abandoned wasteland? Just think logically and use common sense!

    13. If you're breaking in somewhere, don't just smash the door down. It's not good nor believable roleplay! Break a window, roleplay it, it'll be fun! These are the items you can break with roleplay.[/b]
    Wooden door (if you' a strong character)
    Grass/Dirt/Snow Dirt
    Crafting Table
    All pads, levers and buttons.
    Snow Block
    Clay Block

    [b]Anything NOT on this list is unbreakable RPly without assistance of an RP tool (such as TNT) Pickaxes cannot be used to enter a home or residence.

    14. Don't ask for items from admins/mods, it's not roleplay, nor fair!

    15. The admins' and DMs' word is law. Don't worry, we will not abuse the power and oust any admin or DM that does!

    16. Use the Last Days texture pack. You will find the download link and the instructions on how to download it bellow the rules. This is of course optional, but keep in mind that some buildings might not make sense to you while using other texture packs.

    17. Use the names of ores and mobs in game! Like don't say "He stole my diamonds!" It's called power cells on this server. So say "He stole my power cells!" You can find all the names of the mobs and ores longer down on the thread. This is very important, It is vital for the roleplay.

    18. No racial discrimination or racist remarks. Unless if it's roleplayed.

    19. You are not allowed to use omg, wtf, lol ...etc in the local chat or the radio. In other words never use it while rolepalying. This is somewhat mixing OOC and IC and is also a type of metagaming. Do not do it.

    20. If someone appears with a sword, don't think they're going to kill you and attack. Talk to them! Create roleplay and expand on the situation. It could lead to great fun and posibble future alliances!

    21. If you want to make a new character you have to RP the death of your current Character. You can’t just kill him/her/it yourself. You can do this either by arranging it in OOC with other players and the acting it out or by leaving a trail that leads to the sight of your death and place signs describing the events of your death in the form of a journal or a note.
    This could explain how your character is sailing out to find new civilization, or perhaps a blood-stained journal with an abrupt ending!

    22. You must have a forum account to continue playing on the server (NOTE: I lied, rules like these are extremely lame. It's just a recommendation so that you can follow on what's going on and what's going to happen with the server.)

    23. Do not grief, buildings or other-wise. Without a good roleplay reason! No destroying or vandalism of the world landscape.
    (NOTE: This includes 1x1 towers AND underground tunnels. These are quite unrealistic and also mess up cities and other player's houses, not to mention they look like ­!)

    24. If you abandon a building you made, try to damage it somewhat before leaving. This is a good way to simulate abandonment and decay, or to tell a story of something that happened there before you left!

    What happens if i break the rules?
    1. You will be warned (3)
    2. You will be kicked (2)
    3. You will be Jailed
    4. You will be temporarily banned
    5. You will be banned
    6. You will be permanently banned[/b]

    [b]How To Properly Install Last Days Texture Pack[/b]
    [b]Step 1: Download Last Days[/b]
    [b]Step 2: Download the MCPatcher HD Fix[/b]
    [b]Step 3: Double-click the patcher. You should see this:
    If you see a list of folders instead, try Jarfix (Windows only) to fix your Java installation.
    Step 4: Click Patch. You do not need to select a texture pack at this point.
    Step 5: Start the game.
    Step 6: Click Mods and Texture Packs.
    Step 7: Click Open Texture Packs folder. If nothing happens, just go to the texturepacks folder in .minecraft instead.
    Step 8: Copy all your texture packs into that folder.
    Step 9: Enjoy switching between texture packs without repatching the game![/b]

    [b]-Minecraft Account Name:[/b]

    [b]-How old are you?(Don't lie):[/b]

    [b]-Time-Zone/Country of Residence:[/b]

    [b]-Do you have a good grip on the English language and good grammar?:[/b]

    [b]-Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself:[/b]

    [b]-How much time could you dedicate on the server weekly?:[/b]

    [b]-How long have been you been playing Minecraft?:[/b]

    [b]-What do you know about roleplaying? How long have you been doing it? What kind?:[/b]

    [b]-What do you expect this server will be like?:[/b]

    [b]-What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?:[/b]

    [b]-Have you ever been banned before? if, why? ( Be Honest ):[/b]

    [b]-Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?:[/b]

    [b]-How did you hear about us?:[/b]

    [b]-Will you be willing to download and be active on our Teamspeak server?:[/b]

    [b]-Character Name:[/b]


    [b]-Character Family:[/b]

    [b]-Character Age:[/b]

    [b]-Character Appearance:[/b]

    [b]-Character Personality:[/b] (Any fatal flaws?):[/b]


    [b]-Can your character read or write?:[/b]

    [b]-Can your character mine?:[/b]

    [b]-Can your character build? (Holes in the ground do not count):[/b]

    [b]-Can your character fight?:[/b]

    [b]-Can your character farm?:[/b]

    [b]-Does your character have any special skills?:[/b]

    [b]-Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?:[/b]

    [b]-Character Fears:[/b]

    [b]-DESCRIBE an event where your character is in deep pain.(No, *I dodge the raiders arrows*, write it out):[/b]

    [b]-A screenshot of your skin: (Please include a picture of the skin being worn, and a png of the skin itself):[/b]

    [b]-Other Information:[/b]
    [b]Guide to the "In-Character" Half of the Application[/b]
    -[b]Character Name:[/b] Self-Explanatory, no names like "Mastur Cheef One 1 Se7en" or any crap like that.

    -[b]Biography:[/b] This should be a good 5-10 paragraphs of detailed and flowing literature. You should be able to write this without any effort if you actually enjoy writing about your new character, if you are struggling to get through the writing process, then in the words of Dangirdas:

    This part of the app should explain his life before the present day, it should NOT explain one event of his life, save those for the EDP (Event in Deep Pain) If you are one of the writers that like to skip years, than make absolutely sure that you give extensive detail to the years you actually mention, so the reader does not get lost in a strange paradox of random crap. This is probably the biggest part of the application, it must have enough detail to keep us entertained and informed!

    -[b]Character Family:[/b] Again, self explanatory, although you should go into detail (just a sentence or two, depending on how many family members you have, if none, that put a paragraph of why you don't have any family) about each family member, maybe even include your character's opinions of them.

    -[b]Character Age:[/b] It's just a number... if you can't do this, get out now.

    -[b]Character Appearance:[/b] This should be about a paragraph describing any noticeable (and maybe some unnoticeable) traits of your character's appearance, such as, what he/she is wearing, any scars of any type? Hair/Eye color? Color and condition of clothing?

    -[b]Character Personality:[/b] (Any fatal flaws?): Again, this should be about a paragraph, describing what your character is like and how they interact with other people or creatures. Also should include any pet-peeves, like maybe you don't like it when I wear armor leggings and nothing else.

    -[b]Occupation:[/b] Another paragraph going into detail about the current and past occupations of your character, if your character is jobless, simply put their hobby here, also tell us their opinions of their job.

    -[b]Can your character read or write?:[/b] Simple, tell us if your character can read or write, and how you character learned how, or why they didn't. This should be about a paragraph.

    -[b]Can your character mine?:[/b] Another self-explanatory question, if yes, tell us why, if no, also tell us why. Should be about a paragraph.

    -[b]Can your character build?[/b] (Holes in the ground do not count.): These next few are self-explanatory and share the same rules as the last two questions, if the answer is "yes" to the question, tell us why, if "no," also tell us why. Still should be about a paragraph.

    -[b]Can your character fight?:[/b] *Look at above question* About a paragraph long.

    -[b]Can your character farm?:[/b] *Look two questions up* About a paragraph long.

    -[b]Does your character have any special skills?:[/b] This includes any skills such as, marksmanship, able to help others with medical issues, has a strong mining arm, has good eyesight. But don't go with anything inhuman like "My character can fly with explosive apples that shoot out of his butt." This should be about two paragraphs long.

    -[b]Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?:[/b] Simply tell us of any mental or physical disabilities that your character deals with. This could range from the obvious (robotic arm that malfunctions a lot, or a small bladder) to the uncommon (big toe missing on left foot, causes unbalanced movement) This should be about two paragraphs, although one is accepted.

    -[b]Character Fears:[/b] About a paragraph going into detail about why your character hates certain things and why. We need to know what you fear and why it makes you cringe whenever it is mentioned/present.

    -[b]DESCRIBE an event where your character is in deep pain:[/b] (No *I dodge the raiders arrows*. Write it out.) This is probably the most mis-understood part of the application, and the biggest deterrent of good apps. This part of the app is the second biggest part of the entire process. There must be about 4-8 paragraphs in this part alone. People thing that the "Deep Pain" thing actually means "Deep Pain." It is referring to a time in your character's life that makes him/her not want to ever think about it. This MUST contain great detail and both physical AND emotional pain. And please try to refrain from making an EDP that ends with your character going unconscious. It has been done so many times before, we need some originality.

    -[b]A screenshot of your skin:[/b] (Please include a picture of the skin being worn, and a png of the skin itself.) If you need help with realizing what this is... you son are derp.
    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a picture here.
    1. Start up minecraft
    2. Go to your inventory in-game.
    3. Take a screenshot (using F2 on windows and FN + F2 on a mac)
    4. Upload that screenshot to imgur.com (it's easier than photobucket and it doesn't have a bandwith limit)
    5. Click on the uploaded picture
    6. Copy the third code from the top on the left side of the window
    7. Paste the code into the forums, bam, youre done.

    -[b]Other Information:[/b] I believe something from the rules goes here... but what?...
    This is NOT a town server. No. This isn't a server where you run a town and be 1337 with tons of g0ld ololololol-

    No, it's roleplay. Creating a character and ROLEPLAYING BEING THE CHARACTER IN THIS EVENT.

    Those other servers that claim to be roleplay? ­. No, I've played them and so far the morons running around begging for gold and concentrating on towns with NO real roleplay make me both sick and able to facepalm for a long duration of time.
    I want people only who are good in roleplaying! I don't want any sbrubs who are asking for help ad how to do ­.
    I want roleplayers who use their creativity to roleplay to make it fun!
    If you are new to roleplay this server is not for you!
    This server is for REAL roleplayers, not stupid town kids.
    You can just turn around if you are going to make a short application!
    This is a server for good roleplayer only! No sbrubs, nubs or kids.
    And if your gonna whine/QQ about one or five TNT's go off in your house or near it. This server is not for you!
    And if your gonna whine/QQ for loosing your items. This server is not for you!
    Oh, and put you heart in to your application! Or you won't get in.. [/b]

    [b]We have two main server mottoes that are. "Life sucks, live with it!" and "­ happens, deal with it"[/b]

    [b]All donations will help keep this server running, Most of the money goes to paying monthly for the server and upgrading it, while the extra will go to keeping the head admins happy while they have to deal with all the players ­. Remember we use allot of our free time on running and making this server enjoyable! If you want to donate, you can click the button bellow![/b]

    Cell Donator
    $5.00 - $9.99
    [b]Duration[/b]: [b]Permanent[/b]
    - Blue colored in-game name
    - Get the ''Scavenger'' prefix
    - Can protect two more chests
    - Reserve list slot
    - 10 cookies

    Gear Donator
    $10.00 - $19.99
    [b]Duration[/b]: [b]Permanent[/b]
    - Purple colored in-game name
    - Get the ''Wastelander'' prefix
    - Can protect four more chests
    - Ability to use /home and /sethome commands
    - Ability to create gates
    - Reserve list slot
    - Immune against reserve kicks
    - 100 cookies

    Gold Donator
    $20.00 - $29.99
    [b]Duration[/b]: [b]Permanent[/b]
    - Choose your own in-game name color
    - Get the ''Reclaimer'' prefix
    - Can protect eight more chests
    - Ability to use /home and /sethome commands
    - Ability to use /spawn command
    - Ability to create gates
    - Ability to create toggleable bridges
    - Ability to create elevators
    - Ability to /warp to preset locations
    - Reserve list slot
    - Immune against reserve kicks
    - 1000 cookies

    Battery Donator
    $30.00 - $49.99
    [b]Duration[/b]: [b]Permanent[/b]
    - Personal bedrock secured vault with 32 large chests
    - Choose your own in-game name color
    - Get the ''Legend'' prefix in-game with any color you want
    - Ability to use /home and /sethome commands
    - Ability to use /spawn command
    - Ability to create gates
    - Ability to create toggleable bridges
    - Ability to create elevators
    - Ability to /warp to preset locations
    - Reserve list slot
    - Immune against reserve kicks
    - 10.000 cookies

    Artifact Donator
    [b]Duration[/b]: [b]Permanent[/b]
    - Ability to lock up infinite chests
    - Ability to choose a custom prefix for you in-game with any color you want
    - Ability to use /home and /sethome commands
    - Ability to use /spawn command
    - Ability to create gates
    - Ability to create toggleable bridges
    - Ability to create elevators
    - Ability to /warp to preset locations
    - Ability to create different warps
    - Ability to use different types of teleport commands
    - Reserve list slot
    - Immune against reserve kicks
    - 100.000 cookies
    - [b]Higher priority[/b] -- you guys pay for the server, so you are the ones who get to shape it! [b]©[/b]

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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    Using AWN for dock and conky for added sexy lol, I've actually been using it since 10.04

    Also for my 1337 post I'm going back to my childhood

    My favorite cartoon in the history of my life, sorry if the image is a little big
    So you still haven't used it for one year? Well trust me, Linux is goingto get so sexy when you know it fully. Other then that, good 1337 post. Sorry to say though, you didn't beat mine. Where i posted a penis picture and got banned for 7 days!
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    This mod blew my mind!
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    Quote from WadupMan

    Hello PedoBear. Would you like to know where I live? Wow, you are really quick at crafting. NO! WHY U CILL TEDY!!?!??! :sad.gif:

    This is you in a couple of seconds..

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    So what do you guys think?
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    Watch it, and believe it.
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    ****ing sexy..

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    Any more information of your progress?
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    Ha, stop being such an posh *******. Sweden is one of the greatest countries to live in. If you would compare Sweden against USA, Sweden would clearly win. Sweden is also know to be one of the best places to go and party, it's either you having no friends to do that with, or you just live in the wrong district!
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