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    Quote from sirloff

    Agreed, I thought about it to. I will format it again.
    I was just wondering if :
    A) Was my application accepted?
    B) When can we play this awesome server?

    Cheers !
    Yeah, at least from the looks of it.
    The server is still under construction, so i really don't have a time when it's finished.
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    Quote from sirloff

    [b]-Minecraft Account Name:[/b]
    [b]-How old are you?:[/b]
    [b]-Time-Zone/Country of Residence:[/b]
    Central USA
    [b]-Do you have a good grip on the English language and good grammar?:[/b]
    I believe I do.
    [b]-Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself:[/b]
    There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self. But I will give it a try. I like good, rich and deep roleplaying. I stand by the rules. I ponder about electrons at times, being in more than one place at once its quite amazing. I like ACDC and I love Apple computers.
    [b]-How much time could you dedicate on the server weekly?:[/b]
    A lot , really a lot if the server is as good as I believe it is. Ballpark figure 25-30 hours a week.
    [b]-How long have been you been playing Minecraft?:[/b]
    Since alpha. But recently more often than before. I had to stop for a while. (work, life)
    [b]-What do you know about roleplaying? How long have you been doing it? What kind?:[/b]
    Vampire the masquerade, was my first role playing experience. I love that game. I still play it when I can. Not as often as I would like to unfortunately . I played everything from sega genesis RPG's to PS3 Dark Souls. I play TCG (Magic, used to play Pokemon when i was 14) anything that has strategy and some sort of roleplaying involve gets me exited.
    [b]-What do you expect this server will be like?:[/b]
    Wake up with a headache, I don't know where I am... the light its so bright... I recognize that smell, they are here! I run as far as I can, my legs are to heavy my lungs will collapse I need to stop! I think I'm far away enough, I hope. I put my hands inside my pockets searching for whats not there, solutions. Now what? Gather, hide, run, rinse and repeat... Not again not this time! This time I shall persevere, this time things will go my way!
    [b]-What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?:[/b]
    About 3 months ago I was in a server call, The last days, or something like that I did so much for that server. Small community very simple server but My city, Barvaria, had a hospital, underground CDC, labs, tall walls that went all around, a light house, 3 districts, 2 libraries, a city hall, a welcome hall, I map out the city with real blueprints and I was building all of it . We were rebuilding society. Until the friends of the server owner decided they wanted to exile me and take my work for themselves. That was that.
    [b]-Have you ever been banned before? if, why? ( Be Honest ):[/b]
    Yes, from that one server that took everything from me.
    [b]-Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?:[/b]
    Indeed I have.
    [b]-How did you hear about us?:[/b]
    Google search.
    [b]-Will you be willing to download and be active on our Mumble server?:[/b]
    Yes, I think thats a great idea.

    [b]-Character Name:[/b]
    -Whats the difference? -Our past our history, it means nothing, we have nothing, we are nothing, we became nothing.
    Bjorn said under his breath as he got closer to the fire. Others in the circle started paying attention to him.
    -You want a story kid? I tell you a story. - I was once just like you, young that is. - My parents, or those who raise me, it makes no difference really, were good and kind folks, like this people you see here. - My mother cooked most of the food for my father was the farmer and although he was a great cook himself he was often just to tired. - I don't like to cook, I hate cooking, I rather eat a living rat before getting near stove. - It brings up memories kid, memories that are better forgotten. - But you if you will have any chance outside of this ... "camp" then you better hear this from me here and now. - I won't be here for long and you shouldn't either. The eyes of the people around the fire grew as wide as the flames coming from the pit in front of them. One of them try to stand up to Bjorn and make him quiet. -Sit back in you place. Bjorn said in a deep commanding voice, and the subject did. - Change, kid, its the only constant you will ever encounter. - It's the ultimate truth, and the way I see it there is no real reason to go against it. - If you do, you will loose, 100% of the times. - So better get used to it and quick. - You all have build a pretty little thing in here, a nice little fortress. - You feel safe... and thats the last thing you should feel in this neck of the woods. - When I first saw you a few days ago, from very far away, I thought to myself .. "easy food, finally". - This fire you have here its like a big red lighthouse that will attract every scavenger in a 13 kilometers radio. - And most scanvagers are not like me, you see kid , I still have some humanity left in me. - I was going to raid this camp and take the goods for myself , tide you all up with so you wouldn't bother me much and cut you loose before I left you all with nothing but you pathetic lives. - But I saw in all of you some of the same hope I remember seeing in my fathers eyes when I was just like you. - So I said to myself.. "what the heck, why not help this folks, just this once". - And thats what I'm doing, I don't know how you all got this far being this stupid. - If you want to make it till tomorrow listen to the story I'm telling , pack your things and go. - Because tomorrow I won't be here, but they will. Everyone in the circle was stun by the words coming out of the mouth of this stranger. He arrived a day ago, and said he was lost and in need of some water and maybe a place to rest . They gave him shelter and some food, and now this? He is all of the sudden a raider who wanted to take advantage of them?. Bjorn went on. - So where was I , o yes my parents... - They took care of me but taught me nothing. -When my was cooking I was scavenging. -When my father was farming, I was scavenging. -When they were sleeping I was selling my goods and trading them for better goods. -I would tell my folks that the things I got I got working for some people in the next town. - They believed me because it was better than facing the truth. -The world was a simpler place back then , just as messy but better. - Or perhaps was our particular location at that particular time. -Like all of you here we believed we were safe. -We were many, so we thought. -Strength is in the numbers ! the Mayor used to said. -20 families that was all, twice as much as you people. - My other hobby was killing things with my sling shot, I like guns a lot better but I didn't have one back them. - I used to go out at night and hide and observe, and hunt what ever I could get my hands on. - I know what you are all thinking, at night?!. -I am not particularly large, so that helps. - I knew my neck of the woods better than most of the raiders and other creatures so I always had an advantage, our little village was away from the road and unwanted eyes. - But that wasn't enough, and i knew it, I knew it and no one cared. - Times are changing they said , you are to young to be this worry, they told me. - One night I was out as any other night and when I decide to turn back I realize I was surrounded by raiders. - They must of known of our "secret" location because I could hear them talking about a "fortress in the forest". - I tried to out maneuver them and get home before they did to warn my parents and the other villagers. - I was to late, I was to noise, I was to scared. - I could only watch as the raiders did the unthinkable, then I could only run and try to forget. - My past was buried that day but the burden of what I witness marks my every step. -And so I roam this land as I do many others in search of peace, but I have only found war. - Every day its a struggle and once you struggle enough you get good at it , and its not so bad anymore. - It gives you a sense of comfort , but that won't last either because only change lasts. - So heed my words and be gone by the break of day, or this shall be your happy ending. - And kid , take this . Bjorn toss over to the kid a very old sling-shot. -Old but sturdy, it may come in handy. And as quietly as he arrived the day before he was now gone... -Bjorn, the wanderer that saved us all
    [b]-Character Family:[/b]
    Mother and Father are dead. No other near relatives known.
    [b]-Character Age:[/b]
    Late thirties. He appears older tho.
    [b]-Character Appearance:[/b]
    One eye, one patch and one hole behind it. Rough looking, 5 o'clock beard, solid build, short, muscular but not big. He has been outside for a long time and he sure as heck looks like he has. Nothing fancy in this one except his one good eye that says so much and yet its so quiet.
    [b]-Character Personality:[/b] (Any fatal flaws?):[/b]
    He ponders a lot. Has a sense of detachment with the world but who hast now a days, everything we came to love and admire its gone. Holds high moral standard every time he can, but he won't starve just to be politically correct. He has been around the block and his attitude sure shows it. Not short temper by any standard but its better not to mess with him. Doesn't really trust anyone and its a bit paranoid, but who cares it has kept him alive. A lot of repress emotions, a lot of not given love, all and all he holds himself up fairly well.
    Scavenger, gun for hire.
    [b]-Can your character read or write?:[/b]
    Yes, that he can. He was taught by his parents unorthodox methods and although he won't say it, he is glad they put him trough that.
    [b]-Can your character mine?:[/b]
    To survive, yes.
    [b]-Can your character build? (Holes in the ground do not count):[/b]
    He is getting better at it. It's something that always interested him.
    [b]-Can your character fight?:[/b]
    That he can but he never starts the any conflict.
    [b]-Can your character farm?:[/b]
    Not really. He could potentially learn but I don't think he ever will.
    [b]-Does your character have any special skills?:[/b]
    There is nothing special now a days about surviving. So I guess not.
    [b]-Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?:[/b]
    One eye counts as physical and mentally well... he keeps himself well together.
    [b]-Character Fears:[/b]
    Raiders, the dark, loneliness, we could say that fear its what keeps him alive.
    [b]-DESCRIBE an event where your character is in deep pain.(No, *I dodge the raiders arrows*, write it out):[/b]
    Running away from some raiders Bjorn jump over a ledge and into the unknown. It would of been better if the raiders caught up to him. 20 feet later he is now squash agains the bottom of a very thick forest. Sure the raiders will never go after him now but he won't be going after anything either.
    -AGRRRHRHHRHR I can't move my leg! the raiders are behind me and I can't move my leg !
    Bjorn rips open his pant using his combat knife.
    The blood is gushing from a deep cut he got when he jump and a something that looks like bone its sticking out of it.
    - SON OF A GUN!!!!! ok ok breath ... breath It could be just fat , drag yourself out of this one Bjorn COME ON COME ON!!!!! AAGGGHHHHHH
    Grabing a nearby tree he gets up and leans himself against it. He takes of his belt and places the pice of cloth he got from ripping his pant apart on top of the cut and secures the belt around the cloth applying as much pressure as possible.
    He passes out, its unconscious and his life its at risk , some one is approaching , its them!
    -ITS THEM RUN RUN RUN ITS THEM ! (heavy breathing)
    Bjorn wakes up cover in sweat, another nightmare... just another nightmare...

    [b]-Other Information: [/b][b]I will use ((*)) or brackets to speak in OOC in the local chat if needed or I will get banned![/b][b] [/b]

    [b]-A screenshot of your skin: (Please include a picture of the skin being worn, and a png of the skin itself): [/b]

    [b]Interesting application you got over here, but you know what would make it even more interesting? Some paragraphs![/b]
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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    This is a bad place for your first rp
    Also fix your spelling and grammar
    My eyes...
    Yeah, my eyes also started to burn.
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    Quote from GhostyS

    Just posting the app i sent you via pm, since you said you would prefer it this way

    -Minecraft Account Name: GhostyS

    -How old are you?: 17

    -Time-Zone/Country of Residence: Timezone- AEST Country-Australia

    -Do you have a good grip on the English language and good grammar?: I think that my grip on the English language is tighter then most individuals.

    -Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: Well, I guess I am a rather nice guy. Friendly to most, but my hat can get ruffled by a few trolling ruffians. Not to mention I am a rather good role-player, if I do say so myself.

    -How much time could you dedicate on the server weekly?: About 2-3 hours a day, so around 21 or more hours a week.

    -How long have been you been playing Minecraft?: Before survival mode was released. Although I did just make my curse account today.

    -What do you know about roleplaying? How long have you been doing it? What kind?: I know my way around a good role-play, always stay in character stick to the theme all that jazz. Been doing it for awhile now, my first server was on garrys mod. Kinds? Fantasy, sci-fi, horror etc. Never participated in a post-apocalyptic one though.

    -What do you expect this server will be like?: What i got from the OP is that there will not be alot of bad role-players around. Most servers have hardly any real rp, just a ton of people talking in brackets.
    -What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?: Well, as mentioned before i played on some garrys mod servers. Was admin on at least three i think. But awhile ago they shut down and moved on to other games.

    -Have you ever been banned before? if, why? ( Be Honest ): Sure have, reason being I argued with the server owner about how he ran it. One of those servers where you have to pick a class, and all that ********. He jailed me then perma-banned me. That was on Terraria.

    -Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?:
    Indeed I have, I like the whole tsu storm and acidic rain ideas. I will use ((*)) or brackets to speak in OOC in the local chat if needed or I will get banned!

    -How did you hear about us?:
    Simple, I looked up role play in the search bar.

    -Will you be willing to download and be active on our Mumble server?: Sure, always good to make some new friends. Although I have no mic.

    -Character Name: Zephyr 'Ghost' Langley

    -Biography: It was just another day in the wasteland for Zephyr, His father was in the forge crafting new items and gear to sell to other survivors in-case some came by. Zephyr was working on the crops, luckily enough they had found a patch of dirt that does not kill the wheat within minutes of planting it. Farming was easy for him, In fact the only thing he does is till the soil, harvest the crops and help his father around the forge. It was a lot easier for them before zephyr's mother died of radiation poisoning, she used to make the most wonderful bread.

    After a hard days work it was time to rest, staying up later then the sunset is suicide, all manners of creatures, raiders and robots emerge from their slumber during the night. Zephyr and his father lived in a small bunker, inside that bunker is three rooms, one is the entrance, the other is the forge, and the last is the bedroom. The door is more then two feet thick lead, to keep out any radiation. This door has lasted through multiple ApocaStorms and radiation sweeps. luckily there has not been any signs of a Tsu storm to date.

    The next day zephyr and his father woke up, exactly at sunrise as they were used to, and did what they always do. Zephyr to the farm to harvest more wheat, and his father to the forge to craft more gear. Zephyr noticed a sudden change of heat and increased wind, He shrugged the feeling off, thinking it to just be a minor case of rad poisoning, which in a small state can be healed by milk from a mutated cow, but then he was corrected. The heat and wind by a huge amount, you could almost see the radiation swirling in the air. The last thing zephyr saw was the bunker collapsing, with his father still in it.

    He woke In a daze, all of his body numb except for his mouth, which felt tingly and burned, but that was not on his mind, all he could think about was the last thing he saw. He scrambled his way to the ruined bunker, and clambered around the rubble, trying to find any trace of his father. He found him, although he was not alive.

    His fathers hand was sticking out from under a rock, still gripping tightly onto his hammer, Zephyr knelled and sobbed for some time, as any decent person would if a loved one died. He couldn't leave him like this, he decided to bury him next to the river. After saying some words, he noticed his reflection in the murky water. His mouth, the skin was stripped to the very bone, some teeth were missing and the rest were cracked. the remaining flesh was singed around the edges. He looked like a monster from a night-mare. He could not be seen like this, surely anyone to look at him would think he was one of those monsters, but Zephyr does not go anywhere without his back pack, which has all the stuff anyone would need for any situation. Other then various gadgets and food, he had a gas mask, which would be perfect for covering up his face, and so he set out. For what? He did not know, a new start? maybe...

    -Character Family: His family was wiped out In a tsu storm, luckily he survived but is left with a terrible reminder.

    -Character Age: 28

    -Character Appearance: Zephyr wears simple leather clothes, with a blue shirt underneath. He does not go anywhere without his trusty backpack and gas mask.

    -Character Personality: (Any fatal flaws?):A generally nice guy, but can sometimes be harsh and to the point. Often sells his black-smithy work at high precise (That *******!)

    -Occupation: Roaming black-smithy.

    -Can your character read or write?: He can read, but can not write.

    -Can your character mine?: Zephyr has only little experience with mining, he can gather most ores but has trouble harvesting the more valuable (redstone, gold, diamond, lapis)

    -Can your character build? (Holes in the ground do not count): He can, just not very well. You will see no artistic masterpieces coming from zephyr, IC at least.

    -Can your character fight?: He knows his way around a blade and bow. If not a master, he is still better then most

    -Can your character farm?: Yes he can, he has prior experience with tilling land and growing wheat and other plants such as reeds. when he was a child and was learning how off live off the land.

    -Does your character have any special skills?: Zephyr is an adept at blacksmithing, he can forge nearly any item if given the right materials. Leaving him with very strong arms, and a bulky build. He is also rather good with a bow.

    -Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?: Zephyr's mouth is horrifically disfigured due to a severe injury from his past.

    -Character Fears: Zephyr main fear is people seeing his mouth, it is horridly disfigured, and is the cause for his raspy breath. He also hates creepers 'fuel bots' since he does not want to get any more disfigured then he already is.

    -DESCRIBE an event where your character is in deep pain.
    The mangled corpse of his father lay before him, he was alone now. Nothing, nothing at all to accompany him, except his backpack. No-one to talk to, no home to live in. His mouth burned, and gurgled. each sob made his jaw throb, his skin rip and his throat bleed. He had spent his whole life on this little farm, and now, because of some some pointless war it is destroyed and his father lay dead. He thought of it, of killing himself. but he thought, what would dad think of that? What would dad think of my if i did that. So, in light of all that had happened that day he decided to leave, decided to try and forget this farm, and what happened on it. He left, but not a day goes by that he does not think of it, not a day goes by that he does not sit and cry over his beloved father. it truly is a bad sight to see him when he is crying, the cracks in his skin, the cuts, burns and bruises. All re-appear, as if they are taunting him. Punishing him for something he did not do. His wounds will never heal, not as long as he remembers his tragic past.

    -A screenshot of your skin: (Please include a picture of the skin being worn, and a png of the skin itself)

    Comapared to the post above yours, i really like this!
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    Quote from JustcallmeX

    Original post #142
    Was accepted at the time.
    Re-posted here now under the impression that the IP has changed. If new character/re-write is needed, so be it.

    Minecraft Account Name: Lolzwheejars
    How old are you? 17
    Gender?: Males
    Time-Zone/Country of Residence: Canada (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time
    Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: There isn't much to say about myself. I'm the kind of person you'd just look through if you were scanning a crowd. Laid back and easy going. I enjoy roleplay a lot, I indulge in D&D, as well as having a fascination with Post Apocalyptic themes and genres.
    Why you would be a good addition to the server: I can be fairly active, I'm an adequate role player, I follow rules and don't troll/grief, always up for role play.
    Describe yourself in one word: Mixed.
    How much time could you be on the server weekly?: 35-42 hours(+)?
    What do you know about roleplaying?: I know how to, in a fairly good way. You react in the way the character you created would act, etc.
    What do you expect this server will be like?: Seeing how harsh your demands are, I expect it to be pretty good. Serious and dedicated. That is if I ever get accepted.
    What is your past roleplaying experience?: Fairly good. I used to bum around Furcadia and roleplay in the RP dreams there.
    What other server have you played on and why did you leave them? Haven't played on any other servers.
    How long have you played minecraft?: About a month.
    Have you ever been banned before? if you have write the reason why to ( Be Honest ): No.
    Have you read the rules? Do you understand them and do you agreed with them?: Yes I have read the rules and I will follow and obey them
    What is a slime called on the server? [Unknown]
    Have you ever had a sexual intercourse with your pet? ( Be Honest ) Dude what? O_o
    Why you want to be accepted (A short answer, nothing big): I want to be accepted so I can roleplay with a good community and play with other people.

    Character Name: Jake Teneur
    Background / Who are you?: Jake was born in 2169 nearing the end of the chaos time period before everyone started to band together through "The Great Link". He grew up in a relatively safe area. There was not a mass amount of mutants and radiation pocketed into certain areas that were far enough away not to be a threat. Of course the amount of mutants was still pretty high, his older brothers and father were able to keep them at bay during the night. Jake learned how to defend himself from dangers and how to be self sufficient throughout his life living with his family. Mutants were a simpler foe to deal with and no one was ready for when the Raiders came. Jake was by a small pool of water that, although was undrinkable, had a very odd abundance of fish-like creatures. They bred at a staggering rate and seemed to cannibalize each other for food. He was to far away from his home to know they were under attack and it wouldn't have mattered. He returned before it got dark only to find his, once homely, home just a heap of rubble and smoldering embers. His family's corpses had been butchered and strewn about, but there was no sign of one of his brothers. His breath caught in his throat and out of the corner of his eye he thought he seen something coming back. Without thinking he dove through the rubble and rammed himself down through a cellar door that was discreetly set off to the side of the shelter if it were still standing. He spent the night there in a cramped, dark hole under a heap of, what was once, his home. The disturbing mocking sounds of mutants seemed louder, closer and more disturbing than they ever had in his entire life. Day was breaking, he had gotten no sleep that night and the smell of freshly ripe dead bodies seeped its way into the cellar. He cautiously popped his head out of his hiding spot, the mutants had seemed to clear from the area and the smell was becoming too great for him to handle. His family's bodies had disappeared, this sank his heart, but he had no time for any hurt feelings. A Securo-Drone had been clearing the few remaining mutants and turned its targets to him, the screen flashed and it charged towards him. But he had already been high tailing it out of there, he ran for a great length. Across the sands, up and over dunes, and as far as his legs would take him in a day. To survive scavenging is a must but you can't always find what you need. Those that didn't decide to kill you right away could be traded with, of course during many of his years alone he was taken advantage of in trades. But he learned that he could also be a harsh negotiator also taking advantage of more softer or weaker people to make things in his favor and still being able to make things somewhat fair with others who were as stubborn as him. Soon he had gotten into other things than just trading. In his travels he stumbled upon only a few areas that had people. These people were sort of like Jake himself but not like those who seemed terribly sinister. Upon one of these chance meetings they taught him about gambling. "No this for that! You put in this and if you win you take it back along with everything else that was put in with yours!" He lost quite a bit that day, but was able to make up for it else where. Some don't take kindly to losing and unfortunately he learned that the hard way as well. He was stripped of everything he had and taken out far into the wastes where he was beaten and left for dead... or anything else that would happen upon him. When he awoken he was completely confused of where he was or what he was doing, they really did knock the sense out of him, he got up and stumbled around for a short while. "Why are there no mutants or anything?" he asked himself. He was too weak to get anywhere far and collapsed as fast as he got up. Jake just ended up covering himself in sand to hide himself for the night. When he arose he tossed an old coin, he kept in his boot, twice. head for South and North, tails for East and West. He tossed heads "Okay... Now which way exactly...?" tossed again and landed tails, so he decided to head south. Jake never did find those responsible for the murder of his family, but he's always made a stand against those who choose to murder others for possessions or even just in general. He has struck down quite a few for this and proceeds to do so if the odds seem to be in his favor. The year 2205. Jake had spent most of his time traveling in solitude trading when he could. Never had gotten to really trust anyone, why need to? Still being his harsh self in trading, he had become rather good at it and has been known to be able to really get a "good" deal for those who aren't as experience as he. Jake never had a radio or SCR-526 to receive signals or broadcasts but something in the recent year had drawn him to the east, always to the east. 2212. More and more wastes. Endless dirt, sand, and only God knows what, charred burnt and desolate. It seems his "hunch" had brought nowhere closer to ease, only more hardships. He still continues to travel east in hopes of finding something worthwhile.
    Character Family: Mother (deceased) Father (deceased) 2 Brothers (deceased, one missing)
    Character Age:? 43
    Character Appearance:?
    Character Personality:? He seems to the point a lot, but most times is throwing something behind the seams to earn things into his favor. He's rather bland, and not much of anything seems to dwell within him. Dull, if you will. He'll fight to the grave to make a trade where he's gaining more than his opponent. This meaning he's willing to give up a trade if it's not to his liking.
    Occupation: Scavenger and Trader
    Can your character read or write? Yes.
    Can your character mine? No.
    Can your character build? no.
    Can your character fight?Yes.
    Can you make tools?: Yes. (Fishing rod and Hoe/any variation of farming tool that fits the theme)
    Can you farm?: Yes.
    Any special skills? None to speak of.
    Does your character have any health/physical or mental problems/issues?: Jake has caught onto the rather nasty habit of gambling. Not so much an addiction, yet, but seems to want to more commonly than most.
    Character Fears: Securo-Drones.
    Describe an event where your character is in deep pain: "You cheating ****!" Chuck roared, "I didn't cheat! You just lost! Now. Hand over the gears!". If looks could kill Jake would have been dead the second hand dealt. "Oh I'll gear you alright!" Chuck took his chair and swung it down onto Jake's head. A flash of white and everything went black. When Jake came to, he was being dragged by 3 other men to some location somewhere. Trying his best to make sure they didn't know he was awake he tried to get a bearing of where he was. "Hey, hey! Look who's awake..." one of them said. "Dammnit" he thought to himself, "This is probably far enough. Let's get this over with." Jake was dropped harshly onto the ground and was then beaten and wailed upon. Taking hits every, mostly to the head, he was slipping back into unconsciousness once again but not before having the feel of his ribs broken tore through his nerves.
    A screenshot / description of your skin:

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
    Other Information:
    "I will use ((*)) or brackets to speak in OOC in the local chat if needed or I will get banned and i love cheeseburgers with all my heart."
    No one is going to read this if it isn't cleaned up and paragraphed correctly.
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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    And you're 111 posts away from 4444 :P
    Super exiting!
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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    Gratz on hitting 1400 posts you nerd! :D
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    Quote from J0HNNYB

    Oh right, I guess I was too IN character :Notch:

    I see what you did there! :Notch:

    Quote from InvdrZim13

    Next to the words that "****" replaced?

    I'm just trying to keep it polite agaist new people!
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    Quote from J0HNNYB


    -Character Name: Johnny "Bravo" Kingston

    -Biography: Bravo. That's what they ****ing call me. Why? Cause these losers are pure douchebags who call everyone the most ****-****ed thought up names. Like if your name's Albert, they're gonna call you "Fat Albert" even if you're skinny as a ****ing Raider. How stupid can you get? I seriously gotta ditch these extra weights or I'll die with the lot of them one day. Is anyone even keeping time? What ****ing year is it is anyway? I mean, how can you with all the ****'s thats going on. Mutants on the left, robos on the right, mutants in your belly... Yeah we even ****ing eat mutants for gods sake. Ha, what god. Unless he really ditched this world and let us **** it up, I doubt there's anything. Robos are in space ****ing attacking other planets and ****--so who knows when aliens would add to our wonderful collection of biology left on this dirt.

    ****. There goes my last battery. I used to have no hope left and wanted to suicide like everyone else who couldn't take this ****ed up world anymore. I mean, could hell be any worse? *tries hitting the light against a rock* ****. *takes out a cybe and smokes* Man, the only thing people invented well are these cybe-smokes, technologically programmed to mix chemicals to create tobacco and burn it constantly whenever you turn it on. Unlimited smoking, with no ashes. ****ing genius. Where was I again? *continues smoking* Ahh right, I was about to tell you about the time when my whole family went ape **** after I got home from work. I had to kill my own family--or mutant versions of them, with my own two hands to survive. Worst ****ing thing that could ever happen to you. To put your family out of misery, and put yourself into despair. But then some psychologist chick got me back up on my feet, We banged the **** out of that desk. *smirks* And now, I want my revenge on this world. So I'll stay alive as long as I can for my family, and I'll beat the **** out of every piece of **** robo, mutant, alien, whatever-the-****-non-human-thing that is left on this planet. Till the day I ****ing die, People will see my corpse and say bravo.

    -Character Family: "You just heard what I ****ing said right?"

    -Character Age: "36". My birthday was yesterday. I celebrated by blowing the brains out of mutants with my bow and arrow. *laughs with a face showing he is picturing it happening again*

    -Character Appearance: "You're here interviewing me, so you should know you ****ing faggot." (Scruffy, muscular looking man. Wears a ripped jean jacket and denim. )

    -Character Personality: (Any fatal flaws?): "The **** is this... a dating sim? You want to know about my personality? Holy ****, let's just go get married by Father Paul who lives down the road honey. But wait! you have to help me pick out my dress." (This guy is basically a bad-ass, douche bag type. He hates on almost everything and will pick a fight or make fun of you if he can.)

    -Occupation: "I **** your mother." (This guy will do anything for some food. And with whatever he can save up, he uses currency for weapons and survival items to hunt down robos and mutants. )

    -Can your character read or write?: "You think I'm ****ing illiterate? Well **** you." (Yes. he can do the basic stuff because his childhood was normal, and not affected luckily.)

    -Can your character mine?: "I can dig."(He has the physique to mine if he felt like it. But no, he has to be taught how.)

    -Can your character build? (Holes in the ground do not count.): "I build muscle." *chuckles* (He can basically build weapons and survival tools, otherwise no.)

    -Can your character fight?: "You wanna have a go right now buddy?" (This guy has been seeking revenge on these creatures since the death of his family and has been training his physique and combat ability to this day.)

    -Can your character farm?: "Farm? Like harvest corn and ****? **** no. Plus I only eat meat."(He has the physique to do it, and the capability to learn. Otherwise if not taught, no he cannot.)

    -Does your character have any special skills?: "How the **** should I know? All I do is try to survive." (Has the techniques to survive through rough times)

    -Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?: "Yeah I smoke whenever I get the chance to, so I probably have cancer by now. I always have dreams where I get to kill hordes of mutants, but that doesn't make me psycho. You get them too right?" (He has a mental disability in which he gains great anger and rage reminiscing his family when he is in clear sight and close range of a mutant or robo)

    -Character Fears: *silent* (He fears children. He's scared of seeing them die and has a tendency to protect them)

    -DESCRIBE an event where your character is in deep pain: "Besides the family turning into mutants and I was forced to kill them with my two hands? Yeah, one time it hurt pushing the **** out of my ass. I think the mutant meat mutated my poo or something."

    -A screenshot of your skin:

    -Other Information:
    I will use ((*)) or brackets to speak in OOC in the local chat if needed or I will get banned!

    And where is the our of character?
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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    xD here's a lesson in post-apocalyptic for him
    Fallout = Post Apocalyptic
    Post Apocalyptic != Fallout
    Fallout was not the first post apoc game series, it just gained more popularity. One of the first post apoc games was Wasteland (which was worked on by a team that included members of Interplay, the makers of fallout 1 and 2)
    Yes, i already know that. I have also heard rumors of a Wasteland 2 coming out!

    Quote from KamiShiniNoYari

    Well, Only thing I want from you dan is not to make stupid alien-bird races like Prisco did.
    Did you really just say that? What makes you think i will ever do such a nasty thing?!
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    Quote from SubjectDelta

    Well it looks Fallout themed to me,even if it isn't it dosent matter It still looks amazing and Worth playing :D
    How does this look Fallout themed? Please tell me, i want to cahnge that! :)
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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    Job hunt
    Ah, what do you want to do?
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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    First step is earning money
    Well are you going to proceed the step?
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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    Lol no money and crappy laptop
    What a shame, beacuse they where both on Steam Summer sale and had a discount on 75%. Also you should get a new computer.
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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    Just as a side note, you should try out Max Payne 3 and Alan Wake. They both have amazing gameplay and good graphics, but the thing that stands out the most, is the story line and how it's presented to the player. Truly a new and a unique way to tell the story!
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