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    I have been searching for this kind of things in the forums, and all I have found were different ideas and unfinished/abandoned mods. So it makes me wonder, are this things even possible?:

    Health Regeneration System: I'm not talking about more HP recovering items, but a system that gradually heals your character over the time. Something like healing 0.5 heart every 1 or 2 minutes, so you don't have to depend so much on food (which is a pretty big waste of time).

    NightVision: I have seen here and there some attempts of this, but nothing really funcional or finished, and I wonde if it is possible to make some kind of nightvision googles that you can "activate" by having them in your hands (something like the map) or simply equip it like some kind of helmet.

    Thermal Sensor: Even more complicated. Same idea than NightVision, but being able to see living things "heat" across walls. That would really be such a challenge that I doubt it is even possible.

    Poison/Antidotes: It would be kinda cool to have some kind of poison DoT, so you can add mobs like snakes/scorpions/jellyfishes or even add it to the current spiders with some % when they attack, making your hearts green and taking away something like 0.5 hearts every 2 seconds for a set period of time. And that you could kill these mobs to get some kind of Poison Sacs used to create antidotes. Not sure if something like this is even possible but if there is already a mod for this, it isn't clear enough to be easy to find.

    Gillyweed: I have seen some kind of Gillyweed idea about "healing" oxygen like food heals life, but I'm talking something more like the real thing, which gives you the ability to dive for a set period of time.

    Glowing trees: Making glowing trees (like normal trees but withish light-emitting ones) like the ones we can see in Final Fantasy Advent Children that could actually be planted in the ground would be great lol

    As I said, I'm not really sure about how complicated or even possible could all this be, and that's why I'm asking.
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    Quote from PwnCookiez

    Never mind there is by using uTorrent. (Dur.) Here look at this post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/98477-how-to-run-a-server-without-port-forwarding/

    Sadly it doesn't work either, I still get the classic error:

    [WARNING] The exception was: java.net.BindException: Cannot assign requested address: JVM_Bind
    [WARNING] Perhaps a server is already running on that port?"

    And as far as I have seen, everyone says exactly the same that you have to open the port to be able to solve it (and utorrent doesn't open it, it even says "the port is closed but you can still download"). Too bad 'cause I really wanted to try that xD

    Anyway thanks for the replies.
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    Quote from PwnCookiez

    Yes, impossible it requires you to port forward. Simple as that. If you type in or in your address bar you should get a login box and you can try typing admin, admin or you could type in the name of your network and the password of your network.

    Then it is really impossible, since I can't access router's config. I'm renting and owner is such a pain in the ass. Router's default user/pass was changed, and he would never let me access :/ too bad
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    posted a message on Just to make sure
    To make it simple: It is impossible to make a working MC server if you don't have access to your router's config to open the necessary port, right? I guess there is no way to find other ports that may work for it.
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    I have been reading a lot of topics and I have seen a whole lot of item-related mods. As we know, item compatibility depends on the ItemID used for it. I haven't seen anything like this in the forum search.

    I have been thinking: There should be an item compatibility list. What do I mean by this? A list of all used ItemIDs (by original game and mods) with the specific item using it (and probably link to mods' topics). I know it isn't that complicated to change IDs, but I think it would be useful anyway.

    There are 2 reasons for this idea:

    1- Help modders know which IDs are already used, to improve their own item's compatibility right from the start
    2- Help players know which items can they easily install with no compatibility issues

    To make it quicker, the idea would be people posting their own mods (or mods they have/use) with all used IDs and a link to the mods' topic, so they can be added to the main post's list. That's because looking for them one by one would take way too much time. I wouldn't have any problem on making it myself and keep it updated (even on this very topic), as long as people helps by simply posting what I said.

    I don't think there is already something like this, but if there is, it's probably abanadoned, or mabye it was deleted by moderators/admins for some reason. This could be also done to other kinds of mods in the future but it would be a lot more complicated since other mods have more compatibility issues/requirements. So, people, what do you think about it?

    P.S.: Sorry about my english, it isn't my native language :wink.gif:
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